More of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same – more of the same animal mutilations coming our way.


The goat-herder told me of his recent trip to the police station to inquire about the investigation into his goat mutilations. “What investigation?” replied the officer. It would seem that everything is already forgotten; there are no leads to follow.

The goat-herder continues to believe a Man is responible.and I continue to say that it’s not a man … but a Flying Van!


What else would take the Head off a local SCULPTURE?! (South Australia) – 19-Oct-2017


Los Eeel Monster


(alpine anomalous) a few months back, statues in Japan and Taiwan were also found decapitated.





I realized today

Mickey Mouse

Was a false-flag cartoon

A creature on display


Come what may


Getting right to the point

A new avatar is here on this day

Praying Mantis

Predator Monster

Pokymon is here to stay


It’s hard to believe the Las Vegas schtick

Was seen to be real

It did the trick

We’re more afraid than you can possibly think


All those cameras

Yet hardly a pic

Invisible killers

Take your pick


We need a new toon

Mickey Man will do

He’ll step up to the plate

For me and for you


Rolling animal heads

From the local zoo

Will litter our lawns

Future Disney

Alien goo


Shoo fly Aliens

Shoo fly

Move along now

The drill is about due!








(blame it on the dogs!)

Warning to owners as killer dogs mutilate sheep at River (West Sussex, U.K.) – 13-Oct-2017

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us before but it appears two dogs launched a frenzied attack on our sheep. I made the grisly discovery the next day. It was horrendous. They were completely mutilated, one had been decapitated.”




Another whale that seemingly collided with the bow of a ship. The same pattern as the others (see October post, “Head”):

Strait of Juan de Fuca (Canada/USA) -16-May-2017

“There was a significant amount of hemorrhage along the mid-back, which was determined to be the point of impact of the ship clearly while the whale was still alive,” according to the Cascadia Research Collective, which did the necropsy.

Officials performed the necropsy Saturday, a day after the 52-foot-long endangered whale was found dead and a cargo ship captain reported the bow of his ship might be to blame.


(alpine anomalous) contrary to the other three cases, this whale must have been too wide to fit over the bow (of the ship).




Girl’s body found in water tank (Tirupur, India) – 12-Oct-2017

“After completing the classes, one of Pusha’s roommates searched for her at backside of the hostel building. When she tried to close the underground water tank , she found Puspha’s body was floating inside it.




Missing Cats in the Northern Territory, (Darwin, Australia) – 10-Oct-2017


‘Witchcraft’ blamed for disappearance of 7 black cats from Yorkshire villages (U.K.) – 05-Oct-2017



(alpine anomalous) not Witches but … Gremlins!







Cat’s Dismembered Body Found Scattered Around Sacramento Neighborhood (California, USA) – 14-Oct-2017

“On Tuesday, a leg was found in the bushes at Regency Circle and Chancery Way. Two days later, about four blocks away, a cat’s head and leg were discovered on the street at American River Drive and Jacob Lane.

“The eyes had been gouged out,” Israel said.



Cats are being found cut in half with organs removed in Washington (Spokane, USA) – 15-Oct-2017

Buddy was killed in a similar fashion to four others cats all found in the area since August. In each case, the cat’s bodies were cut in half with some of their organs and bones removed.

Nancy Hill, regional director at Scraps, added: “I don’t know who does this. We know historically that serial killers often abuse animals as children or as young adults.




Strange death of a horse in Muros (Spain) – 11-Oct-2017

Although the equine lacks identification, this neighbor comments: “At the moment, one of the ears lacks. Someone had to cut it off, because until today he had it.”

(translated from the Spanish)



(alpine anomalous) like with the second goat mutilation here in Switzerland, the animal was seemingly poisoned on day 1 and mutilated on day 2.



Mutilated Cow (San Juan, Argentina) – 12-Oct-2017

“…lacked the ears, the udders, the tongue, among other parts. Most striking of all, was to find a white mark on the back of the cow. No traces of blood were found, nor were any signs of how the animal died.”





Young Woman’s body found in Pennsylvania (USA) – 11-Oct-2017

Someone dumped a young woman’s body in the woods off a secluded Pennsylvania road and police hope to find her killer.

Madison Walb’s body was found dumped in the woods off of Riegal Road In Lower Heidelberg Township. How and why she was killed is a mystery and the search is on for her killer.






Body of teenage girl, 14, found in Cheshire woodland (UK) – 15-Oct-2017

“Officers attended the scene where they found the body of a 14-year-old girl. Next of kin has been informed and a post mortem will take place in due course. “The death is not being treated as suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”



Body found in River Wye identified as missing man (Hereford, UK) – 15-Oct-2017

Police are not treating the death as suspicious and a file is being prepared for the coroner



(alpine anomalous) way too many bodies are found daily in waterways (canals, rivers, lakes, ponds, water tanks, creeks, dams) all over the world. [water is where our predator likes to dump its victims].




Female body parts found in Benoni field (South Africa) – 16-Oct-2017

Officers are now investigating whether they belong to a woman who disappeared in the same area a week ago.



Lots of talk in this blog about Aliens doing atrocious things, but humans also have their share:

Church elder butchers wife, throws body parts into dust bin (Nigeria) – 18-Oct-2017

An elder at Light of the World Mission Church, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Sunday Uko had been arrested by the State Police Command for killing his wife.

The suspect killed his wife in the presence of their children, who thereafter reported to the police, for fear of being murdered by their father.






Skinned sea otter found on SLO County beach (San Simeon, California/USA) – 18-Oct-2017


Poachers kill 12 peacocks in Nagaur, forest dept launches manhunt (India) – 16-Oct-2017

As the forest department personnel did not find any feathers it is suspected that the feathers were sold to the middlemen.

The bodies of the peacocks that were poisoned to death were found on Sunday evening near the fields in village Mundra.




Horse mutilated in ‘nasty’ attack (Weston-super-Mare, UK) – 20-Oct-2017

The animal was in a stable on open land near Weston General Hospital, off Grange Road, when it was mutilated.

A police spokesman said: “Someone entered the barn, tied up and attacked the pony.


(alpine anomalous) in the above article, a horse is mutilated in a barn. Nobody knows why. There’s no photograph of the animal and a photograph of a police banner takes its place (a common practice these days when dealing with anomalous affairs), There is no information on the mutilation itself although we are told it’s a “nasty affair”. Really?! Why not give us the gory details? Do you think we will be scared?











TEST (don’t even bother)

This is a TEST


Readers of this blog have dwindled down to a handful albeit a fairly-large group of followers. Although mentioned in the WordPress Reader each time I post, EMAIL notifications do not seem to be sent on a regular basis. This was confirmed the other day by a friend in the U.S.


I hope this post gets out.

It’s a test

The elephant pic at the end

Just a sample

For you to ingest





The blog is almost over

The words have run out

I’ve written so much on a subject

That nobody cares about

Quite the waste of digital ink

One wonders what to think


What if it were your cat

That lost its head or was

Stolen outright?

Would you give up without a fight?

Or would you be searching

Each and every night

To find the culplrit;

The predator that operates out of sight?


I have no explanation

And I’m not alone

Where are all the animals

Missing from their home?


These events are happening

As we speak

People and animals are disappearing

Each and every week …




Mutilated elephant carcass horrifies tourists (Satara, Kruger National Park, South Africa) – 10-Oct-2017




“Its intestines had not been eaten, which lead us to the conclusion that it could not have been killed naturally,” he said. The couple added that the elephant’s genitals had seemingly been removed – a practice they say is usually employed by those who kill animals for muthi.

Poaching and a possible muti killing is not suspected, but a full investigation will confirm how the animal died.


(alpine anomalous) that’ll be the day when they can confirm how the animal died!




The Alpine Anomalous blog will continue as there is SO MUCH going on all the time!


It happened yet again with the goat herder here in Switzerland. After the mutilation on 18-Aug-2017, another animal was discovered butchered: the farmer went to the pasture and found the head of one of his goats wedged under a dead tree trunk. Only the head was intact. All that was left was the skeleton (the remaining meat on the bones had been eaten clean by a fox, which he saw lurking); the predator had taken everything else! (27-Sept-2017) Like the other times, cuts around the head were done in a surgical manner; perfect.



Endangered Species:


Semporna (Malaysia) – 03-October-2017

It was reported that a villager spotted some suspicious objects on the beach. Upon closer inspection, the objects turned out to be dead green turtles, which are listed as endangered species. They have been gutted and their plastrons were missing.

Plastron = breastplate



image: mutilated green turtles



Nuevo caso de vaca mutilada que podría esclarecer el fenómeno (Buenos Aires) – 03-Oct-2017

Second mutilated cow found in one month. Similar to ET-suspected mutilations, this time the other animals in the herd came close and flies flew over the lifeless animal.

“These characteristics could break down the theories of extraterrestrials and strengthen the “bat” and deaths from persistent rabies, postulated by Senasa for similar cases in the Punilla Valley months ago. Saving the distances, the fact remains alarming and still has no explanations.”  




A new trend is happening : whales are being “attached” to large ships

Cargo ship carries dead whale on its bow into Port of Tauranga (New Zealand) – 04-Oct-2017

A dead whale estimated to be 12-metres long has been carried into the Port of Tauranga jammed onto the bulbous bow on the front of a cargo ship.

Late in 2016 Ports of Auckland said there were thought to have been no whale deaths for the previous two years, while average ship speed in the Hauraki Gulf had dropped from 14.2 knots to 10.5 knots.





The same thing happened in Alaska a few months back:


Deceased Humpback Whale Found Lodged on Princess Cruise Ship (Alaska, USA) – 11-Aug-2017

Nobody in the crew saw any whales. They felt no collision. The (juvenile) whale was found on the bow of the ship as it entered port. How did it get there?


And it happened just the other day:


Whale stuck to ship at Sheerness docks (Kent, U.K.) – 05-Oct-2017

The body of what is thought to be a 25-feet long pilot whale was found stuck to the bow of the 49,000-tonne car transporter American Highway as it arrived. They are common around the UK especially along the English Channel in the winter.”

“Veteran dockworkers have told him there have only been three whales found in the harbour over the past 50 years.”



(alpine anomalous) for the whales to be found across the bow-end of the ships suggests to me they were dropped. What are these Aliens thinking? Are we seeing a reverse fishing-trip? Do they consider bringing the whales back to port synonymous with other mutilation cases; returning the ‘animal’ to its point of origin?



A WHALE has been collected for research after being found dead on a local beach (South Australia) – 04-Oct-2017

“They went onto the beach for a closer look and discovered the pygmy right whale, a species rarely seen and not usually found in gulfs.



<Poetry Corner>


Somebody has to stop this mess

Our days are counted

These disgusting events

That nobody could care less about

Have to stop


They really have to cess

Those who run this matrix world

Of digital duress

Are doomed to fail

In their hardened excess


Get something done

That’s really for the best

So we all can live

A return to the nest

Back to the Mother

Electronic thought-forms

Are programming our every gest

Like no other


The real world is lost

Mutilations. Why bother?

“Predator”, the movie

Already peaked

Just another

Hollywood fable







And you can watch it on Cable




Cats, dogs and a rabbit

They still haven’t found the enigmatic Croydon Cat Killer:


Mutilated cat discovered in Hayes (London, U.K.) – 09-Oct-2017


Pet rabbit mutilated in owner’s back garden (London, U.K.) –09-Oct-2017

The mutilated body of the animal was found still locked in its back garden enclosure in the Oxhey Park area on October 6. To make matters worse, two guinea pigs which were kept in a separate enclosure in the garden were discovered to be missing and have still not been found.


Danish police find decapitated head of Swedish journalist – 07-Oct-2017


Quite a turn of events in this case that may have pointed to ET intervention (see last post for details):


“Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen told reporters that divers had found bags containing her missing clothes, her head and legs in Koge Bay, south of the Danish capital.”

“a hard disk found in Madsen’s workshop contained fetish films in which real women were tortured, decapitated and burned.”


Putting items in BAGS is a giveaway to human predation. It looks like the inventor/owner of the submarine did it after all!



Cow mutilation in rural Kansas confounds farmer (USA) – 07-Oct-2017


“When I got closer I realized that it was something way more out of the ordinary than a pack of wild dogs that had done this. They would have immediately begun eating on the belly, but it was untouched. Her teats and bag, however, looked like they had been cut off with a sharp knife but with no blood anywhere on or around the wound. Then it dawned on me that there were no flies around the carcass like you would expect. I had heard enough about mutilations that I expected to find other parts missing, but that was it; there was nothing else missing. There was also no sign of a struggle or anything like a club mark or bullet hole that would have indicated a cause of death. If it would have gotten poisoned somehow, surely there would have been marks on the ground from its dying struggles.


Corinth man decapitated in suspected suicide (St. Lucia, Carribean) -08-Oct-2017


the question remains: how did he commit suicide?


On arrival at the scene, investigators met with emergency and other law enforcement officials who directed them to the body of a headless male lying on the ground. The head of the male was noticed next to the body.


Pit bull found decapitated near train tracks (Valparaiso, Chicago, USA) – 06-Oct-2017

Jeff Howard, his ex-wife and her sister say they are convinced someone killed and decapitated Dudley and set its body by the tracks to make it look like a train had hit the dog.

“I grew up in the country and we’ve hunted all my life, and that’s a perfect cut,” Jeff Howard said.


(alpine anomalous) this is not the first time that dogs have been abducted then found headless close to railroad tracks.



Meerut: Nearly a week after the headless body of a 21-year-old youth was recovered from a sugarcane field in Gothani village of Khurja town in Bulandshahr district, police have not been able to recover the decapitated head of the victim. (Meerut, India) – 09-Oct-2017














This is the last post I’m making on the subject of Animal Mutilations. I hope those of you who have followed my bi-weekly rants have gained a bit of knowledge on the subject. It’s a pointless operation to try and solve the mysteries laid out; governments and law enforcement seem more interested in hunting down terrorists of a similar kind, i.e. invisible ones, letting the real culprits to operate with complete impunity.



image: mutilated goat (Switzerland) – 18-August-2017


The crux of missing-person cases happened a few weeks back with the disappearance of the 9-year old girl in France. She vanished at a wedding reception. They looked everywhere and used divers (in a nearby lake), helicopters and a large force of on-the-ground trackers to no avail. Wedding guests were arrested on kidnapping charges but were later released. The parents of the little girl tried everything, even talking with an ex-Prime Minister on television. Nothing came of it except the usual, “I’m sorry.”




So where did she go? One can speculate no end on this subject and as with the majority of anomalous cases, nothing will come of it. There’s something wrong with this world.




Missing Child


How did searchers miss 7-year-old Bohale’s body? (Pretoria, South Africa) – 26-Sept-2017

“when they arrived in the morning, they were told the little boy’s body had been found in one of the pools.”

The particular pool had been searched the previous night.”



Someone (or something) continues to poison and steal cats all over the world:


Police called in after more than 70 cats go missing around Newry (Belfast, N.Ireland) – 22-Sept-2017




Animals reported poisoned in Montreal in past 10 days (Canada) – 20-Sept-2017

cats, a dog and a skunk …




Pets poisoning worries Thao Dien Ward residents (Viet-Nam) – 31-Aug-2017





In the last post, I reported that Vultures were poisoned after eating a dead Nyala (antelope). Now, more vultures have died eating poisoned Elephant meat. Poachers … or something else?

Lions and vultures targeted by poachers using poison (southern Africa) – 27-Sept-2017


“a phenomenon widely documented in southern Africa, where a reported 70 lions have been fatally poisoned in the last 18 months.”

“While the African Wildlife Poisoning Database lacks records from areas including Central Africa, it dates to 1961 and lists nearly 300 poisoning incidents in 15 African countries that killed more than 8,000 animals from dozens of species, including leopards, hyenas, impalas, cranes and storks.”

(alpine anomalous) In many of the cases mentioned in the above article, strychnine and cyanide were used (which would point to human predators). The vultures ate poisoned meat and died. When a mutilation performed by (suspected) Extra-Terrestrial entities occurs, ALL other forms of wildlife stay away from the dead bodies. The poison used is unknown at this point although it is alleged that anti-freeze killed cats in the British Isles. [The authorities have to say something!]



Why do people suddendly go missing? Perhaps they are abducted by our friend, “the Invisible Man”? A great deal of missing persons are taken by this entity then returned, to a watery grave. People are routinely found floating in waterways.

The following three stories are proof of this:



Body found in Whitley Co. pond identified as missing man (Kentucky, USA) – 27-Sept-2017

The man has been identified as John T. Smith, 38 of Whitley City. Relatives reported him missing on September 17.

…discovered a body around 5:00 p.m. Monday, in a pond on his property.

He told WKYT yesterday he questions how someone could have gotten to his pond, which is on private property surrounded by a gate and barb wire fence.



(alpine anomalous) and what if he was dropped from the air?




Body of 4-year-old girl found in drain in Eldos (Johannesburg, South Africa) – 28-Sept-2017

Police Captain Kay Makhubela told News24 that the family of the child had opened a missing person’s report on Wednesday when they could not find the girl in the late afternoon.

Someone pointed at the drain and suggested that the body may be in there. The body of the little girl was found in the drain with wounds. We have opened a case of murder, and possibly rape,” he said.




Corpse Of Three-Years-Old Found In Pond Near Phansidewa (Bengal, India) – 25-Sept-2017

Aditya had gone to his relatives place near his house on Sunday. However, he was said to be missing since the afternoon after no one could find him.

The locals of the area spotted Aditya’s body floating in a pond that was surrounded by bamboo bushes. His body was fished out and taken to a health centre nearby, but the doctors declared him to be dead on arrival.





Anomalous events going down

Keep on happening in every town

And country place

People disappearing without a trace

Animals left lying without a face


Is it the same predator or are there more?

Anyone with the technology

Of invisibility

Could be involved in the gore

Jack the Ripper

The Germans never lost the War


David Paulides has written books galore

On disappearances

How many more?

‘mentions Yosemite National Park

Where German physicists go missing by the score

No aliens, no Bigfoot, no faeries

Human geneticists, nothing more


Cats get poisoned and cut in two

Humans are losing their members too

Cats disappear without a trace

Humans are found floating

This business is a huge disgrace


Drink your soda

Listen to your em pee three

Shit, another man was found

Hanging from a tree


A suicide they say …



On October 15,  I’ll be back with a country-by-country account on both animal and human mutilations. There will be photographs. Instead of publishing every 10 days, the blog will appear on the 15th and the 30th of each month. See you there!

Alpine Anomalous













May Have


When I started the blog, the objective was to find out who is responsible for animal mutilations. After researching cases for just over a year, it becomes quite apparent that we are dealing with extra-terrestrial entities. Which ones, I don’t know. From various reports, scaled reptilian-like creatures have been spotted near mutilation sites. Some say they look like the infamous “chupacabra” or goat-sucker, a suspected alien predator once active in Central and South America. Typical E.T. mutilations have the blood removed from the animal (and possibly stored for specific purposes. Food for the beasties?).


It seems pointless to ask Law Enforcement (or anyone else in officialdom) to envisage anything but human predators; either from close-mindedness or gag orders. Animal mutilations may be on someone’s list of unspeakable subjects (and there are plenty of those in today’s ‘National Security’ military mindset).


I’ll carry on a while longer with the updates on anomalous events worldwide and will try to delve deeper into the alien question then I’ll be off and back to my gardening.





Anomalous events – end September 2017



Dead right whales show evidence of collision with vessels, wildlife pathologist says (Prince Edward Island, Canada) – 04-July-2017

“The discovery of the six endangered North Atlantic right whales floating dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence brought more than 40 people from various organizations to the shores of western P.E.I. to study three of the carcasses.

Preliminary results from the three necropsies done in Norway, P.E.I., last week show evidence of blunt trauma in two of the whales and an “entanglement” in another,”


(alpine anomalous) the official story is that vessels are to blame for killing the Right whales (11 to date in the Gulf of St. Lawrence) but from my viewpoint, whales do not swim close to the surface. Maybe they were deaf, dumb and blind whales?






Family of missing 9-year old girl in France request help from psychics (13-Sept-2017)

There was also talk with ex-French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls on this highly-suspicious disappearance. The girl just vanished into thin air.





‘Decapitated’ body found on playing field in east London (U.K.) – 13-Sept-2017



Tiger’s roar may have caused death of twelve monkeys simultaneously in India – 15-Sept-2017

“Reports claimed that the monkeys died in Kotwali Mohammadi area after the tiger roared which caused a heart attack to all twelve of them. The local vets reasoned that they might have been scared all at once.”


(alpine anomalous) Who’s afraid of the big, bad Tiger?





10 year old girl killed, body parts chopped off (Kenya) – 30-Aug-2017

“the girls leg and hand had been chopped off. Part of the head had also been skinned.”


Authorities searching for missing man, child at Ceasars Head (South Carolina, USA) – 16-Sept-2017

(alpine anomalous) another possible 411 missing-person case: walking in national parks and disappearing (never to be seen again).

Solved : the hikers were found (alive!) – 17-Sept-2o17




The marijuana farmer lost his head (Jamaica) – 15-Sept-2017


+ a week earlier:


Two headless bodies found in Clarendon (Jamaica) – 08-Sept-2017


(alpine anomalous) What’s going on in Jamaica? Distance between the two localities = 65 miles.




Since July, five cats have disappeared in Savigny-sur-Orge (Paris, France). Owners are asking questions – 12-Sept-2017,1561485.php





Shock as missing Univen student is found dead (Limpopo province, South Africa) – 18-Sept-2017

“Their hopes were dealt a fatal blow when his body was found floating in the Nandoni Dam on Friday afternoon.

Ngoveni (23), a third-year BA student, was described as a humble, down-to-earth person, whose peers looked up to and emulated him.

The circumstances leading to his disappearance and his murder are still a mystery, with family members still baffled about the whole episode.”

(alpine anomalous) many lions have been found dead and decapitated in the Limpopo area; crocodiles too.






A Swedish journalist dies accidentally when taken out to sea in a homemade submarine. The owner/inventor of the vessel decides on a ‘burial at sea’. Eleven days later, the torso of the journalist is found on a beach minus its arms, legs and head! (27-Aug-2017)


(alpine anomalous) who mutilated the journalist’s dead body and how was it found underwater?

“The police have charged Madsen, 46, with killing the Swedish journalist, which could mean a sentence of five years to life in prison, and with abusing a corpse.”





Keta Municipality: Residents alarmed by ‘mysterious’ deaths (Ghana) – 19-Sept-2017

“…the body of a man believed to be mentally unstable was found buried under a heap of sand along the beach two days ago.”

“…over 10 residents including three children have been killed in the area between 2013 and 2017 while their body parts were missing.”





Cattle mutilation


Heifer, bull mysteriously killed in SW Washington (USA) – 20-Sept-2017

“On Aug. 29 Deep River resident Warren Anderson found one of his heifers had been killed and its tongue and heart cut out.”

“Both animals had their tongues cut out, the ranchers said.”




They seek him here, they seek him there

The Croydon Cat Killer gets everywhere:




The Hveragerði Cat Killer Continues Killing Spree: Mutilated Cat Discovered (Iceland) – 20-Sept-2017

“This has been happening yearly each summer. For two summers in a row, 2015-2016, cats would come home crying after having eaten fish filets laced with antifreeze,” local resident Bergljót Davíðsdóttir told RÚV. The cats died and a later autopsy established the cause of death as poison.




Missing 3-year-old girl found dead (Uttar Pradesh, India) – 22-Sept-2017

The body of a missing three- year-old girl was found floating in Kali river at Sunna village here, an official said today




It came from the Deep:


Unidentified dead sea creature found in Southern Leyte (island in the Philippines) – 22-Sept-2017


MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte—An unidentified sea creature was floating in the shallow water off Combadao village in this city Thursday morning.

they could not chop it and bury it because of its large size, measuring almost ten meters long and more than 1 meter wide. The smell, it said, was already a health hazard.





38 cats go missing across Northern Ireland since July – 14-Sept-2017

“There is strong evidence to suggest that people who abuse animals go on to abuse humans, so it’s important to find out who is doing this.”


(alpine anomalous) The Invisible Man is active everywhere!






Student’s body found with ‘unexplained’ injuries after night out with friends (Leeds, England) – 17-Sept-2017


He said: “We are appealing for information to help us to understand the circumstances leading to Harry’s death. At this time, there are a number of injuries that we are unable to account for, and are keeping an open mind as to how these may have been sustained.“





(revised Peter Tosh lyrics): WordPresser Man, where you gonna run to? All along that way. When you run to the sea, the sea will be boiling. When you run to the rocks, the rocks will be melting. I said, all along that way. I would like to be a bee under your collar. All along that way. You can run but you can’t hide. All along that way.


Be seein’ ya!




Cloudy – Windy – Wet



The number of disappearing children and young adults is on the rise. In the last post, I linked a story about a girl of nine who vanished while at a wedding reception in France. The police were very sharp and found dna traces in a visitor’s car that led to an arrest. A second person was then taken into custody but the girl was nowhere to be found. The suspects were released. This story has created an uproar. Why can’t the little girl be found? Well she wasn’t kidnapped by humans for a start!


In my neck of the woods, the Swiss farmer who lost 7 goats to an unseen predator back in 2015, was visited again!

Around 2 a.m. on a Thursday (08-24-2017), a neighbour heard a piercing scream and went outside to investigate. In a pasture, he found a goat lying on its side that seemed to have been poisoned. Nine other goats plus a (guardian) donkey were left unharmed.

(alpine anomalous) this is the continuing saga of my initial post, The Invisible Man (June 23, 2016) and its follow-up, The Invisible Man, part II (October 2, 2016). When the mutilations started, several goats were found frothing from the mouth (which at the time was also seen as poisoning).

The next day, the farmer went to the pasture to recuperate the carcass but when he got there, he found the goat mutilated. What is known as a ‘jaw strip’ had been performed, one leg was missing and the upper thorax had been cut out.

Once again, the police were called and the county vet turned up. They searched for clues and found none. Everybody is running in circles (like the first time).

In my short talk with the farmer (who I met at the Farmers’ market), I mentioned for the second time the possibility of invisible aliens doing the deed. He laughed at that. Nobody believes in aliens so they continue to look for human predators. They’ll be looking until Doomsday. I asked whether any blood was found near the animal (as no blood is a typical sign for paranormal activity) and was told there was none. The farmer however insisted that all the blood had coagulated after the cuts were made. He wouldn’t see things any other way.

Getting one’s animals mutilated and then investigated by a pathologist is an expensive business here. In 2015, the farmer had to pay almost $ 2000 to have this work done. This year, he’s not bothering.

Animal mutilations continue to happen all over and not one predator has been apprehended. I’m wondering whether one day the penny will drop and the ET theme will be taken seriously?!


(Cont’d below)




even the Norwegians are wondering why their sheep are disappearing:


The Mainstream always has an answer!

Police release description of ‘Croydon cat killer’ responsible for 250 animal deaths (UK) – 01-Sept-2017

“The attacker is said to be dressed in dark clothing, sometimes carrying a torch or wearing a headlamp, and has been seen trying to coax cats with a toy, food and “kissing noises.”


(alpine anomalous) They forgot to mention that the person speaks Arabic and wields a machete and has been active in a number of countries 😉


Residents Concerned over Cats found cut in half or mutilated in East County (San Diego, USA) – 03-Sept-2017



45 vultures poisoned in Limpopo (South Africa) – 04-Sept-2017

The dead vultures were found lying around the poisoned carcass of a nyala.

“They had all fed on a nyala that had been poisoned, unfortunately resulting in their deaths. All the vultures’ beaks and claws were intact, leaving experts to speculate on the true intent and targets of the poison attack.”

Nyala = kind of antelope



Solar storms may trigger sperm whale strandings: explanation approaches for multiple strandings in the North Sea in 2016

(alpine anomalous) the beaching of whales may be triggered by Geomagnetic Storms. The mutilations of whales and other sea mammals is an entirely different matter.



Whale’s beak cut off with chainsaw (New Zealand) – 05-Sept-2017

“A Gray’s beaked whale has washed up on a South Island beach, with its beak sawed off.”

(alpine anomalous) I suppose a chainsaw was the only tool that could do the job. For me, no roving trophy-hunter was in the vicinity. This looks like a mutilation (by those nasty space aliens!). This is somehow reminiscent of the Swiss farmer’s poisoned goat. Poisoned on day 1 and mutilated on day 2.


RESET cont’d

After speaking to the farmer (who I hadn’t seen in months), it became quite clear that the latest loss was no longer on his mind. I had asked for photographs of the mutilated goat as well as a copy of the autopsy results but these were not forthcoming. It became evident that for mentioning aliens, I was the one with the serious brain disorder. 🙂

The world-wide refusal to believe in others doing the mutilations is (at least for me) shocking.



The Empire Fights Back:

Family ‘devastated’ after pet cat is mutilated, killed and left metres from their front door (Northampton, England) – 09-Sept-2017

“Another cat found dead in Northampton was dismembered and left outside its owners’ house, police have said.

15-year-old Topsy was last seen on Wednesday (6 September) evening by her family at their home in Brookfield Road, Kingsley.

On Thursday morning her mutilated body was found in a carrier bag left on the path outside their front door.”


(alpine anomalous) Either we’re being fed false news (which I suspect) or this is the work of a human predator. Now the notion of a human predator is far easier for people to grasp than an evil space alien, don’t you think?

I see the news article as fake news as I distinctly remember a similar (if not identical) case a year or two ago in the SOUTH of England (perhaps Plymouth?). With digital means, i.e. the standard computerized publication method, cutting and pasting from one article to another is a piece of cake. Change the names and the locality. Having photographs of police cars instead of the subjects (animals, people, etc.) make the story even more inter-changeable. Note 3 (just for the effort)




Woman’s fury as baby donkey found dead in Wandin North (Melbourne, Australia) – 06-Sep-2017

“A MUTILATED donkey has been found dead, with its back legs ripped off, only hours after it was born in Wandin North, east of Melbourne.”



Family shocked by four kids’ mutilation (Port Edward, South Africa) – 03-Sept-2017

“Siblings Bandile, 12, Lwandile, 10, Sphindile, 7, and Lwandle Mbhele, 4, were found stabbed to death on Saturday morning.

Three of them had had their left ears cut off.”

(alpine anomalous) children are being found mutilated .. just like cattle!



Missing Mercer Co. Boy, 2, Found In Ohio Pool, Dies In Hospital (USA) – 12-Sept-2017

“Annakin was discovered floating in a backyard pool in the next town – Masury, Ohio. The pool is surrounded by a gate, and the homeowners say they have no idea how the boy ended up there.”



Dead, decapitated rabbits being dropped on Aurora doorsteps (Colorado, USA) – 11-Sept-2017

“Close to a dozen homeowners in the Greenfield subdivision have found decapitated, dead rabbits on their doorsteps in recent days.”

(alpine anomalous) What, no plastic bags?!!



Game Commission: Mutilated bird is Canada goose, not bald eagle (Pennsylvania, USA) – 12-Sept-2017

“He said the mutilation, which was originally described as the removal of the bird’s head, tail and feet, was the result of someone “breasting” the goose to remove just the meaty breast and tossing the rest along the road.”

(alpine anomalous) No mention HOW the bird was captured prior to the mutilation?! (a bow and arrow?)














Brain Storm Front


I looked and looked for clues on the who, what and why of animal mutilations and managed to put together a plausible answer. As we as citizens of the world are still living in the stoneage, it’s no wonder that he who wields the mightiest club gets to call the shots. This works in small gatherings but fails miserably when the whole planet is concerned. The officer said “we have control over the situation.” It’s more like “damage control” with the continuous abductions and mutilations we are seeing at present. Authorities continue to look the other way. There’s no truth to be had anywhere. The planet is a free-for-all supermarket and we, the animals ready to be butchered.




The Grand Solar Minimum is on its way

Bigger and badder hurricanes are making their play

Crops are failing day after day

All youth thinks about is going out to play


Nobody in fact is reading this blog

The programmed masses and their continuous brain fog

Will die in heaps including their dog

If they believe life is just about making money

And living high on the hog


We are all connected by a magnetic force

Which encompasses not just the human but also his horse

The creepy spider, the twin-fanged morse

All will disappear if we stay on the course

Of death and destruction


On the way home I was stopped in the street

A woman was frantic

Her ‘Persian’ had disappeared from its favorite seat

Her heart almost skipped a beat


She was two floors up just like me

and to jump that far even a cat could see

The danger leaping from a high balcony

An unlikely feat

Unless it wanted to be free


Is the Croydon Cat Killer having a hunting spree?

He was seen in Australia quite recently

Maybe rural Switzerland is now the place to be

Persian cats are quite the rarity


What I was saying about magnetic force

A field of energy

An energy field

The field is the sole governing agency

of the particle

Einstein gave us this gem of rational thought

Thinking we were all intent on freedom

and couldn’t be bought

The unified field where life everywhere

is connected

Good and bad alike

Let’s lean on the positive side

and maybe we can set things right

Get out of this looming doom

And perpetual fright


Governments have to be aware of what’s going on

They must be linked to the mutilalted cows

And those people who have permanently gone

There’s no other explanation


The aliens are taking samples

Of every living thing

We don’t know who they are

We don’t know where they come from?

We don’t know what they want with the cored-out rectum

Taken from the local cow

We the ‘intelligent’ species on planet Earth don’t know what they want

But somebody does

And that person really should make a move

Before all the animals start to attack US!

The obvious choice

The Human

The one that can be seen


Instead of stepping up to the plate

Taking the bull by the horns

People have their heads in the sand

They don’t care about animals

For the most part, they’re just food

Remove food from the equation

Will certainly change the mood

But being shrewd


Is too much to ask

Read this article and set yourself to the task:




Animal body parts keep turning up wrapped in plastic. As written about in previous posts, it’s highly unlikely that “aliens” are behind this. So who?

An example last week in Northampton, England:

“A teenage girl found the mutilated body of her pet cat dumped on her doorstep. The head, limbs and ears of the ginger cat had been cut off before it was returned to its home in Betjeman Court in Northampton.

The 14-year-old made the discovery when she looked into a plastic bag on Monday.

Police said the mutilation happened days after the family’s other cat was killed when it was deliberately set on fire.”


(alpine anomalous) The first thing that comes to mind is kids. Something that kids would do. But animal body-parts in plastic bags are appearing all over the world. (for example, Canada, India)

That the cat was returned to its place of origin is the standard modus operandi for alien animal mutilations: they are abducted, mutilated and taken back where they came from.


There’s an alleged space-alien treaty that President Eisenhower signed in 1954. A sort of give-give thing whereby the Grey-Reptilian faction traded technology for “animal rights”; the aliens were allowed to abduct and experiment on cattle in small numbers. If this is true, a lot of the puzzle is solved. I’ve heard mention that some twenty-odd species of Reptilian alien are in existence. In this case, more than one predator is entirely possible. They’re all cousins!

Wildest guess of the week: the Americans don’t mind the mutilations but they hate untidiness and have given the aliens an ample supply of plastic bags! 😉

It’s been 63 years since that alleged treaty so it’s highly possible the Earth military has flying-saucer capabilities of its own?! Perhaps these mutilated animals are waste products from an underground laboratory? Perhaps the aliens are here? I smell a rat already.


Earth’s Top Predator – The Reptilians (Kindle Edition) by Andrew Norbert

“They have been sighted wearing very little clothes except for armor but are always seen with some sort of utility belt said to be used to help them become invisible. Reptilians are a very dangerous alien species that are bent on the domination of Earth. Some conspiracy theories suspect that many important leaders are actually Reptilians acting as humans in order to help them with their agenda.”

I wrote a short (musical) track based on a so-called alien conversation about animals and how they’re seen by our ‘visitors from afar’ as irrelevant creatures. That philosophy concurs with animal mutilations in general:




Let’s get on with the mutilations



PSYCHOLOGY CORNER: Understanding why people don’t believe in animal mutilations:

Arrested Emotional Development (or Permanent Adolescence)

“This particular illness is characterized by some combination of: addiction, greed, immaturity, fear, blame, shame, resentments, anger, confusion and suffering. What it means is that the vast majority of (people from your country) are stuck in adolescence exhibiting behavior like lying, negative attitudes, disobedience and disrespect, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and issues of sexuality.







Less mutilations. Less decapitations. Continued missing-person cases. Continued whale beachings.




Animal advocates want SeaWorld to release details of Tilikum’s death (Orlando, Florida) – 08-Aug-2017

the theme park SeaWorld will not release the necropsy results on the dead Orca.




Huge whale washes ashore in Grand Isle (Louisiana, USA) – 28-Aug-2017

“According to a biologist at the scene, the whale was a juvenile female about 6 or 7 years old. It measured in at 27 feet and 5 inches in length.”

”The whale, believed to be a sperm whale, is typically not seen closer than about 60 miles offshore.”




9-year old girl goes missing in Isère (east France) – 29-Aug-2017

Fears are growing for a young girl who is feared to have been kidnapped from a wedding in France on Sunday.

Maëlys De Araujo, nine, has not been seen since around 3am local time, when she was in a kids’ room at the family wedding.





In the July post, ‘Post-Mortem’, a similar disappearnnce was reported:

“A 3-year old girl who disappeared last night (while dining with her parents) has been found dead (Malaga, southern Spain) – 27-July-2017

Lucía Vivar, the 3-year-old girl who disappeared last night in the town of Pizarra, has been found dead about 7 kilometers from where she disappeared.”



73 Montana Children Have Disappeared in 2017 and are Still Missing (USA) – 01-Sept-2017


Mutilated Cow (Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina) – 01-Sept-2017 (video evidence)

<translated from the Spanish>

…a young producer was met by the shocking finding of a heifer lying on the ground and cut, with a neatness that scares part of the jaw, tongue and a ear. The animal also lacked the reproductive apparatus.

Continuing with his story, he explained that “what struck me most was that there were no traces of blood in any of the cuts, there were no worms or presence of decomposition and there were no marks that he would have kicked, the grass was intact.” Another aspect that caught the attention of Hecker was that “when there is a dead animal there are usually scavenger animals circling, this time there was nothing, everything very strange,” he concluded.


Vanishing cats mystery grips village (Littlehampton, England) – 28-Aug-2017