one wonders

if stopping the animals

from being mutilated

is on someone’s agenda

to date, I have not found

that person


the alien is right smart

maybe it’s not alien at all

there’s so much cover-up,

secrecy and need-to-know

we’re on a planet

that is controlled

by whom?

can you guess

who’s running the show?


a cat is chopped up

the perpetrator is never found

we’ll catch him next time he shows

his face in our part of town


these events remain local

the local press dumbs us down

never a grisly photograph

the crime scene is out of bounds


beautiful pics of police cars

each time he strikes

we bave your back

tax payers

law enforcement

with its well-trained hounds


you’re kidding, right?

never been more serious in my life

reality is harder to grasp

hollywood gives us circular fun

clean imagery on the animals’ strife

are you a wolf or a disney cartoon?

dripping faker blood

I remember the game “doom”


it’s true

they’re here

the visitors

they’re not nice

not to get people upset

what a wonderful world

routine is everyone’s best bet


when you’re taken to their lab

send me a card

I collect cute messages from afar.


claw marks have sometimes showed up

in mud, in sand

at mutilation sites

claw marks

an endangered species

no doubt, if I’m right?


Side by side Clawed Prints




Woman killed in pit bull attack


(10-Jan-2018) Brownville, Louisiana, USA

A pit bull fatally wounded a woman at a Brownsville, Louisiana area pet boarding house last night. Ouachita Parish Sheriffs spokesperson Glen Springfield says deputies arrived at the Happy Hounds Hotel and found the victim had been severely injured.

“When the deputies got there they found a female victim that was severely injured apparently by the pit bull that was being housed at the location.”

Springfield says first responders tried to stabilize the woman, but the wounds were fatal.

“She appeared to be injured, medical assistance was rendered but it was fatal.”

No further details have been released about the incident, and Springfield says the pit bull is being held by Ouchita Parish Animal Control.7



(alpine anomalous) a similar incident happened in Arizona on 20 December 2017 (see post “Dogs”) where a woman was supposedly killed by a dog in a boarding facility. Once again, presence of a dog near the victim equated to the dog being the culprit, but what if there’s a paranormal angle to all of this? The animal in question there was an Akita (a large dog out of Japan). Akita’s are territorial and can be aggressive but if properly acclimated they make great family dogs.





Cow mutilated and organs removed


(08-Jan-2018) Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada


A mutilated dead cow was discovered on an oil lease site near Goodridge, 59 km northeast of Bonnyville on Oct. 10.

An RCMP investigation determined that three separate openings on the cow’s body were not caused by animals.

Internal organs were also removed by an unknown suspect. It is not known how long the cow had been deceased before being located.






Mutilated Irrawaddy dolphin washes up in Katha


(11-Jan-2018) Katha, Myanmar (Burma)


Irrawaddy dolphin


The mutilated carcass of an endangered Irrawaddy dolphin washed up on the bank of the Ayeyawady River in Katha Township, Sagaing Region, this week, Myanmar’s Department of Fisheries has reported.

“The dolphin was found with an injury on her blowhole believed to have been caused by a human. It is also thought to have been old in age because it is seven feet long,” a department official told the Global New Light of Myanmar.

This was the second Irrawaddy dolphin that has washed up dead in the last few weeks. On Dec. 17, a 7.5-foot-long female dolphin washed up in the same township with gashes on its abdomen.

Her organs spilled out from the cuts. It did not look like a propeller injury. The cuts looked intentional, whether they killed her or happened after she was already dead,” the man who found the carcass told The Irrawaddy.





Conservationists concerned over killing of jaguar


(11-Jan-2018) Belize (central America)




Yesterday, a baby jaguar was found headless in the Belize River near Manatee Lookout.

The Wildlife Conservation Community is concerned over the killing of the baby jaguar.

The jaguar measures 24 inches from shoulder to rump with a girth of 23 inches.


Several holes were observed on his left shoulder and left leg.


This is the second incident in recent weeks where dead jaguars were found floating in waterways in or near Belize City.





14 Stray dogs, cats and crows found poisoned, killed in Rajendra Nagar


(12-Jan-2018) Pune, India


Around four dogs, two cats and more than two dozens of crows were found dead at various locations inside the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) colony of Rajendra Nagar. Shockingly, the number of dead stray dogs increased to a total of 14 till evening. This raised an alarm among the locals, who suspect this to be a coordinated effort.

Rahul Mankar, a resident who first learned about the incident, said, “I have a house in the area, and I spotted four dogs lying dead on the road along with 20 to 25 crows. This when than the possibility of them being poisoned struck me as four other dogs were found dead on Wednesday night as well. We found five more dead dogs, who we initially thought were sleeping below four-wheelers. Even two domestic cats were found lying dead. I then informed the Sena Datta police station and started looking around for more carcasses suspecting foul play.”





Poisoned bear cub found dead in Kastoria


(09-Jan-2018) Kastoria, northern Greece




A brown bear cub was found dead on Tuesday near the village of Aghia Kyriaki in kastoria, northern Greece.

According to members of wildlife conservation group Arcturos who saw the animal, and Kastoria Forestry Department staff, the bear most likely died because it consumed poisoned bait as it showed no visible signs of injury.





Minor’s Private Parts Mutilated, Liver Ruptured


(14-Jan-2018) Haryana, India (east Punjab)


The victim had injuries on her face and inside the mouth, suggesting that she was kidnapped by multiple persons who prevented her from making noise


(alpine anomalous) more nonsense from the Indians. If, as they suggest, she was kidnapped by multiple persons to stop her from making noise, all they had to do was hit her with a baseball bat. Later on in the article, they write she was mutilated after being drowned and murdered. Mmmh? No need to shut her up then!


The mutilated body of a minor girl was recovered from Haryana’s Jind district on Friday. The girl’s private parts were completely mutilated and her liver was ruptured.

Hindustan Times reported that the girl’s brutalised body was found near a canal in Budhakhera village on Friday night. A report was lodged at the local police station after the girl went missing on January 9


(alpine anomalous) : this story is so off the (baseball) bat, one wonders what kind of human lives in India.


“The victim had injuries on her face and inside the mouth, suggesting that she was kidnapped by multiple persons who prevented her from making noise,” Dr SK Dhattarwal, head of the forensics department at PGIMS told the newspaper.


(alpine anomalous): how could a “professional” make such outrageous comments?! The general public wants to know how the girl died, so is given a plausible answer. Everyone’s happy now.


“The autopsy suggests this was an act of frustration. All the damage to her private parts seems to have been done after she was drowned and murdered. This was the work of more than one person who failed to sexually assault the victim while she was alive,” she added


(alpine anomalous) this made-up story is pathetic. They don’t even give the girl’s age and come across as sexual predators themselves!






Fears cat killer has struck again as mutilated body found in Peckham garden


(14-Jan-2018) Peckham, London, England


A young couple is said to have discovered the body of a black female cat in a Peckham garden with her head and tail missing at about 9am on Sunday, January 7.

The injuries were similar to those inflicted by the notorious Croydon Cat Killer, who is still yet to be caught.



>>>Don’t worry, people! Ronald Lump will save the day!






mutilations are back

a cat in louisiana


and also a 13-year old boy

down malaysia way

both minus heads

and in complete disarray


the cat killer had to be a man

while a crocodile took the boy …







Mutilated body marks the first 2018 murder in St James


(03-Jan-2018) Montego Bay, Jamaica

The St James police have recorded their first murder of the new year following the discovery of a mutilated body in a section of Montego Bay on Thursday morning.

The parish ended last year with a record murder tally of 335.

The deceased has been identified as 21-year-old unemployed, Kiron Spence of Farm Heights, Montego Bay, St James.

Upon the arrival of the police, the body was seen lying on its back adjacent to a dirt track, with its face, eyes, tongue and left hand missing.


comment in news article : “His FACE is missing? Dat badder dan anything I have heard/read before.”

2nd comment . “The level of savagery is beyond belief! When will the government get serious about bringing these domestic terrorists to book?”


(alpine anomalous) With so many murders taking place in this part of Jamaica (and overall anguish lingering in the region), our predator may just zoom in, do its dirty work, and be gone. Just another crime that remains unsolved. Alternative take : gang warfare.

The buzzword is “terrorists” in the second comment. Will the police find them?






Yet another cat found mutilated in Baton Rouge neighborhood


(03-Jan-2018) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Residents of a Baton Rouge neighborhood say the body of a missing pet has turned up horribly mutilated, adding to the growing number of gruesome pet killings reported in the area.

Baton Rouge Animal Control confirmed the latest incident this afternoon, once again taking place in the Shenandoah area. Officials say the animal, a domestic cat, was found beheaded on the side of a roadway.

One comment: “Rico was murdered. We believe it was the Shenandoah cat killer. After he didn’t come home for 2 days (very unusual of him) I decided to post on nextdoor to see if anyone had seen him. I received a message that they saw a dead cat with Rico’s description. Unfortunately it was him. When we got there, we only found half of his body, it was a clean cut. We notified animal control & brought him to LSU so they could verify that a human actually did this. Rico makes the 16th cat tha…


(alpine anomalous) everywhere you look, the cat killer is presumed human,






Mutilated remains of teen found after croc attack


(05-Jan-2018) Malaysia (south-east asia)

The mutilated body of a teenage boy who was attacked by a crocodile while fishing on the river banks of Sungai Dit in Kampung Melayu Dit, Debak near Betong two days ago, was found today.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (Operations) Tiong Ling Hii said the body of Abang Mohamad Haikal Abang Suip, 13, was found without his head, both hands and legs about 10.45am.






Girl, 2, dies after being found in Joburg complex pool with sister, 5


(06-Jan-2018) Johannesburg, South Africa

A two-year-old girl died and her five-year-old sister was taken to hospital in a serious condition after they were found in a swimming pool of a complex in Northriding, in Johannesburg on Friday, paramedics said.

Vermaak said that it was understood that both the girls were found in the communal swimming pool by other children in the complex.

He said the exact circumstances surrounding the incident was not known.







NZ woman’s body found floating off Thai island


(06-Jan-2018) Phi Phi Island, Thailand

A New Zealand woman (23) has died after leaving her tour group on Phi Phi Island, near Phuket.

The Phuket News said Thai police have confirmed a body found floating off Phi Phi was that of a New Zealand tourist who had decided to stay by herself on the island instead of moving on with a tour.

The report said a doctor concluded the woman drowned but the police are still investigating the circumstances of her death.


(alpine anomalous) the woman was a medic in an army unit.






Mass Deaths Of Endangered Dolphins Baffle Environmentalists, Over 80 Carcasses Found Floating In The Sea


(04-Jan-2018) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Brazilian environmentalists are perplexed after more than 80 grey dolphin carcasses were found off the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the last month.

In a statement issued by the Instituto Boto Cinza (Gray Dolphin Institute), majority of the marine animal had died over the past 17 days in the Bay of Sepetiba – which is a coastal district that is located 70 kilometres from the capital city.

All the workers at the institute could do was to collect the carcasses and bring them back to shore to perform autopsies to try and determine the cause of the mysterious deaths.






Baby’s body snatched from coffin in suspected Satanic act


(07-Jan-2018) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentinian police are looking for the body of a baby boy, stolen from his coffin on Christmas Eve, in what is feared by local authorities to be an act of a Satanic cult.

One-year-old Ciro Arnada’s body was taken from his coffin while his parents waited for a plot to become available in their local cemetery in the small town of Otamendi, in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina.

Arnada died from pneumonia on December 10, shortly after his first birthday. On Christmas Eve, when Alberto Aranda and his wife Mara went to visit their deceased son in the cemetery’s locked storage room, they discovered their baby was no longer in the coffin.

Adding to the fear that the young boy may have been taken by a demonic cult, is the previous case of a two-year-old child whose remains were stolen from the same cemetery on another Christian holiday, Easter. The toddler’s body was later found mutilated nearby, according to local reports.





Four engineering students found dead in Bhogapuram tank in Godavari district


(07-Jan-2018)             Andhra Pradesh, India

ELURU: Four engineering students were found dead in Bhogapuram tank in Pedavegi mandal of West Godavari district on Saturday evening, police said. The incident came to light only after the body of one of the four students was found floating in the tank by some villagers on Sunday morning.

According to the police, the four were students of B Tech (Mechanical Engineering), third year, at Ramachandra Engineering College located on the outskirts of Eluru city and had gone to the Bhogapuram tank on Saturday evening after the college. It is assumed that they drowned while swimming in the village tank.


(alpine anomalous) in the last blog post “younger”, 4 young boys were found dead in a pond in another part of India (Tamil Nadu, India – 19 December 2017).

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is 542 km= 337 miles.





Nord : le corps d’Alexis retrouvé dans la Deûle, 3 semaines après sa disparition

The body of Alexis found in the river 3 weeks after his disappearance.


(07-Jan-2018) Lille, north-east France

Le jeune homme était porté disparu depuis le 14 décembre dernier. Parti promener son chien comme d’habitude, il n’était jamais revenu.

The young man was reported missing on 14 December 2017. Out walking his dog like usual, he never returned.


Il est parti vers 18h30, aux environs de 19h je l’ai appelé car il pleuvait. Il n’a jamais répondu. Vers 20h, j’ai localisé son téléphone au bord de l’eau. Deux heures plus tard la police nous a appelé pour nous dire qu’un promeneur avait retrouvé son téléphone ainsi que son manteau plié, sous un pont au bord de la Deûle”.

He left around 6.30pm and at 7pm, I called him as it was raining. He never replied. Around 8pm, I tracked his telephone close to the water’s edge. Two hours later, the police called us to say that a person had found his telephone as well as his folded coat under a bridge on the river Deûle.





Woman’s mutilated body found in Trincity


(08-Jan-2018) Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies)

Investigations are continuing into the discover, on the weekend, of the badly decomposed body of an unidentified woman found over the weekend near the Orange Grove Industrial Estate in Trincity.

Newsday understands, the body which was in an advanced state of decomposition was clad only in an underwear and both hands and feet were missing.

The body was later removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

Police sources said that while they have to await an autopsy to ascertain cause of death, foul play is suspected owing to the fact that the woman’s hands and feet appeared to have been chopped off and there are marks of violence to the face.

















































Animal mutilations

Are on the wane

More and more children

In water are found slain


There’s so much snow

And plenty of rain

The Cat killer’s gone

And there’s nobody left

To blame


Our invisible friend

Is now entering homes

Entering the temples

Of the Gods






Four boys from Mettur Camp area drowned in a pond near Mettur Dam.


(19-Dec-2017) Tamil Nadu, India


They were missing since Sunday evening and their bodies were found floating in the pond on Sunday morning. The deceased have been idenitifed as B. Manikandan (17), son of Balaji of Mettur Camp, M. Mohanraj (7), son of Mani, D. Raja (10) and D. Thamizh Azhagan (8), sons of Dhanapal. Police and fire and rescue services personnel retrieved the bodies and sent them to the Government Headquarters Hospital in Mettur for post-mortem.





Child found in southeast Wichita pond


(18-Dec-2017) Wichita, Kansas, USA


Emergency crews were called to a far southeast Wichita home, near 31st South and Greenwich, after a child was found in a pond.

It’s not clear how the child ended up in the pond. Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputies said the pond is on private property.




Questions loom after woman’s decapitated body is found


(27-Dec-2017) Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Police say a neighbor found the woman’s body off of Autumn Wood Place on Saturday morning. She had been decapitated and was disfigured, making it hard to identify her gender.





Police call for calm amid toddler’s murder investigation


(25-Dec-2017)   Nkundusi, South Africa


Angry community members threaten to take the law into their own hands

A missing persons case turned into a murder inquiry after the mutilated body of a three-year-old Mtubatuba child was found floating in a river.

The child was reported missing on 10 December after he failed to return home with three older children he had allegedly followed earlier in the day.

After three days, his mutilated body was found three kilometres from where he was last seen, floating in the Nyalazi River in the Nkundusi area.






Mililani child reported missing found dead in neighboring pool



(25-Dec-2017) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Paul and Jasmine Rozier tell us their 7-year-old son Paul “Kevin” Rozier apparently drowned less than a mile from their home on Lahe Street. A tearful group gathered outside an unoccupied home on Anania Drive where the boy’s body was found floating in the back-yard pool.

Kevin’s parents confirm he was autistic, and last seen wandering from home around 5 p.m. last night.





Penal father drowns in pond


(31-Dec-2017) Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean)


The body of Kamal Maharaj, 49, was dug out of a pond near his home on Gopie Trace by relatives at about 6 am yesterday.

Neighbours, friends and relatives searched several areas where Maharaj usually visits but he was not found.

Maharaj left his home shortly after 11 pm on Friday after a heated argument with a male relative. Police said when Maharaj did not return home, family members searched for him.


(alpine anomalous) What if the man’s ANGER was the trigger to his (eventual) abduction?





Toddler drowns in Immokalee apartment pool


(31-Dec-2017) Naples, Florida, USA


Tragedy struck a quiet Immokalee apartment complex when a toddler drowned in the community pool Saturday afternoon.

The pool is fenced off to keep accidents from happening, but Robles said sometimes the gates aren’t closed.

“What usually happens is there’s bigger kids around that leave the gates open,” he said. “It’s a pool for adults, but kids usually use it.”

The girl’s parents normally didn’t allow her to play in the pool, Robles continued.



These days, everyone is pointing the finger at the Pit Bull, a heavy muscular dog that was used in fights (circa 16th century):


Pitbulls were the result of breeding Bulldogs and Terriers, hence the Pit Bull Terrier.


Formal breeds often considered in North America to be of the pit bull type include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The American Bulldog is also sometimes included.


Recently, a fair number of Pit Bulls have been accused of killing their owners and I’ve seen cases around the world where Pit Bulls (specifically) have run amok.


In the past couple of posts, I investigated the skinned dogs found in Alabama (USA). Authorities were quick to see coyotes in the place of dogs. Why would that be? Are dogs the latest animal on the list for our predator friend? From my point of view, that is exactly what is happening.


The two pit bulls accused of killing their 22-year old owner in Virginia (USA) is also strange. The woman’s face had been mutilated and she had suffered defensive wounds on her arms and hands.


What if she had been attacked by a predator? What if that predator “appeared” in the forest and pounced?! What if that predator had claws and fangs? What if that predator had scales on its back?


What if her two dogs ran for cover and only returned when the danger was over? Why is it written in the news article that the pitbulls were guarding their deceased master when law enforcement arrived? Why were the dogs tranquilized (and not shot dead) after the event? Why were the dogs found guilty of the crime in the first place? Why euthanize the dogs? Give them the benefit of the doubt and put them under observation in an animal shelter.


Pure conjecture on my part. The dogs did it. They blew their top.



Here we have yet another case of a raging canine:


Volunteer dies after dog attack at boarding facility



Santiago said a worker at the facility was walking on the grounds when he noticed the dog running free, covered in blood. The worker then found the woman severely injured on the grounds, Santiago said. Workers were able to secure the dog and call 911.

“She was here potentially to socialize the animal to prepare it for adoption when the attack took place,” Santiago said. “No one actually witnessed the attack.’’

“It looks like the dog turned on her,” he said, adding that the woman was a volunteer who visited the facility several times a week for the past few years.

“It’s so tragic,” he said. “A lot of upset people who’ve never seen anything like this, ever. We’ve never had more than a nip. And this is unbelievable.’’


(20-Dec-2017) Arizona, USA



(alpine anomalous) and nobody heard a thing. Wouldn’t such a horrific situation produce screams from the woman?





Neighbors find decapitated and skinned dogs in Summerville


(22-Dec-2017) Augusta, Georgia, USA


She said it was in the yard of what she thought was an abandoned house on the corner of Milledge and Central in Summerville. And something about the animal she saw…was different.

“It was a furry animal,” she said. “But the head was off of it. It was cut off. It wasn’t making sense to me.”

“A neighbor said that animal control had come and found actually two more dogs that had their heads missing, too,” said Vandiver.






Two sisters found dead



Two sisters – B. Radhika (10) and B. Lavanya (9) – died under mysterious circumstances at Laxminarasimha Puram village in the mandal in Krishna district. The bodies were found floating in a pond on Friday. The siblings left home for school in the morning. After sometime, the locals found their bodies in the local tank.

(23-Dec-2017)  Andhra Pradesh, India





‘One was decapitated’ – sheep ripped apart by loose dogs in vicious attack


A farmer has been left ’disheartened’ after eleven sheep were killed in two separate ’vicious’ dog attacks in Ireland.




He told the Irish Farmers Journal: “I found them on Sunday morning. It happened either Friday or Saturday. I lost seven ewes and two more are missing. They were all pregnant.
“I think it was two dogs that were involved, they were ripped asunder, one was decapitated.

(20-Dec-2017)  Riverstown, Louth, Ireland






Baby reportedly injured in raccoon attack inside Philadelphia home

Distraught parents said a raccoon attacked their baby girl inside their own home.

“I hear her screaming and crying,” Rogers said. “By the time I got to her, she was off the bed, across the room on the floor with blood all over her face.”

Four-month-old Journi Blake Rodgers’ injuries are so bad that she’s getting treatment at the hospital.

Meanwhile, animal control officers responded to the scene on Thursday but couldn’t say how the raccoon got into the home or if it had been caught.

(21-Dec-2017) North Philadelphia, USA


(alpine anomalous) now they are blaming an invisible raccoon!




















My thumb is now in a splint

Pure plastic with the Velcro strap

I’m told six months should do the trick

So no more guitar

That’s the end of it


A surgical intervention was given as a hint

Just a cut and I would be fit

Best give myself a break

And wait a bit


That should do the trick


One-thumb blogging

A shortened version

From this week

Bear with me




They now say that the skinned dog was not a dog (see last post for pic) but a coyote. A coyote is in the dog family after all but surely trained animal welfare people can tell the difference just by looking? Perhaps mutilated dogs are not to be spoken about? They surely don’t want citizens to know that their pets may be in danger. Just look at the large numbers of mutilated cats these past couple of years.


First skinned “dog”


(07-Dec-2017) Colbert County, Alabama, USA


Now we have a second case, again in Alabama, of a real coyote (or so they say!).


(14-Dec-2017) Lauderdale County, Alabama, USA

An animal cruelty investigation was launched, but uncertainty came in the days that followed the discovery.

Some think the remains were that of a coyote, related to hunting. But Wilbanks said the game warden and a local veterinarian could not confirm it was a coyote and he still strongly believes it was a dog.



“some people are just sick.”







Body reportedly found in Moscow missing head, sex organs


(13-Dec-2017) Moscow, Russia


The badly mutilated body of a 37-year-old Russian vehicle garage employee was found Wednesday in Moscow, the Investigative Committee of Russia told Russian news outlets.

According to paper, the man’s body was naked and dismembered, with the head, ears, hands, feet and sexual organs severed, in the garage’s break room.

The Lenta.ru news website, the victim lived in the same building where he worked — on the second floor above the service station.


(alpine anomalous) and nobody heard a thing!





Sheriff: 22-year-old woman found dead in woods was mauled to death by own dogs


(15-Dec-2017) Virginia, USA

When deputies found her body, they said she had suffered ‘severe trauma’ and was being guarded by the two dogs.

The medical examiner said Stephens had defensive wounds on her hands and arms from fighting off the dogs. The examiner said this proves she was alive when she was attacked.

“I wasn’t able to see the body, so I can’t tell you what happened. I can’t tell you if it was a blunt force or if it was a mauling, but I know those dogs didn’t do it,” Barbara Norris said.


(alpine anomalous) the dogs are to be euthanized even when there is no evidence they were responsible for their owner’s death. Didn’t anyone check if the dogs had bloodied paws?





Owl found dead in South Surrey after eating rat poison





(16-Dec-2017) Surrey, UK

Later that day, Hope went to investigate how the bird had died, and later told PAN that the juvenile owl was in perfect health, but it “just dropped dead.”

“Just examining the bird myself, from what I saw and where the bird was found. The fact that the bird is healthy, mouth is pale, and there’s a little bit of blood there. It appears that it was a poison,” he said Friday. “We’re 90 per cent sure it’s poison.”





Dead man found floating in tank


(13-Dec-2017) Samoa (South Pacific)

The Police are investigating the death of a 38-year-old male who was found floating unconscious in one of the water tanks inside the Alaoa Power Plant at Vailima.

He said they could not identify if the deceased was an employee at the Alaoa Power Plant and how he entered the compound.




Body of Google Engineer Found Floating in Water Next to San Francisco Bike Path


How Did a Google Engineer, 23, End Up Floating Dead in the San Francisco Bay?


(15-Dec-2017) Sunnyvale, California, USA


The body of a 23-year-old Google engineer was found floating in the water next to the San Francisco Bay Trail on the morning of Friday, Dec. 8.

Police are investigating how Chuchu Ma, a software engineer at Google, ended up face down and naked in the water next to the Bay Trail, according to Department of Public Safety Capt. Shawn Ahearn.

The body of Chuchu Ma, a 23-year-old software engineer, was discovered on Dec. 7 floating in a drainage canal by a bicyclist along a trail in Sunnyvale, California, according to ABC News. Ma had been reported missing by her boyfriend in Mountain View, a few miles away, that same day.


(alpine anomalous) 90% of the time, men are the ones found floating face-down. Women float face-up. Maybe she was “dropped”?






Woman’s body found in California Aqueduct; cause of death unknown


(13-Dec-2017) Fresno County, California, USA

The death of a woman found floating Wednesday in the California Aqueduct in southwestern Fresno County is being treated as suspicious.

Just before 10 a.m., workers in the Cantua Creek area reported seeing the body in the water near Davis and San Mateo avenues.










High Life


This past week, not that many cat and dog mutilations but a steady increase in the number of HUMANS especially young children going missing and later being found dead. The usual repository is water however some end up in wooded areas.

Warning: graphic images below (not for the faint of heart!)




It may be a while

My dislocated thumb

Bandaged for support

Makes life tough

I’d never have thought

How painful

A hand injury

Coud be

O silly me

Next year I’ll be free

See you there

With more on the

Mutilation front

Getting on

With that elusive Predator hunt!






Missing boy (10) found dead


missing since Wednesday, his body was recovered on the bank of a local pond at Nagardaha. Police suspected that the boy was murdered and dumped there.

(04-Dec-2017) Kathmandu, Nepal




Body of missing Port St. Lucie girl found in pond


Chelsea Noel, who’s been missing for over 24 hours, was found in a retention pond on the intersection of Hallmark Street and Abacus Avenue.

Noel, who is autistic and nonverbal, ran out of her home on Southwest Keats Street near Southwest Becker Road Saturday night.

Police say she became disoriented after leaving her home and ran straight into the pond.

(03-Dec-2017) Florida, USA




Anybody following this blog will remember the 400-pound headless Tuna found in a forest.


Arrest made in case of headless tuna  


The mysterious autumnal tale of Gloucester’s headless bluefin tuna has taken another arresting turn. Literally.

On Friday evening, following the first day of the re-opened tuna season, Massachusetts Environmental Police officers arrested a Gloucester fisherman whom they believe dumped the illegally harvested 400-pound giant bluefin tuna in the woods off Revere Street in late October.




Missing kid found dead in pond


Body of a one-and-a-half-year-old child was found floating in a pond in the district town yesterday, two days after she went missing.

Locals found Jhumur’s body floating in a pond near her house yesterday and informed the police.

The deceased was Jhumur, daughter of Jahidul Islam Sheikh of Bagerhat’s Kachua upazila. Jahidul lives at Moddhorasta in the town with his two wives and runs a fuchka stall.

Police said Jhumur was asleep with her mother Mukta on Friday night.

(04-Dec-2017) Bangladesh (South Asia)




The Croydon Cat Killer is now being linked with the deaths of 400 animals


A human is believed to have killed, dismembered and decapitated cats, rabbits and foxes, with the first pet being found dead in Croydon in 2015.

An American study showed animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people.




Moot woman’s mutilated body found on N1



A missing Kilner Park woman’s body was discovered on an N1 bridge in Kilner Park in the Moot on Wednesday.

Dianne Rose Ayeres (36) was found with injuries, said Villieria police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits.

“When I saw her yesterday, she had no face. Her face and feet were off and her throat was cut. They had tried to reconstruct her face and there were just black stitches all over her face and around her ankles where her feet were sown on.

“The police officer said it is possible that she was thrown on the highway and a few cars drove over her body before the last person stopped and called the police,” she said.

(07-Dec-2017) Pretoria, South Africa




Coroner IDs body found in tree near Wetlands Park


The body of 36-year-old Sherry Mitchell was found tangled in branches and partially submerged in water. The cause and manner of her death are still pending.

(06-Dec-2017) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA





Dog found skinned and mutilated under north Alabama bridge; investigation underway


An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Colbert County after a dog was found skinned and mutilated, lying under a bridge.

The dog’s ears and testicles had been removed, and it had been skinned,” Wilbanks said.



(08-Dec-2017) Huntsville, Alabama, USA





Un becerro muerto y una vaca herida en otro ataque de lobos

A dead calf and a cow injured in another attack of wolves


New attack of wolves in the rural area of ​​Vilalba. The parish of Goiriz has once again been the scene of the situation, in which a calf died and a cow suffered various injuries. The events occurred last weekend on a farm in the neighborhood of Graduín, near the parish of Corvelle.



(06-Dec-2017) Goiriz, Galicia, Spain




Goa: 4-year-old boy drowns in swimming pool of guest house


The body of a four-year-old boy was found floating in the swimming pool of a guest house in Goa’s Candolim beach village on Thursday, police said.

Police suspect that the boy, whose parents live adjacent to the guest house, fell into the swimming pool and drowned.

(06-Dec-2017) Goa, India





Caltagirone, uomo decapitato trovato in pineta Caltagirone

Decapitated man found in pine forest


Without limbs or head. some people found it, while this morning they were walking with their dog in the pine forest, thinking initially that “it was a mannequin”. Instead it was the horribly mutilated corpse of a man in his fifties, who was at the bottom of a small embankment, near a dirt road in Caltagirone, in the district of Semini. According to what is learned, the parts of the body would have been cut off sharply, as if a particularly sharp weapon such as an ax or a machete had been used. the suspicion of the carabinieri is that the deceased man is of Romanian nationality. The modalities of the crime are mafia.

(08-Dec-2017) Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy


(alpine anomalous) although the police suspect a mafia killing, it may well be our predator friend. Everyone these days is cutting off heads and limbs!












You are entitled to a discount

You are entitled to a mistake

Some of you feel entitled to

A far larger piece of that yummy chocolate cake


“Go kiss your loved ones and tell them you care. Let them know you love them as they may not always be there.”


I read an article about a man (36) who was found dead (on the sofa) after his wife refused him the marital bed. This may well have been a case of domestic violence but maybe it’s not? What if the ANGER pouring out of that poor man created a beam of invisible light that shone into the ether? [I know, I know, I’m rambling] What if ‘nasty space aliens’ monitoring the planet, were able to capture that (negative) energy on their best-in-the-universe scanners …. and picked him up to ‘understand’ the strong emotional signal they were receiving? [abduction, experimentation, death]. We know aliens can travel through walls.

Ashley claims a post-mortem revealed Mikey choked in his sleep but that the cause behind it was “inconclusive”. (11-July-2017 – UK)


I’ve always wondered how the aliens (my invisible predator of choice) pick their victims.



Today, I’ll keep it short as I just experienced something called Trigger Thumb.

It’s way too hard to use the computer. I know that sounds dumb

With so much confusion in the world, it’s cold outside and my hands are numb

The cats are still being mutilated

Check out the links. Believe me on this one

It might be a while before I’m back,

So Happy Holidays everyone!




Aparecen restos de gatos mutilados en la zona del Pedrera

Remains of mutilated cats appear in the Pedrera area


eastern Spain, 24-Nov-2017



Mutilated cat strewn over car


(27-Nov-2017) Northamptonshire, UK

Police are investigating after a pet cat was deliberately mutilated and then left near the owners’ home in Northampton.


(alpine anomalous) Cat mutilations are already Legend:

“As the animal approaches, the killer bludgeons them to death and then waits for at least 30 minutes to let their blood coagulate before mutilating them.

He often cuts off paws, tails and heads to keep as trophies.”



16m-long whale carcass found off Khor Fakkan


Khor Fakkan: A 16-metre-long Humback Whale was found dead off the coast of this town near the international container port, an official confirmed on Monday.

The whale may been migrating from the open ocean towards the Horn of Africa, said authorities, adding that the whale bore marks indicating it may have been hit by a ship’s propeller that eventually killed it.

(28-Nov-2017) Gulf of Oman (Arabian Sea / Strait of Hormuz)




No, defensive dolphins didn’t kill this blue shark (good pics at link)





“What’s more, the team at the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (SMASS), who conducted a necropsy on the washed-up shark, notes that the animal had lost more than a few gills by the time it was recovered. The carcass had been extensively scavenged, and many of the internal organs were either missing or incomplete. All that damage made it difficult to determine whether the gill wound was inflicted before or after death, though SMASS veterinary pathologist Dr Andrew Brownlow, who has led the team since 2009, believes the latter to be true. “

(23-Nov-2017) Moray Coast, Scotland




If you’ve had enough of mutilated cats, the predator has moved on:


No definitive cause of dog’s mutilation provided in necropsy report


(30-Nov-2017) South Carolina, USA


Police are disputing reports that a dog was mutilated by hedge clippers and put back in the owner’s yard, but the dog’s owner is convinced it was a criminal act.

“Mandy Darling said her 12-year-old chocolate Labrador, Charlie Brown, was taken from her yard overnight and mutilated, with three paws being cut off and his tail being skinned. Darling said a veterinarian recommended euthanasia because of the severity of the injuries.”

A necropsy report from Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University stated that three of Charlie Brown’s legs were amputated and had been severed through the bone. Charlie Brown’s tail had been stripped, and about 4 centimeters of bone and tissue were exposed. Three teeth were fractured at gum level.



(alpine anomalous) interesting news article (+ comments). Check it out.



Dead llama ruled ‘probable’ wolf attack


(01-Dec-2017) Oregon, USA


However, wounds to the llama were not consistent with extensive wolf-caused injuries, the report went on to state. Taking all evidence into consideration, the agency determined that “there was sufficient evidence to confirm predation on the llama by a large predator, but not enough evidence to confirm which predator.”

The same landowner also reported another dead llama earlier in the month, which had been largely consumed except for its neck, head and left shoulder. ODFW investigated Nov. 14, and determined there was no evidence of a predator attack at the scene. The cause of death is unknown.



Game Wardens Investigate After Decapitated Deer Found In Grand Lake


(02-Dec-2017) Grand Lake, Oklahoma, USA