R a n d o m


Why are my words going haywire?

Links are not being clicked and they sometimes expire

I write Conversation instead of Conservation

People’s minds are melting as if on a fire

The mutilations never cease

The Consequences are dire

Am I telling the truth or am I a liar?!


It looks like the Croydon Cat Killer has emigrated to Australia to do his dirty deeds:

Pets found mutilated, tortured in western Sydney suburb (Australia) – 15-Aug-2017




Who is behind these terrible acts?




This next case is grisly, real grisly:


Hamburg police hunt ‘Jack the Ripper’ murderer who left prostitute’s body parts around city (Germany) – 11-Aug-2017




Deceased Humpback Whale Found Lodged on Princess Cruise Ship (Alaska, USA) – 11-Aug-2017


Nobody in the crew saw any whales. They felt no collision. The (juvenile) whale was found on the bow of the ship as it entered port. How did it get there?


Endangered species goes missing:

Sunny the Red Panda went missing from the Virginia Zoo in January (USA) – 09-Aug-2017



Suspicious : marine mammal death (endangered species)

Dead whale shark washes ashore in Tamil Nadu (India) – 08-Aug-2017


MADURAI: A dead whale shark weighing nearly 3.5 tonne washed ashore on Pamban South Beach in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday.

According to wildlife officials, the whale shark is a protected species under schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act. It is also an endangered species under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).



Suspicious: marine mammal death (endangered species)

Minke whale found beached in Charlevoix (Quebec, Canada) – 08-Aug-2017


North Atlantic right whales are critically endangered and there are only about 500 left in the world. The recent deaths of 10 right whales off Canada have alarmed experts. Another right whale died in Cape Cod Bay in April.


Suspicious: marine mammal death (endangered species)

Another Right whale found beached (Cape Cod, USA) – 08-Aug-2017


“It’s really decomposing,” he said. “It’s a tail and about two-thirds of a body.”

One of the pectoral fins was down to the skeleton, and there is nothing left of the head, he said.


Police search for poachers after 4 lions killed, mutilated (Limpopo, South Africa) – 14-Aug-2017


Police have not ruled out a syndicate that may be trading in lion body parts because the cats’ heads and paws were removed and one’s chest cut out.


Lions poisoned, mutilated at Vaalwater park (Limpopo, South Africa) – 11-Aug-2017


This keeps on happening in Limpopo and the police continue to look for those elusive poachers, hunting down the booty for the magical muti (drinking animal blood to give them strength)


Decapitated livestock found along Lake Ontario in Pickering (Canada) – 08-Aug-2017



Decapitated woman in the river La Vieja, in Cartago (Colombia) – 11-Aug-2017


The victim suffered severe second and third degree burns on the face and arms. The woman floating in the river was headless, of white skin and without hands



A strange creature sticks its head out in an Australian river (Queensland, Australia) 11-Aug-2017


a tourist took a video of a monster that appeared in an Australian river but is it a monster? It might be a USO an Unidentified Submersible Object? Have a look at the short video and make your own mind up!



People are now disappearing in pairs:

Rotorua uncle and nephew now missing for over a week (New Zealand) – 15-Aug-2017



Dismembered and headless man found (Tartagal, Argentina) – 16-Aug-2017


The place where the body was found is full of weeds and large shrubs that reach over two meters in height.

“The body has part of the hip and both legs, but it has no head and arms. It is in an advanced state of decomposition”

Great shock had also caused in the province the finding of another body, in this case of a woman, in an advanced state of decomposition, in the courtyard of the neuropsychiatric hospital


A humpback whale appeared on the beaches of San Antonio Bay. The causes of its death will be investigated. (San Antonio de Areco, Argentina) – 14-Aug-2017




What can I say?

These mutilations are happening each and every day

Ah, the games that aliens play

While governments and  police look the other way!




Anomalous event of the week:

Garbage dump blast kills buffalo (Hyderabad, India) – 15-Aug-2017


“the buffalo was suspected to have eaten a crude explosive”

The animal ate explosives lying on the ground that detonated and blew its head off. Does that seem likely? Maybe it tried to eat a Land Mine?!




A little birdie came and tweeted in my ear

It said don’t be worried now and have no fear

These mutilations are not local or very near

So why fret, cry or shed a tear?

It’s someone else’s problem

Do you hear?


Loads of bodies floating all over the place

Some are headless or without a face

Humanity is failing and losing the race

Better realize that aliens from outer space

Are the culprits, the predators, the ones

The police can’t trace


Enjoy today’s grisly tales



Segment reserved for shark and whale enthusiasts

In the June post « Bingo » I wrote about the killing of sharks in South Africa. Here’s some follow-up information that begs for the truth to come out. Who killed the Sharks?

4 Dead, Liverless Sharks Wash Ashore in Weird Whodunit


Scientists know that both orcas and great whites live off the western coast of South Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Although Nosal wasn’t aware of orca-on-shark attacks in that area, he had heard of instances in which orcas have hunted the sharks in other locations, such as off the coast of southern Australia and near the Farallon Islands, a wildlife refuge off the coast of San Francisco, he said.

In addition, orcas are known to hunt and eat the livers of the broadnose sevengill shark (Notorynchus cepedianus) off the coast of California, said Chris Lowe, director of The Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach, who wasn’t involved with the South African analyses.

Not much is known about orca predation on great white sharks, Nosal said. But any marine biologist can tell you that other marine mammals prey on the livers and internal organs of smaller sharks, he said.





“Killer whales may have slaughtered at least four sharks in South Africa over the last couple of months, cutting out their livers as if they had the training of a surgeon. The Great White sharks have washed up after the killer whales feasted on their organs.”

 He was missing his liver, his testes and stomach,” the group said. “The carcass may be a few days old but it seems relatively fresh and bled out massively.”

If ‘bled out massively’ means no blood was found, it’s once again very similar to animal mutilations hence the current doubts on the official story..


The two (extremely-slow) Orcas pulled a fast one on the Great White shark:

Speed: Orca, 2-3 mph (normal), 30 mph in short bursts

Great White shark: 15 mph (normal)


(I still can’t get my head around this one).


The recent deaths of Great White sharks in South Africa had the creatures’ livers, testes and on one occasion, heart (and on one occasion, stomach) removed by the supposed killer, the Orca whale. The Orca’s favourite meal is the Broadnose sevengill shark (100kg) and its liver the prize catch for the Orca. Bit of a difference in size between this variety of shark and the Great White (upto 1’000kg) who we are informed had its own liver devoured by the Orcas.


Endangered species all over the planet are being preyed upon by an unseen predator and these past couple of years, creatures of the deep have been targeted: seals, sea lions, porpoises, dolphins, manatees, whales, etc. Very few cases of sharks. Now, a giant Orca whale is credited for killing Great White sharks in increasing numbers and eating their livers. I don’t believe a word of it


The people in South Africa concerned by these troubling deaths have created an infographic that gives a timeline of events. In summary, the Great Whites were killed by Orcas that consumed their livers. The first Great White was killed one day after the Orcas were seen. The sightings were in sync with the deaths of the Great Whites. Very compelling argument.


I personally favour that the whales were not the predators. The first link gives you the background story (livescience), the second, information on the broadnose sevengill shark and the third, information on the Orca and the Great White.


Please take the time to look at the Orca & Great White Shark Phenomenon in Gansbaai (South Africa) – Infographic




Let’s play:

  • huge spaceship measuring one mile long with a lifting-potential way beyond anything found on Earth
  • operates in the infra-red spectrum that humans are unable to see (without special cameras or binoculars). Operates at night.
  • has a mission : find all the mammals on the planet (and mess with them)
  • decides to go after the large sharks and picks the Great White
  • South Africa has decapitated lions and crocodiles already so no surprise the predator is around
  • One ton of shark is beamed into the overhead spaceship
  • its liver and genitalia are surgically removed using hi-tech equipment; the carcass is dropped back into the ocean (its point of origin).
  • A couple of Orcas are in the vicinity (50’000 in the world)
  • Great White shark-blood (or what’s left of it after the mutilations) is scented by the whales. They investigate
  • The dead or seriously-wounded Great White is easy meat
  • The shark carcass ends up on a beach


Without taking into consideration the above possibility it’s easy for the marine biologists to blame the Orca, this new arrival, for the Great White deaths.

What if I’m right?




Dead great white shark washes up north of Streaky Bay (Adelaide, Australia) – 19-July-2017


“Social media photos showed one juvenile shark had washed up at Yannerbie, and was missing its jaw when photographed.”


Great White Shark touch


More anomalous events for the first week of August 2017:


Last Monday, a woman found the woman’s body in a hole almost completely covered by sand and quickly alerted emergency services. The deceased was identified as Ashley O’Connor, a 30-year-old from the Texan city of Plano (USA) – 02-Aug-2017


She fell into a deep hole on the beach. How uncommon is that?!


Right whales are being found dead in large quantities. Why is that?

It looks like the wrong people are messing with the right whales.



Animal mutilations in the alternative news (Sputnik – 01-Aug-2017)



More attacks on sheep (Larzac, south-west France) – 26-July-2017


“Two sheep were consumed alive from behind. Two different marks of fangs, one smaller than the other, were found.”

Somebody saw a wolf…



The wolf attacked in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (French-Alps) – 29-July-2017


Wolves are everywhere (even at the top of mountains !)


In the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, their herd of 1,500 sheep, in alpine pasture Villard-Reculas, was attacked by wolves.

“The animals were in the park. The wolves broke through the fence, “says Marie, adding” we lost five sheep and 18 others were injured. “



Decapitated man found (Manaus, Brasil) – 30-July-2017


From what I could make out, the body had puncture wounds (and no head!)



Suspicious animal death (endangered species)

Bison death at High Park Zoo leads to temporary closure, investigation (Toronto, Canada) – 16-July-2017



Suspicious animal death (endangered species)

Dead ocelot found in petenera jungle (Guatemala) – 31-July-2017



“He lamented the deah of the wild animal, since these species are at the red dot of the extinction list and it is difficult to observe them in their habitat. It is estimated that the ocelot was between 5 and 10 years old.” “He added that because the area of ​​the Mirador is very extensive, there are points where it does not rain, so that the lack of liquid could have caused the death of the cat.”

That’s another feeble excuse. The ocelot is not the only animal species in the jungle!



August Mysteries:


Body of missing 7-year old found in large, deep pool of water (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA) – 3-Aug-2017


The body of a child missing since heavy rain fell the early afternoon of Tuesday was found this morning in a ditch in southwest Shreveport about two miles from where he was last seen alive, the Caddo coroner has confirmed.



Body found in South Yorkshire street (Barnsley, UK) – 3-Aug-2017




Sheep, Men, Women, a Cow


Over 50 sheep go missing in Tyrone (Ireland) – 02-Aug-2017




Police believe body found in central Fresno canal is missing woman, Lucy Xiong (USA) – 05-Aug-2017




Headless corpse found floating in Osaka harbor (Japan) – 05-Aug-2017



“Detectives say that there are gashes near the neck that could have been caused by a ship’s propeller blades, and one theory is that the man was sucked in by a passing boat and decapitated.”



Detectives launch murder investigation after man’s body found in East Harling woodland (Norfolk, England) – 07-Aug-2017


There’s a great picture of a car (that looks like a shark).



Woman’s body found in far north Queensland (Australia) – 07-Aug-2017




Body found near Slave Lake may be missing 21-year-old woman, say RCMP (Edmonton, Canada) – 06-Aug-2017



Another stunning picture of a police car (but not the victim!) with the motto “maintiens le droit” or “upholding the law”. Tough call this time.



Major police investigation launched after body found in garden (Plymouth, England) – 06-Aug-2017



Police cars, an ambulance and a small bush in this revealing crime-scene photograph.



Cow shot, mutilated in Crawford County (Missouri, USA) –



“Some skeptics from out of town noted the lack of blood nearby.”

I wonder what calliber bullet was found inside the cow?



Police find decapitated body in Durban (South Africa) – 05-Aug-2017


The police have arrested a 24-year old man who had a human head in his bag.


(alpine anomalous) Someone found the head and bagged it.



Sweet Dreams, everyone!




More mutilations. More and more mutilations. Animal mutilations. Human mutilations. Why is there still no, let’s say, apparent interest by our governments and law enforcement in general? Why do the armed forces stay silent on this matter?

What do they all gain from “looking the other way”? If discussing suspected ufo-related cases (like animal mutilations) is under some archaïc secrecy act, perhaps review of same is called for?!


Mutilations are no laughing matter


A man was arrested in Jakarta, Indonesia for making a “mutilation” joke.


The man risks 4 years jail and/or a fine of $56’000.

“Even though he was joking, it could cause unrest if the reader is not critical enough in reading the post.”


(alpine anomalous) so human mutilation in Indonesia is a taboo subject? A man is killed and chopped up into a dozen pieces. Somebody makes a joke about the killing and is reprimanded for spreading fear and unrest. Indonesia sounds like Comedy Central.

There’s absolutely zero news from Indonesia about animal mutilations.


More real Foul Play (by the look of it):

Two months between the deaths of two rock stars, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Both found hanged in a similar manner (?). Both knew each other and were close friends. Chester Bennington sang at Cornell’s funeral. How coincidental is that? I suspect (like with Cornell) more real foul play than what is written about in this news article:


Friends and family of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington are in absolute ‘shock’ over the rock star’s apparent suicide as it’s revealed they believed he ‘was in a good place in his life’.

Law enforcement officials say Bennington hanged himself from a door, in a similar manner to friend Chris Cornell, in his bedroom and he was home alone at the time, according to TMZ. He was found upstairs by his housekeeper.

After news of his shock death emerged, friends said that while they never suspected he’d kill himself, Bennington was ‘never the same’ after the death of his close friend Chris Cornell.

A comment on YouTube I picked up: “He also killed himself on Chris Cornell’s birthday who’s wife is adamant he did not kill himself. »


This story also reeks of foul play:


Who’s killing rock stars and doctors and making their deaths appear to be suicides? Will holistic doctors soon be on the Endangered Species list? Like with animal mutilations, there’s an unseen predator lurking …

Back to our side of the fence:

A bear causes the death of 209 sheep (Une attaque d’ours provoque la mort de 209 brebis dans le Couserans (south-west France) – 21-July-2017


A bear is blamed for driving sheep over a cliff. Now why would a bear do that?

“They were able “to directly impute this stall to a bear attack because a predated corpse was found upstream of the fall zone”. The expertises on the latter made it possible to make the link between the death of the beast and the scaring of the herd.” Once again, because one dead sheep (proven to be killed by a bear) was found close by, this same animal is automatically the one who scared a whole flock into running off a cliff?! Give me a break!

The sheep were grazing on the French side of the border but were run off a cliff on the Spanish side. All this happened at night with no witnesses. (French Pyrenees)


(alpine anomalous) in most (presumed) alien abduction and mutilation of animals, the beasts are taken to an overhead ship, experimented on then returned to their place of origin. Sometimes, the “pilots” miss the drop-zone.


Newborn lamb killed (Queensland, Australia) – 24-July-2017


“Police and the RSPACA were notified of the dead two-day-old lamb on Friday morning when the owner told authorities they believed the wound was too clean for a wild animal to have caused it.” The latest craze with our predator friends (i.e. nasty space aliens) is to decapitate small babies. Human cases have already surfaced in Argentina and India and here we have a baby sheep. Keep your babies safe!


Newborn girl’s body found in Halasuru lake (Bengaluru, India) – 30-July-2017   http://www.deccanherald.com/content/625429/newborn-girls-body-found-halasuru.html


Decapitated bodies of young boy and girl found (Karachi, Pakistan) – 21-July-2017 https://pakobserver.net/decapitated-bodies-young-boy-girl-found-house/

Of course, it’s an Honour Killing. The parents will be tried for murder. However: “Meanwhile, another decapitated body, that of a man identified as Nasir, was also found today from near Qalandria Chowk in the same North Nazimabad where the two decapitated bodies were found earlier today. Calling it an apparent case of suicide police said that Nasir was mentally imbalance and he had also tried to commit suicide previously.” Here were have suicidal tendencies : he bit his own head off!


Who or what is calling the shots?

Bodies are found daily in various spots

Isn’t it about time someone connected the dots?



The body of a 2-year old girl who disappeared Monday found in a river (South-West France) – 25-July-2017



Body of missing teen found in lake (Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA) – 25-July-2017



Man’s body found after suspected drowning in Camrose pond (Alberta, Canada) – 23-July-2017



Body found in lake on golf course in Indian River County (Florida, USA) – 24-July-2017



Missing 2-year-old’s body found at the bottom of pool (Alabama, USA) – 24-July-2017



A body has been recovered from the River Nith in Dumfries (Scotland) – 25-July-2017



Body found in search for man who vanished after going out to get a takeaway (Manchester, England) – 25-July-2017




(alpine anomalous) not all who were found floating in rivers, etc. were victims of predators. A few may have fallen in, a few may have intentionally fallen in, a few drowned accidentally although it would seem that the majority were abducted and returned to their point of origin by an unseen predator.


Body found mutilated near dump in Eunápolis (Bahia, Brasil) – 20-July-2017


The body of a man as yet unidentified was found mutilated on a dirt road near a garbage dump north of Eunapolis on Wednesday night. The man was without his eyes and without his tongue, according to the police. ..the victim was possibly killed with gunshot wounds.



A 3-year old girl who disappeared last night (while dining with her parents) has been found dead (Malaga, southern Spain) – 27-July-2017


Lucía Vivar, the 3-year-old girl who disappeared last night in the town of Pizarra, has been found dead about 7 kilometers from where she disappeared. After reporting her disappearance at 23.30 p.m., the Civil Guard, Local Police of Pizarra and Cártama, Civil Protection, volunteer firefighters and more than three hundred volunteers from the town who started their search went to the area.


Man’s body found in Corona’s Border Lake; investigation underway (California, USA) – 26-July-2017



Endangered Species attack:

30 mutilated bodies of ‘vulnerable’ turtle species found floating in Yamuna (river in India) – 27-July-2017




UK Cat Killer victims ‘nearing 300’ after deer’s head found in Warlingham


The plot thickens: the Croydon Cat Killer has been promoted to the UK Animal Killer!


(alpine anomalous) although good questions are being asked in the article, without taking the ufo eventuality into consideration, they will be going around in circles … forever!



Mystery surrounds cat attack in Cary – animal or human? (North Carolina, USA) – 25-July-2017



In this case, an animal is seen responsible for the attacks. It has to be an animal. What else could it be? If indeed an animal, there will be no further police investigation. Case closed.

“And forensic vets say this is an opportunity to remind anyone who finds an animal carcass that appears to be mutilated to notify authorities so that the body can be examined closely.

If determined to be human abuse, a criminal investigation will be warranted.”



Fort Saskatchewan RCMP investigate after city employee finds mutilated cat remains (Alberta, Canada) – 26-July-2017


Const. Suzanne Ahlstrom, with Fort Saskatchewan RCMP, said whoever committed the offence could face charges for causing pain and suffering to an animal.

Alhstrom said investigators went to the scene and believe a human was responsible.

“From the condition of the remains, it was obvious to them it was not caused by an animal attack,” she said.


Woman’s body found in Booneville woods, foul play suspected (Mississippi, USA) – 28-July-2017


“It appears the cause of death is going to be blunt force trauma to the head and puncture wounds,” Ramey said.









Everything you always wanted to know about Animal Mutilations (not for the squeamish!)


Listen to the interview (35 min.) between Linda Moulton-Howe, a science investigator (earthfiles.com), and a farmer in Kentucky (USA) whose goats were mutilated, followed by info on sheep mutilations in England:


Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland: Extreme Strangeness – Animal Mutilations Strike Again 1-18-2013


In the clip, we hear that

  •  cowboys saw two creatures float up in the sky over a corral fence in Colorado (USA);
  •  one farmer (Mr. Sherman from Utah) had a first-hand encounter with two humanoid beings, one short and one tall, present in a cloaked hovering craft. They could sense his frustration and telepathically said to each other : “no point in trying to tell him what we’re doing because he would never understand it.”  From what I can comprehend, telepathy is mind-to-mind communication of thought. If Mr. Sherman also had telepathic abilities and “heard” what the humanoids were thinking, it seems strange that their “thought language” happened to be in English (or is a universal translator somewhere in the picture?). I don’t really understand all the intricacies of telepathy. Mr. Sherman was in my opinion “taken” i.e. abducted by the aliens and given a convenient message to relay to other inquisitive minds although the telepathic angle can’t be discounted.


Could these mutilations be done by a joint force : humanoid and reptilian? Could the beings seen in Mexico that could jump 10 meters (see last post, Bingo) be the same as those seen floating in Colorado? and what about the ‘reptilian’ claw marks found on a Vancouver beach (see Seal of Approval pic)? If so, perhaps they are scouts that prepare the animals for transport to the overhead “ship” (where the surgical team takes over)? Is there only one ship or a whole fleet? We can’t see them; we can only guess.


Law Enforcement either have a) no idea who the predators are, or b) are told not to travel the UFO line of enquiry. Given the amount of fake news being circulated, I’d opt for a government cover-up: nobody must know that UFOs exist until we are told officially. I wonder what our governments have in store for us?


So ask yourself who benefits from doing nothing about animal (and now human) mutilations? Is there someone or something governing planet Earth who we are not privy to know about? Who is this “secret government”?



Recent Anomalous Events from around the world:


Earths Sixth Mass Extinction Event Already Underway – 10-July-2017



This article in the major UK newspaper The Guardian never once mentions animal mutilations but can scientifically-prove that

” Wildlife is dying out due to habitat destruction, overhunting, toxic pollution, invasion by alien species and climate change. ”

What a strange thing to write: “invasion by alien species”. Are these invaders from Outer Space or are they (just) from foreign parts? Ambuigity at its finest!


No foul play, referring to bodies found floating in rivers (standard response from law enforcement in the USA)

This is real foul play:

(gleaned from various sources)


“A Detroit Police Scanner logger on Youtube picked up the call from a ‘First Responder’ who mentioned: “possible strangulation” and “trauma to the back of the head. He didn’t even know he had it until someone pointed it out. So, this call along with the autopsy report which mentions 9 broken ribs and stomach and lung injuries – makes it all seem inconsistent with suicide; more like foul play.”


(alpine anomalous) somebody done this person (Soundgarden’s* Chris Cornell) in and made it look like a suicide. You don’t break ribs hanging from a thin waist band. “Cornell was on the floor with a band around his neck.” Did he really hang or was he strangled?   [*Soundgarden is a major US rock group]


A lousy piece of detective work, and these are the same detectives working on animal mutilations. Fat chance they’ll ever find that missing head!


Others are doubting the official story:




Back to our side of the fence

Another two-weeks worth of animal non-sense

That’s happening everywhere

Here and there



A few pics (that can be zoomed in) on the sheep mutilations in northern Ireland mentioned in the last post.




Floaters of the Week


Farmer’s body found floating in river (Fiji) – 14-July-2017



Carcass of tigress found in Pilibhit reserve (Uttar Pradesh, India) – 13-July-2017



Body found floating in Skykomish, downstream from where Texas woman disappeared (Washington State, USA) – 11-July-2017



Woman’s body found floating in Mithi river (Mumbai, India) – 18-July-2017



Officials offer warning after bodies found in Kern canals (Bakersfield, Ca. /USA) –15-July-2017





Missing Utah hiker found dead, may have fallen off cliff (USA) – 12-July-2017


“The missing person is described as 6’2” and 300 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.”


Body of missing Joburg architect found in Zoo Lake (Johannisburg, South Africa) – 12-July-2017



They find a dead Manatee in the Port of Yabucoa (Puerto Rico, USA) – 11-July-2017



(translated in part from the Spanish original) “The necropsy performed by the DRNA biologists concluded that the manatee was in a state of decomposition, so we can conclude that he had not eaten for some time or he was probably sick”

Through a press release, the licensee Vázquez Rivera explained that the animal, about 9 feet long, had no marks of having been impacted by any boat or propeller, so that theory was discarded.


Another endangered species!

Manatees are species that are in danger of extinction in Puerto Rico, so they are protected by federal and state status. They are found around the whole island and its population is estimated at 300 to 600.



Why are dead sheep washing up on Egypt’s shores? – 12-July-2017


I wonder how many sheep (as the article fails to mention the number)?



A nine-year old boy has been found dead and mutilated (South Africa) – 13-July-2017


The boy was found in such a horrific state that his right side of the face was severely bruised to the extent his skin had completely moved. His left eye and upper left lip were found missing.



Shark found in Liberty County lake appears to be dumped, says game warden (Texas, USA) – 13-July-2017


“The lake is approximately 100 yards from the closest connection to the river and the Trinity would have to be at flood stage for the land connection to be covered by water. It hasn’t flooded like that recently,” he said. “The conditions this time simply were not right for this shark to have made its way into the lake.”


2 men, a woman found poisoned in Tarn Taran village (Punjab, India) – 15-July-2017


(alpine anomalous) this reminds me of cats being found poisoned in the UK.



Cow found mutilated in field (Argentina) – 14-July-2017 (explicit video footage):


The appearance in a Neuquen field of a cow mutilated without traces of blood and with very particular wounds generated much uncertainty among the neighbors of Añelo, and among its theories it was foreseeable that the famous story of the “Chupacabras” appeared.





Bingo : Alternative methods of play try to increase participation by creating excitement (Wikipedia). Sheep are in the lead and humans are not too far behind. Not a game for the faint of heart!



This month in England and the USA

Bodies of missing persons are found in rivers every day

“No foul play”

What else can authorities say?


There has been a drop-off in animal crimes

And it’s humans now; a sign of the times

Headless people, what a subject for a rhyme

Not-nice happenings for people in their prime


An Orca supposedly ate a Great White

Removed its liver and took its privates

(out of spite?)

Done with surgical precision

Said the veterinarian on site

The shark was thirteen feet long

It must have been in a major fight!


Check out the video linked below

About a farmer down in New Mexico

Whose farm was “visited”

By our invisible friend, or should I say “foe”?


Edmund Gomez: The Cattle Mutilation Enigma (2011)




After the cull, he checked the ground

And found aircraft chaff all around

Surely not from a cloaking craft

With unseen predators? Don’t be daft!


Close to a military installation

His land went far and wide

He even found an air vent

That someone was trying to hide


It was fairly square; not at all, round

Who could possibly be living underground?!

In the middle of nowhere

Not a building; not a sound!


He guessed people from our side

Were deeply involved

And eventually collaborating with species untold


This was way back in seventy-six

These “humans” are still up to their tricks

They are sleaker, more professional

Blaming aliens is an easy fix!


That’s just part of the story

Other unseen predators are also into the gory

Those who mutilate our “endangered species”


Robots in all their glory?!


This month, untold horror in every corner

The amount of dead bodies in rivers, and hardly a mourner!

If a person dies, “just like that” and is found in water

Who is murdering our populations; sending them to the slaughter?


Standard question

Sorry to have been loud

Check out the following links

Fascinating information

For an inquisitive crowd

This animal mutilation business stinks

Poachers are blamed; the Chinese medicine market;


Not too convincing, methinks!

Time for better statistics with far fewer kinks:





The Mexicans are looking for answers to mutilations



Mutilación: El caso perfecto (Mutilation: the perfect case) – 24-December-2016


<translated in part from the Spanish original):

They also removed the auditory pavilion, part of the tongue, an eye, as well as the reproductive system and the anus, which were extracted using advanced technology, which – according to researchers – would be cuts apparently performed with a “Laser scalpel” that is able to cut, burn, coagulate or destroy a fabric with precision, cleanliness and speed. … the presence of mysterious lights of different colors flying over the area. The cuatreros thought that things had already ended when they found the bodies of the mutilated animals, when one of them came face to face with two beings, one small and the other higher, the fright, fired their rifles without knowing if any of them Impacted on this entities.


The witnesses described that ‘these two beings had scales on their backs and their faces were gray and very ugly.’


Government officials who came to the area the next day found traces that were every 10 meters, as if this creature had jumped at that distance.

An important fact that exposes the transcendence that the three levels of government, scientists, as well as UFO researchers, must unite to reach conclusions in the smallest of times and give answers to dozens of farmers.


(alpine anomalous) Everyone needs to work together. This is a planetary problem.


The September 2016 post, Seal of Approval covered a seal mutilation in British Columbia, Canada. There, claw-like prints were found in the sand around the carcass. Could these be from the same creature seen in Mexico? (i.e. reptilian-like)?



Recent anomalous events around the world:



Mutilated body found in open veld (Johannisburg, South Africa) – 28-June-2017-06-29


“The victim appears to have been killed for muthi*, as his armpits, genitals, ears and right hand were completely severed and were missing.”

*muthi = muti

(Complementary Medicine) informal South African medicine, esp herbal medicine

[from Zulu umuthi tree, medicine]


(alpine anomalous) The good parts go in the soup!



Wallaby found decapitated at Chermside West (Brisbane, Western Australia) – 28-June-2017


“To harm one considering their defencelessness is disgraceful, to mutilate one is almost subhuman. Whoever did this is sick.”


Decomposed, headless body recovered from Polo Hills, Shillong (northeast India) – 25-June-2017



Body found floating in Lake Michigan (USA) – 4-July-2017



Body found at Cape Solander Lookout in Kurnell (Sydney, Australia) – 3-July-2017



Body found in hunt for boy, 5, who disappeared after Disney trip (Los Angeles, USA) – 01-July-2017



(alpine anomalous) The father is not guilty (in my opinion) as too reminiscent of a 411 missing-person case (see David Paulides)

“Prosecutors believe Andressian killed the boy after an outing to the theme park, possibly out of bitterness over a pending divorce.” “The same area had been searched several times previously.”



‘Serial Killer Whales’ Suspected After 4th Massive Shark Found Without Liver, Testes (South Africa) – 27-6-17



What will they think of next?! (i.e. whales with surgical implements)


“Killer whales may have slaughtered at least four sharks in South Africa over the last couple of months, cutting out their livers as if they had the training of a surgeon. The Great White sharks have washed up after the killer whales feasted on their organs.”

“The latest victim was about 13.5 feet long, local shark cage diving company Marine Dynamics reported in a post on Facebook.”


Sheep mutilated in ‘brutal’ incident in Co Down field (Ireland) – 6-July-2017



Sick sheep attacker strikes again as more animals mutilated and killed (Ireland) – 8-July-2017



Death of sheep creates panic in Ganjam region (Odisha, India) – 10-July-2017



“The other sheep had injury marks on their necks, which was suspected to be caused by sharp claws and teeth.”


Pregnant sheep found slaughtered and mutilated on golf course (New Zealand) – 10-July-2017



3 Lions poisoned and decapitated on Limpopo farm (South Africa) – 4-July-2017



3 Bodies Found and Recovered in Olympic National Park (Washington State, USA) – 5-July-2017



Poachers kill six rhinos in one night at South African game reserve – 5-July-2017



Teen found dead, Limpopo police investigate ‘ritual murder’ (South Africa) – 7-July-2017



Body with no head or limbs found on roadside in Kozhikode .(Southen India) – 6-July-2017



The headless corpse of a teenager was found floating on the Guaire River (Venezuela) – 2-July-2017








If any reader would like to help in my quest to understand animal (and now human) mutilations, please feel free to leave a message in the comments. This is such an important part of Earth’s present, not giving it a second thought for many would be a sign of deeply-programmed individuals caring foremost about themselves (and seeing stories of this nature as fast-food wacky journalism). The Authorities have been exhibiting this character trait since forever and have to date not taken any action. Wouldn’t you like to find out what happened to your missing cat; why your goats’ ears have been sliced off; why someone in your town was found hanging from a tree; why your school buddy was found decapitated?



Twenty years ago

The APFU came into being

Investigating cattle mutilations

That farmers were seeing:


Jaws stripped; udders removed

Impossible cuts so I’ve heard

The Animal Pathology Field Unit

Wanted to spread the word


Contacting police and news outlets from the area

They were totally ignored;

There was no hysteria

Prevention of cruelty to animals

Was less important than let’s say

A case of malaria


The mutilations continued

Twenty, thirty, fifty years of denial

Nobody was caught

Nobody stood trial


Not just in England but around the world

News of this sort did not unfurl

To a wider set of caring folk

Believe me, this is not a joke!


So what can I do says the woman in the street?

Times have changed, why not make a tweet?

Tell as many people as you can

Make them aware

This is not a scam!


I have not been slacking

I wrote to foreign lands

And asked them to get cracking

One was Argentina

Just look at the articles in the news


Serious investigators need to share their views

If tomorrow’s headlines

Are to report the Real News

On cattle mutilations

And how to get some clues!


“This is the end, my beautiful friend”

That was Jim, a poet of kind

Nobody gets out alive

when the doors of perception

open wide!


Why is this not viral?

Oh yeah, it’s the silly stuff

The clownish acts

That people love so much

They’re funny, drole

Make you smile

Cattle mutilations

Are really not in style!



Irish &amp; Wigan Talk's Animal Mutilations 004



Amateurs of this crude digest

Tell your friends about this horror fest

Look at the image below; it’s one of the best

And this is not a test, not a test


Read this stuff

It’s not too tough

Twenty-seven posts are really quite enough

Animal deaths and other stuff


More rage, more rage, more rages!

If we want to end this business of ages!





Recent anomalous events:


Mutilated dog found dumped in bag in Devon UK – 15-June-2017



Farmer finds one of his cows mutilated and tongue cut out (Charmy Down, Somerset UK) – 15-June-2017



Parts of the animal’s face and the tongue had been removed with a ‘significant degree of precision’, police say.


Decapitated rabbit found on car roof in Darlington (Co. Durham, UK) – 19-June-2017



A DECAPITATED rabbit has been found on a car roof in Darlington, its head impaled on the aerial.


Young housewife found hanging from tree (Reasi, Jammu/Kashmir, India) – 17-June-2017



Neighbors furious after 2 headless goats left on sidewalk (Jacksonville, Florida USA) – 18-June-2017



15-June-2017 (Sierra grande, Argentina) Bovine found mutilated.


“Local journalist Jorge García was at the scene and described what he saw as “the animal lacked the tongue, had perfect scalpel cuts around the eye and also cauterized.” He added that at first glance there was extraction of the genital parts and the entire outline of the anus, as well as clean cuts in the ear. “

“This week a dead cow with mysterious mutilations appeared in the southeast rionegrino.”



27-April-2017 (Cordoba, Argentina) Horse mutilated.


“Again, the appearance of this mutilated animal surprised the population of southern Cordoba. It happened in the area of ​​San Bartolomé, near Alpa Corral, in a field where other similar cases had been registered for years.”






A dead Condor in Balcozna (Argentina) – 20-June-2017


The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is one of the largest flying birds on the planet.



In a past life, I may have been a gladiator

However in today’s world, I’m more of a janitor

Keeping things pristine

For those in another space and time

Where do you stand?



26-June 2017 (Kenya, East Africa) – 5 mutilated bodies found



“They expressed their disappointment over the laxity of security officers saying crime has escalated during this campaign period.


(alpine anomalous) How many more lame excuses before authorities admit defeat?



27-June-2017 (Brooklyn, New York, USA) – Body found floating in water off Red Hook

The American censored version:


“When officers arrived at 11:20 a.m., they discovered a female in the water. They transported her to Pier 44, where she was pronounced dead, police said.”


(alpine anomalous) If we are to believe the English version of this story, the woman was found headless. I think she really was dead when they pulled her from the water.


The English uncensored version:



(alpine anomalous) as reported in previous blog posts, plastic bags have been found worldwide containing animal body parts (to my knowledge: USA, Canada and India but probably many more). This woman was “butchered” according to the reporter.


This is analogous to animal mutilations in general when the mutilated corpses suddenly appeared where they were orginally abducted from. Stuffing bags with body parts is new. It even points in some degree to human predators, possibly a group with military ties who are trying to put us eager bloodhounds off the scent of nasty aliens. There’s a lot of chat these days about aliens being our friends. Not the mutilating kind, that’s for sure!


There’s more coming up. Stay tuned!



Meta Morph



A meta morph

While reporting is fun

Nothing is getting the job done

The word is staying in

I’ll pry open some of my verse

It may be terse

It’s all that I have left





I just had an epiphany on the living-room carpet

Someone in Ohio was in the same human-disappearances market!

He tracks the missing from national parks in the usa and other parts

He’s just as stumped as I

I wonder why?`


A neat interview from our man Tyler

The secureteam-ten youtube ufo compiler

With Dave Paulides, a disappearance sleuth

Local news gets the big-time

That’s the truth!


It could be that parks are a natural feeding ground

For hungry aliens living underground

Maybe youth is taken to a base on the Moon?

The invisible predator won’t be telling us any time soon

It’s way too hot and it’s only June!


I can’t get a handle on what’s really going down

People are disappearing all over town

Many are messed with and end up dead

But many never come back so it is said


If it’s the same predator over and over again

Who has mutilated animals; mutilated men

Trying to do something for reasons beyond our ken

Shouldn’t this make us worried?

But we’ve all got enough on our plates

With our domestic squabbles and domestic fates


If we are to take the ufo as a feasible foe

Something not recognized by our military

Only for people with the right to know

Why are answers not forthcoming?

Is the ufo just for show?



The predator is operating world-wide

It can’t be seen, it can’t be heard

The predator is lurking on the other side

A “stealth” invasion might be the word?!





A short digest on recent anomalous events:


More animal remains dumped. This time in Co. Durham (NE England) – 12-June-2017


Killed and mutilated deer discovered in Weardale


(alpine anomalous) in the past 3-4 weeks, animal remains have been found dumped in both India and the USA. Now, England. Is there a UFO connection or is it just plain old flying vehicles manned by creeps?



Police investigate body found in tree (Roswell, New Mexico/USA) – 9-June-2017



According to deputies, the body was 15 feet above the ground on a farm near Roswell.

Roswell police say they believe the body is 30-year-old Sergio Alexander Salas, who was reported missing May 25th.


BP agents find body hanging from tree on Tohono O’odham land (Santa Cruz AZ, USA) – 8-June-2015

(Tohono O’odham are a Native American people of the Sonoran Desert, residing primarily in the U.S. state of Arizona and the Mexican …)



Another 22 year-old has been found dead:

Body found hanging from tree, JPD says it was suicide (Jackson, Mississippi – USA) – 29-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) the man was found hanging from a magnolia tree. He was 22, a common age for dead adolescent males these days. I wonder how the predator ascertains the age of its victims?


Woman mutilated in alleged ritual murder (Limpopo, South Africa) – 10-June-2017 https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/news/woman-mutilated-alleged-ritual-murder/


Mutilated Bunnies (Lincoln Square, Chicago, USA) – 16-June-2017


LINCOLN SQUARE — Conservation police with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are investigating multiple reports of mutilated wild rabbits in Lincoln Square.

The bunnies’ ears have been pierced and left with dangling objects, including key fobs and what one person said appeared to be an old CTA pass.

(alpine anomalous) what if the predator had previously abducted humans wearing body jewellery (earrings, etc.) and had assumed said trinkets to be (an integral) part of the person? Any attempt to re-create “life” may take these factors into consideration.