Missing O’Fallon, Illinois man found dead in Arkansas River

(21-May-2018) Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


An O’Fallon, Illinois man was found dead Monday after going missing over the weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Little Rock Police Department located the body of 28-year-old Brennan Willis in the Arkansas River. A cause of death has not been revealed.

Willis was visiting the area for a friend’s wedding in Little Rock. He was last seen at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, heading out of his hotel for an evening jog.

The family drove in from Illinois for a friend’s wedding Saturday night. Brennen’s brother said they debated going to a bar after the ceremony but never did. Instead, Brennen went on a run.

Willis’ mother said she received a phone call from him about an hour later and he said he was jogging.

Five of Brennen’s coworkers at the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Department had traveled to Little Rock to help with the search. He’d been with the department since 2009, performing seasonal, part-time work.


(alpine anomalous) a tourist goes out for a run and ends up in a river. What happened at the wedding that put him off going for a late-night drink with his family? Was there animosity in the air that caused him to go jogging at 10.30 pm (to calm down) ? Did his strong, perhaps negative emotion, attract the predator waiting there in the ether? You decide.


“Police identified Brennen Willis, 28, of O’Fallon, from an ID card he had on him. Willis had not been in the water long enough where his body was distorted. There were no signs of obvious trauma on his body, Moore said.”




Toddler pronounced dead after being found unresponsive in pool

(21-May-2018) Temple, Texas, USA


Police were investigating the death of a two-year-old child Monday who was found floating in a pool over the weekend.

Police were called to a home in the 4100 block of Peppermill Hollow Dr. just after 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Police said the child was not breathing and was taken to Seton Hospital. Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke pronounced the two-year-old dead just after 7:45 p.m.

The official cause of death was not released Monday. Police said the case was under investigation.




State investigating new case of mutilated alligators

(21-May-2018) Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


FWC is looking into at least two cases in the Tampa Bay area of mutilated alligators.

On Sunday, a woman saw a mutilated gator on the side of Highway 37 in Lakeland, about a mile from Mulberry. The head and tail were both missing, though exactly how happened is still unknown. FWC says it is looking into it.


(alpine anomalous) FWC = Florida Wildlife Commission.






Gruesome Newcastle murder details revealed

(23-May-2018) Newcastle, South Africa


Following the discovery of a mutilated body in oSizweni on Tuesday, May 21, police have revealed the gory details surrounding the brutal and gruesome murder to Newcastle Advertiser.

According to Newcastle SAPS spokesperson Captain Jabulani Ncube, the badly mutilated body of a man believed to be in his early 40s was discovered by a shepherd in the Ntendeka mountains in oSizweni around midday.

The deceased’s body was missing his head, both hands, toes, and his chest and stomach was cut open.

“It was also discovered that his heart was taken from his body, as well as a lung.”

“The victim is believed to be in his early 40s, Caucasian, with a tattoo of a flower on his right shoulder and another tattoo on his left arm.”


(alpine anomalous) of course they consider it to be a murder. Maybe witchcraft? Maybe something more-likened to ET predation? Who else removes hearts and lungs from its victims?



same city a few day prior:


Three Newcastle schoolgirls involved in possible hijack/kidnap situation

(21-May-2018) Newcastle, South Africa



Three schoolgirls were allegedly hijacked and kidnapped while on their way to school this morning (May 21).

It is believed the girls were being transported by a family member, and were on their way from Madadeni to Newcastle, when the incident occurred.

It has been confirmed the girls are learners who attend the Newcastle Islamic College.

According to a reliable source, the girls are said to be in Grades 1, 4 and 6.4


(alpine anomalous) Newcastle appears to be a hotbed for criminal activity.




it must have been hot

at the famous temple spot

of Galta Kund

where someone went for a swim

but didn’t help the Hindu fund

he was found floating

in a tank of water

usually reserved for pilgrims

monkeys in stock



Wikipedia says:


Galtaji is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage about 10 km away from Jaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The site consists of a series of temples built into a narrow crevice in the ring of hills that surrounds Jaipur. A natural spring emerges high on the hill and flows downward, filling a series of sacred kunds (water tanks) in which pilgrims bathe. Visitors and pilgrims can ascend the crevasse, continuing past the highest water pool to a hilltop temple from there are views of Jaipur and its fortifications spreads out across the valley floor.


Naked body found floating in Galta water

(23-May-2018) Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


The body was seen by a priest at the Galta temple around 5:45 AM. “The priest was headed to the temple for daily prayers when he saw the dead body floating in the water. The police were immediately informed which rushed to the spot and divers were contacted. However, while this was being conducted, a huge crowd assembled at the spot,” officials said.

“It appears that the deceased – who is likely to be around thirty years old – had entered the water late in the night after the temple closed otherwise people would have seen him. Since he was not wearing any clothes, it is suspected that he was alone and wanted to take a bath in the tank water.


(alpine anomalous) like usual, there is a logical explanation for everything. Were his clothes eventually found? A man going for a swim who couldn’t swim does sound suspicious and climbing to the highest peak of a mountain to do so, an undaunting feat. Maybe he was dropped into the tank by the now-infamous ET predator, the Invisible Man? He sure gets around these days!






Two missing children found dead

(22-May-2018) Wakiso District, Uganda


Two children who went missing from their home in Naluvule village in Wakiso district on May 18 have been found dead. The dead are 3-year-old Dorcus Nakiwungu and her 6-year-old brother Israel Namalango.

He explains that the family members advised him to keep his phone on and wait for the ‘kidnappers’ to call. He however, says to their despair, one of their workers found the bodies of the minors lying in a trench in a swamp adjacent to an eucalyptus plantation.


(alpine anomalous) kidnapping must be commonplace in this part of the world if this is really a kidnapping?!





Things to do in Mandurah

Decapitated kangaroo found in Halls Head

(20-May-2018) Mandurah, western Australia


“On my return from the beach…I walked into the bush towards this kangaroo who had not moved in 45 minutes,” she said.

“I noticed a smaller one on the ground a few metres away.

“I walked closer to see if it was okay, only to find that it had been decapitated with a very sharp blade and very recently.

“I am guessing the mummy roo didn’t want to leave her baby.”

Ms Brown said she was concerned about the mental state of the person who decapitated the kangaroo.

“What if there are no more joeys to kill, are our pets next?” she said.


(alpine anomalous) Europe has lost thousands of pets this past year to the predator, mainly cats and dogs.





Washington statue beheaded in apparent act of vandalism (video)

(23-May-2018) Washington State, USA


The Washington Police Department is investigating after an antique statue along the waterfront was beheaded in an apparent act of vandalism.

A parks and recreation employee discovered the decapitated statue Tuesday morning and reported it to the police.

The statue has stood in Harding Square for eight years.


(alpine anomalous) maybe a first for Washington State but not the first statue, religious or otherwise to end up headless.

Back to the standard question: who is doing the mutilations (and beheadings)? From an alien perspective, all humans look alike whether the flesh-and-blood kind or those made of stone when viewed from above.




A touch of humour

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed on May 19, the same day that Anne Boleyn was beheaded.





Head Of Cat Decapitated With An Axe Found In Northern France

(23-May-2018) Rouen, northern France


On May 19 2018, a woman from Rouen, northern France, found a cat’s head sitting on a bench in her garden. Shocked, she immediately filed a complaint.

The animal, named Simba, was eight years old and came from a family in Déville-lès-Rouen, a nearby commune. As well as being decapitated, the cat had also been disembowelled. The body was found close to the owner’s home.

A warning was found near the cat’s body: “put your dog away”. Shockingly, this wasn’t the first time that the woman from Rouen had found a cat’s head in her garden. A week before Simba’s discovery, she had already been confronted with a similar crime.


(alpine anomalous) headless cats in France! The Croydon Cat Killer took a ferry in Dover UK and travelled 100 miles for its next victim in neighboring France!

Probably not. The cryptic message “put your dog away” has been seen in Florida after “dogs” this time were found poisoned. Why pick on cats? Are we faced with a copy-cat cat decapitator? From the grisly tale this time, there was plenty of blood …













reflections on the tragic cycling accident that happened in Mexico last week:


Imagine falling forty meters

with your bike

and landing in one piece

on rocky ground

your vehicle by your side

not a scratch

not a bruise

but your head

is missing

and your left foot

there’s a hole in your head

wait a minute

it’s not your bike!


cops in Mexico

with their

drug cartels

endless wars

headless bodies

all over

those tourists

got caught up


endless wars

drug cartels

headless bodies

all over

down in


by night

on the beach

sweet Mayan

ruins in the limelight



Two thousand miles to the North, a headless body was found:

“In the Potosí highlands, the body without the cephalic extremity of an individual, was located yesterday morning and even though it has not been officially confirmed, it is believed that it belonged to the head located in said region a week ago.”

in simple terms, they found the body that matches the head they found last week.

(16-May-2018) Matehuala, Mexico

Pending investigation, the police suspect a 22-year old man named Luis is the victim. No UFOs here!



The crime scene investigators solving dolphin deaths

In a white-tiled lab at London Zoo, just across the street from the giraffes, two investigators are slowly and painstakingly dissecting a porpoise.

Rescue workers recovered the stranded animal on a beach in Somerset a week before. It was maimed by brutal red gashes – from a boat’s propeller, they thought.

Deaville and Perkins conduct post-mortems on more than a hundred porpoises, dolphins and whales a year for the Zoological Society of London. Their work has uncovered surprising threats, from long-banned chemicals lingering in the water to the devastating impact of fishing nets.

(alpine anomalous) no surprise that our ET predator-friend is not mentioned in the study!




Dead boy, 14, found floating in Jaro river

(20-May-2018) Barangay Tacas, Philippines

A 14-year-old boy was found dead in Barangay San Isidro, Jaro district on Saturday.

Residents found the body of Robert Misamen of Barangay Tacas, Jaro floating on the river at around 8:15 a.m. He was clad only in a pair of short pants.

Upon initial check of the body investigators found a wound on the head – suggesting that Misamen was hit with a hard object, Querubin said.

Police also theorized that the boy was killed somewhere else and his body was just dumped into the river.

The mother told the police she last saw her son playing basketball in a court in Barangay Tacas with a relative at 3 p.m. on Friday. He failed to return home that day, she said.





Three-year-old boy found dead in pool after wandering from home

(17-May-2018) San Andreas, California, USA


A 3-year old boy was pronounced dead Wednesday after wandering away from his home on Pine Street and being found unresponsive in a swimming pool at a home on Market Street.

Pine Street and Market Street are parallel to one another and a few hundred feet apart. Market Street is north of Pine Street and just adjacent to West Saint Charles Street (Highway 49), the main thoroughfare of the city.

It was still undetermined about how the child got from one place to the other, Whiting said, and a report had not been completed yet.





Leopard found dead in Gurugram, injuries found on carcass

(15-May-2018) Gurugram (Delhi), India


A one-and-a-half year old female leopard was found dead on Tuesday morning in Gairatpur Bas village near Raisina area.

Shockingly, a few injury marks were found in the neck area of the carcass. The carcass was found near a pond.

In November 2017, a big cat was found dead in the same area. The department, after conducting the post mortem, claimed that the big cat died after falling into a 100-foot-deep old mining pit.





Boy Declared Missing Found Dead

(18-May-2018) Ghana, West Africa


A seven-year-old boy who went missing for three days has been found dead at the outskirts of Asoampa, a suburb of Prestea in the Western Region with part of his tongue chopped off.

The deceased, Faisal Azantelo’s body also had multiple injuries on the chest, stomach, neck, ribs and back.

She said Mr Abubakari told the police that on May 16 at about 0800 hours they found Azantelo’s body in a swampy area at the outskirts of Asoampa.

…when he woke up his 18 year-old son, Bernard Abubakari and grandson Faisal Azantelo whom they lived with were not in the bedroom.


(alpine anomalous) the boy went missing at the same time as another boy (his room-mate, who was found). The police conclude that the second boy (18) is responsible and have arrested him.

Nobody is asking how a 7-year old boy ended up in such a state. Who could have inflicted such torture? Maybe our predator-friend was in the vicinity? Maybe a wild animal had the boy for lunch, but leaving him in a swamp (i.e. watery terrain), begets the first option. Do eighteen-year-olds kill seven-year-olds now? That is the question!





Desperate search continues for Cowichan Valley dad last seen 5 days ago

(20-May-2018) Cowichan Valley, British Colombia, Canada


A desperate search is ongoing in the Cowichan Valley this weekend for a missing father of two.

Up to 60 search-and-rescue volunteers were scouring properties along Cowichan Lake Road on Saturday for any sign of Ben Kilmer, who was last seen Wednesday morning.

Family says this is out of character for the 41-year-old father of two and a discovery this week is leading to concerns about his safety.

Surveillance video shows him at a job site. His work van was later found abandoned along Cowichan Lake Road with the engine running. Adding to the mystery, a small amount of blood was found inside the vehicle.





Officials say 3 monk seals found dead on Oahu in 1 week

(20-May-2018) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Officials are investigating the causes of death for three monk seals that were found on Oahu in the span of one week.




An adult female seal identified as RK60 was found floating offshore on Tuesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries said in a statement.

The seal had previously been sighted on May 2, but reported to be in good condition.

On Wednesday, a female pup was found in Laie, and an adult female seal identified as RT10 or Ua Malie was found Thursday in Kahuku.

Post-mortem exams have been conducted, although the bodies’ decomposition limited any definitive conclusions that could be drawn.





2-year-old girl drowns in pool at Unicoi County home

(21-May-2018) Unicoi County, Tennessee, USA


Sheriff Mike Hensley said the girl was found floating in a pool around 12:30 this afternoon at a home on Bacus Hensley Road.

He said the parents were looking for the child when they found her body in the pool.

Hensley said the deputy performed CPR until EMS arrived.

She died at Johnson City Medical Center.





Decapitated dog’s head found on door handle

(21-May-2018) Chorley, Lancashire, UK


A decapitated dog’s head has been found on a door of a house.

Police said the dog’s head, which is believed to be a terrier, was discovered on the front door handle of a house in Great Meadow, Chorley on Sunday.



Galaxy Turn


In India

wild animals

are down on their luck

stray dogs are once again


what the?

this week they killed

a Black Buck


“Kanpur: In an unfortunate incident, a black buck was allegedly killed by stray dogs in Kakwan area of the district on Friday.

The black buck was spotted lying with multiple wounds by locals in Ambari Khurd village at around 10 am. They rushed with it to a nearby hospital, but the schedule I animal of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 succumbed on way. The forest officials were informed about the death and the carcass was sent to the veterinary hospital for postmortem.”  (black buck = antelope)


nothing in the article

proves it was dogs

but there has to be

a culprit

there has to be

a culprit

(12-May-2018) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

“A senior forest officer, said the exact cause of the death can be ascertained only after the postmortem report.”It was young and there was lot of blood on the body,” he said.”


How can they say this?

I thought dogs were to blame

will the post-mortem

change the name of the game?


if I were a dog

starving like the buck

I’d hit the local supermarket

somewhere in the muck

I’d find a scrap

maybe some

succulent duck


wishful thinking


the unfortunate buck

on a witness protection plan

another endangered species

that may have been visited

by the Man


may have

but plenty of blood was found

our ET predator-friend

keeps ’em clean


not the work of a hound


I think this was the work

of a TIGER


it’s a propaganda game

the stray dogs must go

the stray dogs are to blame

for everything

the police can’t fix

so the police use tricks


“It’s never a good time to be a street dog. That’s especially true in Thailand, where the animals are often seen as an urban plague, their lives hinging from one scrap of food to the next.

With more than 70,000 dogs born on the streets every year, many Thai cities resort to poisoning or even crueler measures to curb their numbers.”


unemployed dogs

a job for all

wear a camera

help uphold the law:

(03-May-2018) Thailand


far cheaper than

getting a drone

give them purpose

for being alone




“City officials in Suffolk say a 3-year-old boy has drowned accidentally in a backyard swimming pool.

A news release the city issued Friday says the child wandered outside Thursday morning and his family members were unaware.”

(11-May-2018) Suffolk, Virginia, USA


Child dies after drowning in pool in Warner Robins

(12-May-2018) Houston, Texas, USA

“A child was found drowning at a home in Warner Robins on Saturday.

The four-year-old child later died at the Houston Medical Center, according to Assistant Police Chief John Wagner with the Warner Robins Police Department.”

The child was autistic.




Mutilated gators prompts FWC investigation


dead alligators

(13-May-2018) Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials have opened an investigation in Myakka City after two young alligators were found dead.

The alligators were found by the side of Wauchula Road with their tails cut off Sunday morning.

FWC says they will keep the gators in their possession to determine if a crime was committed.



Round-the-world cyclists murdered while riding through Mexico

(14-May-2018) Chiapas, Mexico

last week, a Malaysian cyclist went missing and was later found in a drain. Now we have two more cyclists, from Germany and Poland, that “slipped” off a mountain road and fell into a ravine (?)

“The BBC reports that Chmielewski’s body was found 40m below the road on April 26, while Hagenbusch’s body was found further along (200m) the same ravine on May 8.

Chiapas’ regional attorney general originally said that the two men had lost control and fallen into the ravine. However Chmielewski’s body had been decapitated, had a foot missing, and appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound, and was also found next to Hagenbusch’s bike rather than his own.”


(alpine anomalous) the two men were found on different days in different places and their bikes had been switched. This sounds like they were picked up in the ship, mutilated then returned. Standard ET procedure. Officials are claiming robbery and murder but that’s their opinion:

European cyclists found in Mexico ravine were ‘robbed and murdered’ on round-the-world trip, investigators say





Body Found in Sewage Station Near Kennedy Center

(15-May-2018) Washington D.C., USA

Workers found a body at an underground sewage station near the Kennedy Center Tuesday morning.

The body was found at the Potomac Pumping Station, D.C. Water said. Police responded about 5:30 a.m., according to the fire department.

Sources told News4 the body is that of an adult. It was not immediately clear how the body got there or when the person disappeared. The sewage station is used to filter solid waste.




Police responded to two people on the 700 block of North 34th Street who said they returned home to find that one of their puppies had been decapitated.

(09-May-2018) Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

They told police they had been at the hospital and when they came home at about 10 p.m. to feed the dogs, they were all fine.

When they got home at about 2 a.m., they found their bigger dogs outside of their fence. Police said they found one of the puppies had its head cut off and was laying by a dog kennel. The head was not found, according to police.

The decapitation was a clean cut and the backyard gate was left open. Police believe someone broke into the yard and cut the head off with something sharp.


Same city a few days later:


Humane Society Asking For Help After Five Puppies Found Burned

(15-May-2018) Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

A local humane society is asking for help after five puppies were found with chemical burns down their backs.

The HOPE Humane Society in Fort Smith is providing around-the-clock medical care to the puppies, which were found in an alley and brought to the shelter. The nonprofit is now looking for people willing to foster these puppies in a loving home.


(alpine anomalous) if only Dogs could talk!



There has to be something

This emotion

That is sought


Many lifeless bodies

Dropped in water

And nobody caught


Nobody ever caught

In hundreds of years

What a farce

Unexplained phenomena

Even in the past:




‘Unhinged’ wife found floating in river

(28-Apr-2018) NSW, Australia


When Gavin Baillie went to bed on the Saturday night of March 19, 1898 he expected to wake up next to his wife the following morning.

“Nothing special had occurred that night, but her mind had seemed unhinged for the last four or five weeks,” he said at the subsequent coroner’s inquest.

“She was troubled with religious feeling and was in a very despondent frame of mind.”

Mrs Baillie was only wearing a nightdress and an ulster (a loose overcoat of rough cloth) with scratches on her right ear and left eye.

Mr Baillie painted a picture of a confused young woman who wanted God to strike her dead and wishing she’d fall asleep and never waken again.

“There was no reason for her despondency, there were no domestic troubles and no disagreement between us,” he said.

“I tried to reason with her but it was useless.”

The coroner’s verdict was “Drowning. Deceased’s own act while temporarily insane.”


(alpine anomalous) doesn’t this case read like it happened yesterday, but it was 120 years ago!




Troubled Kimberley teenager confirmed by coroner as WA’s first crocodile attack death in three decades

(09-May-2018) Western Australia


The body of a troubled teenager was found torn apart by crocodiles after he ran away from his foster home in Western Australia.

The teenager, known as HLS for legal reasons, was found entangled in the mangroves of a swamp near Broome in 2013 after he went missing.

According to the ABC, the 15-year-old fled from the bush block where he had been in foster care.

A WA coroner found he was killed by the animal and his development delays contributed to his decision to go in to the crocodile infested waters.

‘His left [foot] had been amputated and a large saltwater crocodile was seen several metres away,’ Coroner Sarah Linton said.

The four-day inquest found the teenager had a troubled life and was described as ‘hard to control’.


(alpine anomalous) if it’s not stray dogs, it’s crocodiles! Another seriously-impaired young person who may well have fallen prey to our predator-friend. I find it strange that the article is talking about an event that happened 5 years ago and like with most sensational stories was picked up by the Daily Mail (Australia)!




Justice for autistic Katli

(10-May-2018) Pretoria, South Africa




original article:

The spirit of little Katlego Katli Joja was reincarnated as hundreds of people marched through the streets of Mamelodi demanding justice for the autistic girl whose body was found under a bridge on Sunday.

Her family, civic organisations, religious groups, pupils and taxi drivers marched to Mamelodi West police station to hand over a memorandum in which they called for the speedy procession of an inquest into her death.

The group wants the case to be prioritised and an investigation to be carried out with utmost diligence. They also want police officers who turned back her family when they went to report her missing to be fired.

By 9am, more than 1000 participants had filled Shabangu Street to begin the march in the streets of the place Katli called home. A heavy police presence ensured safety and order.

The men and women in blue at the police station were visibly shocked when protesters arrived.

A Mothers of Children with Autism member, Dineo Makenete, said police needed to have a flexible policy that allowed for children with special needs to be assisted. “The first hours that a special child goes missing are the most crucial. This 24-hour waiting period rule is nonsense,” she said.


(alpine anomalous) the people want to know who killed this young girl and the police are fumbling. Missing children is one thing but missing autistic children is another (in a country that discriminates). That this young girl was more than likely taken by our ET predator-friend complicates matters even more.



I picked up on this cyclist

A team leader who went missing

During a race down Malaysia way


He stopped at a water station

Drank his fill

Less than ten miles

He would have won the day

But he didn’t make it

He was taken


They found him in a drain

Parallel to the road no doubt

Even had his bicycle

Dead in the water

He had no time to shout


The police say he fell over

After taking a piss

Give me a break

How come he wasn’t found

For three days

Everything was completely amiss


Another case of stolen emotions

This is happening more and more

Do you think anyone will take notice

So we can even out the score?!





Singaporean cyclist missing in Perak for 3 days found dead

(10-May-2018) Singapore


The leader of the 20-man Singapore cycling team, Mr Alvin Low, and team member Mohamad Rizal Abdol Aziz had stayed behind in Ipoh to help in the search for teammate Abdul Samat Ismail, who went missing during the 160km Perak Century Ride 2018 event on Sunday.

He emphasised that the late cyclist was “fit and healthy” and had participated in four cycling events in Malaysia last year.

Mr Abdul, a building technician, was last seen at 1.45pm on Sunday at a water station, with a teammate, 24km from the end.

…, they received the bad news – the body of Mr Abdul, 56, had been found in a drain around 13km from the finish line.

He was found with his bike by a group of volunteers mobilised by the event organiser.

Preliminary investigations showed that Samat was believed to have wanted to urinate before he fell into the drain by the side of the road, said Mr Ahmad. However, he added that investigations are ongoing and that the body would be taken to the Batu Gajah Hospital for an autopsy.






Child found in backyard pool in Avondale

(09-May-2018) Avondale, Arizona, USA


A two-year-old is reportedly in extremely critical condition, after he was found floating in a backyard pool in Avondale Wednesday night.

The incident reportedly happened on the 10000 block of Woodland Avenue. According to fire officials in Avondale, the child was at the home of an extended family member when the incident happened. It is not known how long the child was missing, or how long the child was under water.

The home, according to fire officials, did not have a pool fence. The child has been taken to the hospital.




4-year-old in extreme critical condition after found in an Avondale pool Saturday afternoon

(28-Apr-2018) Avondale, Arizona, USA


Avondale Fire says there was no fence around the pool.


(alpine anomalous) are these just freak accidents or is something else at play?





A Tale of Two Alligators

a) Body found in retention pond where teen possibly attacked by alligator

(11-May-2018) Orlando, Florida, USA


Deputies have found a body in the retention pond where a missing teen was possibly attacked by an alligator.

Crews had been searching for the teen boy who was seen flailing in a large retention pond in Florida. They believe he was possibly taken underwater by an alligator.

Police said witnesses heard the teen screaming in the pond, “It bit me! It bit me!”

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said it is not yet clear if an alligator was involved in the boy’s disappearance.


(alpine anomalous) looks like an alligator to me



b) Woman’s body found in gator-filled pond

(10-May-2018) Orlando, Florida, USA


Authorities found a body Thursday in an alligator-infested pond in central Florida a day after getting a 911 call reporting someone screaming that they’d been bitten before going under the water.

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies initially thought they were looking for a teenage boy since a witness told 911 dispatchers Wednesday evening that he saw a teen flailing and screaming. But after crews pulled the body from the retention pond early Thursday, they discovered it was a woman who remained unidentified, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet.

The woman’s body showed no signs of trauma from a gator bite, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies don’t know how the woman got into the fenced-off retention pond, and they said they have no reports of a missing woman.


(alpine anomalous) in the second article (b), the alligator theory falls flat: no signs of trauma from an alligator bite. The woman felt she had been bitten but there were no marks on the body!

One does not go swimming in a fenced-off retention pond; the woman was placed in the water (no doubt after an abduction). Upon landing, she regained consciousness and vaguely remembered being taken hence the feeling of being bitten.




Body found in search for missing singer

(11-May-2018) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Police searching for missing Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison have found the body of a man.

The discovery was made at Port Edgar, a marina on the banks of the Firth of Forth between the Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing, at about 20:30 on Thursday.

Formal identification is yet to take place but Mr Hutchison’s family have been informed.

The 36-year-old was reported missing in the early hours of Wednesday.

He was last seen on CCTV footage leaving the Dakota Hotel in nearby South Queensferry at 01:00.

His family, who urged him to “just come home” because “we love you so much” at an emotional media conference on Thursday, said the singer had been in a “very fragile state” before his disappearance.

Mr Hutchison had spoken openly about his battle with depression, with elder brother Neil saying he had done so “in an attempt to help other people with similar conditions”.


(alpine anomalous) this sounds like a suicide, but is it? These days, many highly-emotional people have fallen prey to the predator and Scott Hutchison fits the bill perfectly! RIP












I was listening

To songs from the fifties

Nineteen fifties

Doo wop, doo wop


A New Orleans band

The Spiders


“my head is spinning

going round and round”


Well my head is spinning

But not from witchcraft

Earth Changes

Currently abound


May got started

With more children

Found dead in pools

Swimming pools




Girl dies hours after being found floating in pool in Broward County

(30-Apr-2018) Lauderhill, Florida, USA


Police in Broward County say a 3-year-old girl died after being found floating in a community pool.

Lauderhill police officials tell news outlets the child was spotted in the pool around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. They say she was unresponsive when she was found.

Witnesses told investigators the girl was in the Lauderhill pool with other children and adults.

Paramedics began CPR on the child and she was rushed to nearby Plantation General Hospital. Police said she died around 10 p.m.


(alpine anomalous) if adults and other children were present, how come nobody noticed her eventual disappearance? Where were the parents?




Yes, lots of kiddies floating these days

Most, two to three years old

Many in Florida, USA


And now a boating incident

in North Carolina, say

What looks like a couple


Out of harm’s way


Their boat was found empty

In the middle of the lake

No sign that anyone had been in it

There was no clothing in the water

They had fallen into the pit

They had vanished


Maybe they were abducted

Their bodies were later found

In the water





Second body pulled from Hyco Lake after empty boat found floating in water

(29-Apr-2018) Hyco Lake, N. Carolina, USA


Two bodies have been pulled from a Person County lake after an empty boat was found floating in the water on Wednesday.

A woman’s body was pulled from Hyco Lake that evening. A man’s body was recovered Sunday afternoon.

The empty boat was found just after 7 p.m. on Wednesday. The man who called police said he found the boat floating in the middle of the lake with no one in it.


(alpine anomalous) a double suicide or a visit from our predator-friend?






Murder victim’s missing 48 hours: What happened to Cecilia Haddad?

(2-May-2018) Sydney, Australia


A mysterious 48-hour window is believed to hold the key to what happened to suspected murder victim Cecilia Haddad before she was found dead in a Sydney river over the weekend.

Police are working to piece together the final movements of the popular 38-year-old Brazilian businesswoman whose fully clothed body was located by kayakers around 10.15am on Sunday.

Ms Haddad’s body was found floating in the Lane Cove River in Woolwich, on Sydney’s lower north shore, about 6km from her home.

She was wearing a navy/green long sleeve jumper and khaki cargo pants, police said. Ms Haddad had been at a barbecue on Friday night and chatted with friends at 8.30am for around 30 minutes on Saturday, according to police. But friends reported Ms Haddad missing when she failed to keep various appointments later that day, saying it was completely out of character.





Controversial biotech CEO found dead in flotation tank

(02-May-2018) Washington, D.C., USA


Aaron Traywick, the 28-year-old founder of biotech startup Ascendance Biomedical, was found floating face down in a sensory deprivation tank in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, reports the Daily Mail. While police are still investigating his death, they say no foul play is suspected so far. Traywick was something of a maverick in the biotech circle, who once injected himself on Facebook Live with his company’s herpes drug in an attempt to speed up FDA approval. The tank Traywick was found in was housed in a spa that offers meditation flotation therapy where a person lies in a shallow, sensory-free pool that is heated to their body temperature.


(alpine anomalous) more and more professional people ending up dead. Why would that be? Last month, a (female) Google software engineer was found in San Francisco Bay; this month, a Brazilian business woman in Australia and a young CEO from a biotech company in Washington, D.C. These were happy people. Very happy people. People full of themselves. Is it now dangerous to be overly happy (and in the wrong place at the wrong time!?).





Body found in search for missing Barnsley woman

(02-May-2018) South Yorkshire, UK


Emergency services looking for Pamela Kennedy, reported missing from the Hoylandswaine area of Barnsley on Monday 30 April, have recovered a body in their search.

Yesterday morning (Monday 1 May), a woman’s body was recovered from Langsett Reservoir, which has now been formally identified as Pamela. Her family are being supported by specialist officers and our thoughts are with them at this incredibly difficult time.

Pamela’s death is not being treated as suspicious.


(alpine anomalous) the body had no injuries ergo no crime was committed. That she went missing and was found in a (water) reservoir is consistent with other ET abduction cases seen all over. The “no foul play” excuse has been upgraded to “suspicious”. Found floating in a reservoir is indeed suspicious!






Dogs maul 3 young children to death, villagers take revenge by killing 13 animals

(02-May-2018) Khairabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


Villagers in Khairabad took law into their own hands after being gripped by panic over daily attacks that have left 14 children dead.

In a shocking incident, a raging pack of stray dogs mauled three young children to death in Khairabad in Uttar Pradesh. However, what is more shocking is that angry villagers took revenge by killing 13 of the animals.

Villagers in Khairabad took the law into their own hands after being gripped by panic over daily attacks that have now left 14 children dead since January.

The three youngsters, all under the age of 12 were killed by packs of dogs in separate attacks on Tuesday as they collected mangoes in fields outside the village.

According to figures, India has an estimated 30 million stray dogs, with roughly 17 million dog bites reported each year.

One comment from the article:

“Killing is not commoners job, did they kill the same dogs or some other unlucky innocent creatures happened to be at that place, this can happen to humans as well and that is what happens in communal riots. Killing and taking law into our hands is jungle nature, …”


(alpine anomalous) nothing proves that dogs were responsible only that stray dogs are “convenient” offenders. (see post “P-Blog” in the April archives). Fourteen children dead since January in the area. Daily cases of dogs biting but never killing humans.






Body of Girl (10) found hanging from tree in Limpopo

(07-May-2018) Johannesburg, South Africa


Police are investigating an inquest docket after a body of a 10-year old girl was found hanging from a tree at her home in Nkovani, outside Giyani in Limpopo.

Spokesperson Mienkie Ramakgoakgoa says the body was discovered by the deceased’s friend on Sunday.

She says the traumatised child alerted the elders after seeing her friend swinging from a tree behind the house.

The death of the grade 4 pupil Ntwisiso Tshabalala is now subject to investigations.

Ramakgoakgoa says the 10-year-old child dying under such circumstances is concerning.






Family of autistic girl whose body was found in river mystified how she got out of yard

(07-May-2018) Mamelodi‚ Pretoria, South Africa


The family of a 10-year-old autistic girl whose body was found floating in the Moretele River in Mamelodi‚ Pretoria‚ at the weekend are still confused over how she got out of her home.

“Katli would never leave the house alone‚” said her uncle‚ Thabiso Storom‚ on Monday.

“There was always a minder around her because as part of the autism‚ she did not like physical contact from strangers. She did not have any friends‚” he added.

The Mamelodi house that Katlego Joja went missing from is also a crèche.

“The gate has two latches and they are pretty high up‚ making it difficult for children to reach it‚” said Storom.

“The gate was never opened so she didn’t leave through the gate‚” he said.

The house has a high fence around it but Storom says Katlego had a fear of heights and would have never jumped over the fence.


(alpine anomalous) if the child didn’t leave through the gate, maybe she was picked up from above? Here we had a very frightened girl whose strong emotions eventually led to her downfall?




Quirk of the week:

Nobody knows why this car is hanging from a bridge in Toronto

(04-May-2018) Toronto, Canada






















The predator is taking people

In an emotional state

Who have strong feelings

Who have serious problems

On their plate


The Latvian woman

Who last week lost her head

Was experiencing PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

That could easily happen

To you or to me


The end of the world

She couldn’t go on

A vegan who didn’t eat meat

She traveled to India

To a spiritual retreat


Her pain was intense

Her signal was clear

The predator as we know

Is attracted by fear


But why are we afraid

Why is there greed, anger,

Viciousness, hate,

War and lust

Anxiety, depression

Why is there conflict

When harmonious activity

Is really a must


I don’t want to exaggerate

But love for all

Will certainly set us free

Clear up our emotions

Let us be what we want to be


Presently distorted

This place is not right

The predator is attracted

To eruptions of dark light

It perceives in the ether

Human emotions

Are for dinner tonight!


Imagine battlefield bloodbaths


Fear doesn’t exist

Where it comes from

That’s a human construct

From way back when

We sacrificed young children

To purported gods

We imagined greater than men


Low-vibrational feelings

Have to go

Clear up our ways of thinking

Make it so!


That’s probably too hard

With a control system in place

However, the coming pole-shift

Will knock that smile off your face

And you will regret things

Even more

Isn’t it about time

We evened out the score


The predator will no longer

Be coming back then

No longer coming back for more.





Hidden History: In 1975, cattle mutilations kept Idahoans on edge

(26-Apr-2018) Twin Falls, Idaho, USA


A series of cattle mutilations from Idaho and Oregon to Colorado and Texas kept some folks on edge for months in 1975.

Blaine County officials were stumped by dead cows found with their udders and sex organs removed “with surgical precision,” the Times-News reported on the front page of its Sept. 9, 1975, edition. The cuts were made in perfect circles and no other marks were found on the cows’ bodies. No blood, tire tracks or footprints were found near the animals.

“Blaine County officials cannot pinpoint the cause of death,” the article said.

Idaho Chief Investigator Dave Rowe said the mutilations were not the “work of an organized group or satanic cult.”

Twin Falls County authorities chalked up the cattle mutilations to animal predation. But in Cameron County, Texas, Deputy Eddie Gonzalez dismissed the predator theory.

There was no blood,” Gonzalez said. “Down here they believe in a lot of witchcraft. There are a lot of fanatics. This is not a coyote.”





Protest of dog killings held in Golden

(25-Apr-2018) Cassville, Missouri, USA


calling for justice in the case of three dogs shot to death and mutilated in March.





a) Who is Asaram Bapu?

(25-Apr-2018) New Delhi, India


Self-styled godman Asumal Sirumalani, also known as Asaram Bapu by his followers, has been convicted by a Jodhpur court in a 2013 rape case of a minor girl.

The rape case isn’t Asaram’s first brush with the law. In 1959, his name was mired in a murder case. If reports are to be believed, he committed the crime under the influence of alcohol but was granted bail due to lack of evidence.

His trouble began in 2008 when the mutilated bodies of two kids were found from near his ashram in Motera on the bank of Sabarmati river. According to reports, some vital organs were missing from the deceased boys’ bodies. His name was later mired into a land-grabbing case in Surat. The matter is still pending in the court.


(alpine anomalous) someone was out to get this guy. False accusations. The right people saying the wrong things are always right especially in places like India with its 133’000 pending rape cases. (See the last post for article). A 76-year-old spirtitual leader is sentenced to life in prison through slander.



b) India’s Killer ‘Godmen’ and their Sacrificial Children

(14-Apr-2018) India


(alpine anomalous) someone should tell these people to read this blog or at least open their minds to the possibility of extra-terrestrial activity. Living in the past.



 c) Asaram Ashram students’ deaths still a mysterdy:: BJP Govt is denying us justice, says victims’ kin

(27-Apr-2018) Ahmedabad, India


(alpine anomalous) there must be many evil spirits lurking in these parts. By evil, I mean corrupt.






Body of missing minor girl found floating in pond

(26-Apr-2018) Larkana, Pakistan


The body of a nine-year-old girl, who went missing a day ago, was found floating in a pond near a hotel on the Larkana-Naudero road on Wednesday.

The police surgeon suspected attempted rape before the girl’s murder but the SSP insisted the victim had died from asphyxia.

Police surgeon Dr Saleem Shaikh said that it could be said at the preliminary stage that the girl’s death was caused by asphyxia and most probably hands were used to block her breathing through nose and mouth. An attempt was made to rape her, he said.

The SSP said that police had received the victim’s post-mortem report which gave asphyxia as the cause of death. There was no sign of rape according to the report, he said.

Police teams were busy collecting CCTV footage of nearby areas and a team of forensic experts took fingerprints at the crime scene. They also took into custody the victim’s footwear for analysis, said the SSP.

He said that an FIR had been lodged and six suspects had been detained for interrogation. The culprits would be arrested soon, he said.


(alpine anomalous) these hi-tech police teams have already found the culprits!







Forest Guard’s Dead Body Found Floating In Tulsi Lake At SGNP

(27-Apr-2018) Mumbai, India


The body of a young forest guard named Swastik Baban Katkar, 30, who worked at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, was found floating in Tulsi lake in the core forest area of the park on Thursday. While a message had gone viral on Thursday saying the guard was killed by a leopard, an official from SGNP said it does not appear so. The exact reason for the death will be known after the post mortem report is out.

Rajawadi Hospital’s forensic department officials have initially ruled out a leopard attack as they haven’t found severe injury marks. A message said to be from Mulund police, on a group of crime reporters on WhatsApp claimed that Katkar and his friends forest guards Pundalik Salve, Harshal Sathe, and 4-5 others were partying on the banks of Tulsi lake. He drowned while swimming in it.


(alpine anomalous) like with most of these cases, not having any evidence the authorities have to blame someone: during the party, he went for a swim and drowned in the lake. Nobody noticed his disappearance and nobody called the police. With this line of reasoning, all of the remaining forest guards should be arrested for non-assistance.






Carcass of elephant calf found floating in pond

(24-Apr-2018) Cuttack, Odisha, India


Elephant deaths in Odisha continue as carcass of a female elephant calf was found floating in a pond in Chhanchunia village under Badamba forest range in the district today.

According to reports, locals spotted the body of the wild animal and immediately informed the forest officials. Getting information, forest personnel rushed to the spot and fished out dead calf from the pond.

“Locals informed us about the incident and it appears that the calf accidentally slipped into the water body. However an investigation into the case is on for more details. Body of the calf has been sent for post-mortem following which it will be buried,” informed a forest official.

After the post-mortem reports came, it has been revealed that the calf was around 6-months-old and its death caused due to drowning.


(alpine anomalous) a baby elephant? It could have been a human baby.







Body of missing boy found in fields, parents allege sexual assault

(27-Apr-2018) Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India


An eight-year-old boy, who was missing since April 20, was found dead at at village in this district, following which a man was arrested, the police said today.

According to complaint lodged by the deceased’s father, boy was sodomised in 2016 and the case was pending in court. He was abducted and killed after his parents refused to withdraw the case, they said. It was alleged that the boy was sexually assaulted before being killed, the police said.

After the killing of the boy came to light, the villagers held a protest and refused to hand over the body to police. However, senior police officials reached the spot and pacified the people, following which the body was sent for post-mortem, a police official said. A case was registered against three people and one of them have been arrested, he said.


(alpine anomalous) the boy had been sodomized at age 6. Imagine the grief emanating from him (into the ether). Imagine our favorite predator picking up on his “scent”?!

Once again, all the police see are criminals. Once again, an (immediate) arrest has been made.






Body Found of Missing British Expat Kieran O’Brien

(26-Apr-2018) Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga, Spain


The body of missing British expat Kieran O’Brien (17) has reportedly been found.

Kieran disappeared on Friday last week following an argument with his family in Alhaurin el Grande.


(alpine anomalous) was it RAGE that attracted the predator? An assumption among many no doubt.






a) 2-year-old dies after being found in swimming pool

(26-Apr-2018) Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA


Officials in Kentucky say a 2-year-old child has died after being found unresponsive in a swimming pool.

Hardin County Sheriff John Ward told The News-Enterprise that the child died Wednesday night after being found earlier in the day in a residential pool in Cecilia. He did not know how the toddler got into the water or how long the child was there before being found.



b) Boy found in family pool identified

(24-Apr-2018) Robstown, Texas, USA


A 2-year-old boy who was found in his family’s pool after he drowned has been identified.

Around 7:15 Sunday morning, police say they received a call from 2-year-old Ayden Flores’ parents who said that he was missing from his bedroom. They told police they had already searched for their son all around their home.

Officers arrived minutes later and found Ayden in the outdoor, above ground pool. They immediately called medics and started CPR on the child, but it was too late.







Four murdered and mutilated dogs found in reservoir in Spain

(27-Apr-2018) Alicante, Spain


THE mutilated remains of four dogs that went missing at Easter have been found by their owners in a smelly, stagnant water reservoir on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Horrified pet owners have recovered the remains of three of their dogs but the fourth was too seriously decomposed.

The Guardia Civil is investigating the horrific discovery and have taken statements from greenhouse workers but say there is no conclusive evidence that points to the culprits.

The police have now taken to social media to issue a public appeal for information.


(alpine anomalous) times are indeed changing with authorities asking the general population if they can assist in their enquiries!






$7,000 reward offered to help find person who mutilated, killed dog

(26-Apr-2018) Maryland, USA


Investigators in Prince George’s County are trying to figure out who viciously killed a dog in Laurel.

According to the dog’s owner, Rico, a pit bull mix, somehow slipped out of their house in late January. He was missing for a day until he found the dog’s body on the railroad tracks near Cherry Lane.

Prince George’s County Animal Services Chief Rodney Taylor said in the 35 years he has been working in the department, this is the worst mutilation of a dog he has ever seen.

“There is a $7,000 reward out if it leads to an arrest or indictment. We certainly need the community’s help.”







Alert Over 3 Missing Lions, While Another 3 Poisoned In Suspected Muthi Killing

(29-Apr-2018) Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa


A Free State farmer is in shock after discovering three of his lions killed and mutilated, seemingly for certain body parts, while three others are missing.

“I came upon the most ugly scene I have ever seen in my life,” Gert Claasen told News24 on Saturday, after police issued an urgent alert to residents of the area to be on the look-out for the lions in case they are still alive.

Claasen is almost certain the remaining three lions are dead after the gruesome discovery at his farm on Thursday morning, but police are taking no chances.

Bethlehem Police spokesperson Captain Zweli Mohobeleli said three lions, one white and two brown females, are missing and unaccounted for.

Claasen said the attackers only cut off the lions’ jaws and paws, leaving the mutilated carcasses of three behind.

“I am suspecting it was a muthi killing,” said Claasen. He understood that some people believe lion body parts will bring extremely good luck “like winning the lottery”.

A preliminary examination of the dead lions indicated that they ate poisoned chicken.

A hole was also cut in the fence of the enclosure.

“Even our workers cried when they saw the lions. It was definitely not an inside job,” he said.

Two of the five lionesses that were targeted were pregnant and were about to give birth.

Two weeks ago Claasen’s dogs were also poisoned, and now he has increased his security.


(alpine anomalous) the hole in the fence is a giveaway for criminal activity but without photographs and ground details, it’s impossible to ascertain that poachers were to blame. The poisoning (of animals, especially those endangered) on day one and their subsequent mutilation on day two is in line with many other cases reported here in the past. Read about the Bisons killed in Spain (post “Lord of the Ring” – 25-Sept-2016)






Lions are being poisoned in Uganda national park (video)

(28-Apr-2018) Uganda 


Can humans and wildlife live together in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park? Eleven lions have been killed by poison, suggesting the uncomfortable relationship is boiling over.




Nasty HUMAN action of the week:

Newborn baby boy’s genitals mutilated by ‘fake doctor’ to prove he was born girl

(27-Apr-2018) Chatra, India


A newborn boy died at a hospital in Chatra district of Jharkhand after a quack allegedly severed the baby’s genitals to prove his ultrasound report true that the woman was pregnant with a girl, police said.

Panda said he was shocked to see his wife and mother wailing despite the fact his wife had delivered a healthy boy.

When he reached the clinic, he found that the newborn boy had died of profuse bleeding after the doctor severed his genitals to prove the ultrasound report right, Panda said.


(alpine anomalous) all hail ultrasound, the perfect tool!





joke title:


Police find cat decapitated AFTER it was run over and killed

(28-Apr-2018) Gloucester, UK


Police have discovered that a cat found decapitated in someone’s back garden had been mutilated after it was run over and killed.

The remains of the poor animal were found in the back garden of a home in Churchdown yesterday evening.

Officers from Tewkesbury Police took the pet to a vets to carry out a post-mortem after the discovery at about 7pm on Friday, April 27.

It was then they discovered the cat’s head had been removed after it had died, which according to its injuries was most likely from being hit by a car.


(alpine anomalous) I’m amazed they’re not invoking the Croydon Cat Killer this time.






Missing boy’s body found in drain

(30-Apr-2018) Delhi, India


A missing seven-year-old boy’s body was found in a drain a week after he was reported missing, the police said on Sunday.

The police suspect that Ankush drowned in the open drain while playing in north-west Delhi’s Wazirpur.

The body was spotted by children in the area around 10.30 a.m. on Sunday. There are no external injuries on the body and doctors have indicated drowning as the likely cause of death, said an investigator.

Ankush lived with his parents in a slum in Wazirpur Industrial Area. His father works in a factory in the neighbourhood, while his mother is a domestic help at a nearby bungalow.

“Ankush was last seen by his family members around 7 p.m. on April 21. They failed to find him despite looking for him. Although we investigated the matter as a case of kidnapping, our efforts failed to yield results,” said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) Anil Lal.











Maybe you noticed

My last post was all stress

I’ve been having issues

A bit of a meltdown

But I digress


Like usual

Daily dead bodies

Clutter the news

No mentions however

Of animals

Tampered with

Only policemen

Without clues


India this week

Got the mutilation blues

A European tourist’s head

Was taken

A newborn’s

Hands and legs

Were removed


Two young boys

Nine and fourteen

Went missing

And were nowhere

To be seen


They were found

Floating in a river

Covered in bite marks

Now what could that mean?


Police consider rodents

Or fish

Are to blame

We know from past experience

Indian policemen

Aren’t the same

As their counterparts

In the West


Indian women are protesting

About recent 4-year-olds being raped

They want law enforcement

To get the perp

To do something!

To not let HIM escape!


Our predator friend

Is caught up with the rest

His mutilation scenarios

Are clearly the best

But none can tell the difference:

Humans are the only pest!


Today’s p-blog softens the horror

Even outs the shame

Innocent bystanders

Continue to take the blame


A rape in India?

A drop in the ocean


Speedy justice for rape victims? More than 133,000 cases pending


A tale of two thanas: Maakhi, Unnao and Hiranagar, Kathua

“The road to justice in the Kathua and Unnao rape cases that convulsed the nation begins at two rural police stations where the First Information Reports were filed, …”

This long article shows up the Indian legal system. Colonial conditions in the Space Age.






Mumbai: Bodies Of 2 Boys With Bite Marks Found Floating In Mithi River

(20-Apr-2018) Mumbai, India


“Their bodies have bite marks; we suspect fish and rodents attacked them for the flesh,” said a police officer. Senior inspector Deepak Pagare, “Both bodies have been sent for post-mortem; prima facie, there is nothing suspicious.”




Well, someone openly destroys dogs for what looks like political gain:


Stray dogs are rounded up and shot in Morocco ahead of visit by FIFA to assess country’s World Cup bid, with dozens of dead animals piled up

(17-Apr-2018) Morocco



(alpine anomalous) obviously pleasing one’s neighbors is more important than pleasing one’s own population.



Police hunt dog poisoner while Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam pledges better protection for animals

(11-Apr-20’18) Hong Kong


(alpine anomalous) obviously pleasing someone is more important than pleasing one’s own population.





Further Parts Found In Austria Headless Body Case

(17-Apr-2018) Vienna, Austria


The initial gruesome discovery of a female torso was made on Friday in the shallow Lake Neusiedl.

Austrian police say that they have found further body parts during searches carried out after a torso was discovered on the bed of a lake.

Late on Monday afternoon, police found parts of two forearms and two thighs, Roland Koch of the Eisenstadt state prosecutor’s office told AFP.

The latest discovery was made by divers near where the torso was first discovered, close to the town of Rust.





a) Missing Latvian tourist’s body found mutilated in India

(22­-Apr-2018) Kerala, India


Latvian tourist Liga Skromane who went missing from an Ayurveda resort in Kerala was found dead on the banks of Karamana River in India today, the India Times reports.

The 33-year-old was undergoing treatment and vanished from the resort in Pothencode on March 14.

According to P Praksh, Thiruvananthapuram city police commissioner, the beheaded and mutilated body of a foreigner woman was found on the riverbanks and police were yet to identify it.

“We were alerted by local youth who had gone to the remote place to fish. They told us about the body lying in the bushes close to the river bank. We found her head some distance away from the body in another place. A preliminary investigation revealed that the victim had been dead for almost a month as it is in a decomposed state. Based on a DNA test, the identity of the person will be ascertained,” another senior official told India Today.

Liga and her sister had been holidaying in Kerala since last February. After visiting Kochi, Alappuzha, Kollam and Varkala, she had undergone ayurvedic treatment for traumatic depression. She went missing from the resort and was last seen near Kovalam beach on March 14.c


(alpine anomalous) as reported in preceeding posts, the victim was in a depressive state prior to the abduction and mutilation. Were her (strong) emotions the reason she was taken?

In the first article (a), the body was reported lying in the bushes close to the river bank. In the second article (b), the body was found hanging from a tree. It’s no wonder the police can’t solve this crime when the reporting is so poor!


b) Irishman whose tragic wife’s headless body was found in India dismisses suicide claim by police

(23-Apr-2018) Dublin, Ireland


Her husband Andrew, from Swords, Co Dublin, said reports which supposedly came from police sources claiming there was poison in Liga’s body and suggesting she might have committed suicide are complete nonsense.

Latvian national Liga vanished from a beach in Kerala on March 14 and had not been seen until her mutilated body was found hanging from a tree along the Karamana river bank last Friday.

On Sunday Andrew and Ilze tried to reach the spot where the body was found. She said: “We went to Kovalam to see if it is possible for someone to reach the spot alone.

“There are only two options – one can either go there with the help of a local person or by a boat.


(alpine anomalous) there have been a number of suspicious deaths this past year with bodies being found hanging in trees. If found hanging, one automatically assumes a suicide. What if the bodies were dropped from an overhead spaceship? When a body is found hanging and there is no rope to confirm any suspicions, another way of thinking is required or policemen will be found hanging from trees in the future. How much can a population take when the police fails in its mandate?




Was it a coincidence that a child was mutilated on the same day in the same town in India:




Abandoned body of 3-day-old child found mutilated by stray dogs

(22-Apr-2018) Kerala, India


Body of a 3-day-old child was found abandoned at Puthur in Kollam district on Saturday with the baby’s hands and legs bitten off by stray dogs, the police said.

The body was spotted by a self-help group ‘Kudumbashree’ and the members informed the police, they added.

Kerala has witnessed many incidents of stray dog attacks in the recent years.


(alpine anomalous) more conjecture: stray dogs were blamed in the past therefore stray dogs are to blame now. The article does not mention anyone looking for the parents. Was the self-help group in any way connected?



“Kudumbashree is the poverty eradication and women empowerment programme implemented by the State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM) of the Government of Kerala.”

Were money issues a source of anguish for the parents? With the predator roaming, their feelings of despair may have triggered its interest?

The Latvian tourist lost her head while the baby lost its hands and legs. Are these injuries related to the size of the person? Is the predator trying to “capture” the emotion (it picked up) being projected into the ethers?


…and in another part of India, the same thing! These stray dogs get everywhere:



6-month-old baby’s body found mutilated

(21-Apr-2018) Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India


Police recovered a body of a six-month-old baby boy near Thogamalai in Karur district. According to police, the body was found mutilated, as stray dogs had bitten the baby. Police have initiated an investigation.

According to police, some passer-by noticed the body along the bushes near Naganur Primary Health Centre near Thogamalai in Karur district on Friday morning. The infant had grievous injuries in his hands and legs caused by stray dogs.

Shocked residents of Naganur informed Thogamalai police, who in turn rushed to the spot and enquired the people. Subsequently, police recovered the body and sent it to Thogamalai government hospital for post-mortem. Police have registered a case to nab the person who threw the baby in the roadside.


(alpine anomalous) what were these children doing out alone if the danger of stray dogs is so high?!





Decapitated body of missing 6-year-old girl found in Pilibhit field

(19-Apr-2018) Uttar Pradesh, India


The decapitated body of a six-year-old girl, who went missing last week, was found in a field in Madhotanda area of Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

“It seems the body was cut into pieces after the girl’s death. Local residents and relatives of the girl ascertained the identity of the deceased, saying that the body parts were of the same girl,” said Kalanidhi Naithani, SP, Pilibhit.

The 28-year-old father of the girl who works as a farm labourer said the girl went missing on April 12. “She left home to visit her grandparents who live nearby but never reached there. We tried to find her but couldn’t,” he said.



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3 Minors Found Hanging From Tree, Another Raped in Surat

(16-Apr-2018) India


A minor was allegedly held captive, tortured and raped before being killed, the Surat Police said on Sunday, 15 April, weeks after the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua in Jammu region sent shock waves across the nation.

The body of the unidentified girl, believed be between nine and 11 years old, was found in Bhestan locality and had 86 injury marks, they said. It was spotted lying in bushes near a cricket ground on the morning of 6 April by some passersby, the police said.

The autopsy report said there were 86 injury marks on her body, including the private parts, indicating that she was tortured and raped, Inspector KB Jhala of Pandesara police station said. She was strangulated, the report said. (Source: PTI)


Three Minors Found Hanging From Tree in Barmer, Cops Say Suicide, Girls’ Families Allege Murder

Surrounded by a vast expanse of sand and a thatched hut nestled between its roots, a Khejri tree stands amidst the barren landscape of Swaroop Ka Tala, a remote village in Barmer district.

Two days ago, the village woke up to the sight of three bodies hanging from a branch of the tree — two Dalit girls and a Muslim boy, all minors. Their deaths have left many unanswered questions.

(Source: The Indian Express)