Meta Morph



A meta morph

While reporting is fun

Nothing is getting the job done

The word is staying in

I’ll pry open some of my verse

It may be terse

It’s all that I have left





I just had an epiphany on the living-room carpet

Someone in Ohio was in the same human-disappearances market!

He tracks the missing from national parks in the usa and other parts

He’s just as stumped as I

I wonder why?`


A neat interview from our man Tyler

The secureteam-ten youtube ufo compiler

With Dave Paulides, a disappearance sleuth

Local news gets the big-time

That’s the truth!


It could be that parks are a natural feeding ground

For hungry aliens living underground

Maybe youth is taken to a base on the Moon?

The invisible predator won’t be telling us any time soon

It’s way too hot and it’s only June!


I can’t get a handle on what’s really going down

People are disappearing all over town

Many are messed with and end up dead

But many never come back so it is said


If it’s the same predator over and over again

Who has mutilated animals; mutilated men

Trying to do something for reasons beyond our ken

Shouldn’t this make us worried?

But we’ve all got enough on our plates

With our domestic squabbles and domestic fates


If we are to take the ufo as a feasible foe

Something not recognized by our military

Only for people with the right to know

Why are answers not forthcoming?

Is the ufo just for show?



The predator is operating world-wide

It can’t be seen, it can’t be heard

The predator is lurking on the other side

A “stealth” invasion might be the word?!





A short digest on recent anomalous events:


More animal remains dumped. This time in Co. Durham (NE England) – 12-June-2017

Killed and mutilated deer discovered in Weardale


(alpine anomalous) in the past 3-4 weeks, animal remains have been found dumped in both India and the USA. Now, England. Is there a UFO connection or is it just plain old flying vehicles manned by creeps?



Police investigate body found in tree (Roswell, New Mexico/USA) – 9-June-2017


According to deputies, the body was 15 feet above the ground on a farm near Roswell.

Roswell police say they believe the body is 30-year-old Sergio Alexander Salas, who was reported missing May 25th.


BP agents find body hanging from tree on Tohono O’odham land (Santa Cruz AZ, USA) – 8-June-2015

(Tohono O’odham are a Native American people of the Sonoran Desert, residing primarily in the U.S. state of Arizona and the Mexican …)


Another 22 year-old has been found dead:

Body found hanging from tree, JPD says it was suicide (Jackson, Mississippi – USA) – 29-May-2017

(alpine anomalous) the man was found hanging from a magnolia tree. He was 22, a common age for dead adolescent males these days. I wonder how the predator ascertains the age of its victims?


Woman mutilated in alleged ritual murder (Limpopo, South Africa) – 10-June-2017


Mutilated Bunnies (Lincoln Square, Chicago, USA) – 16-June-2017

LINCOLN SQUARE — Conservation police with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are investigating multiple reports of mutilated wild rabbits in Lincoln Square.

The bunnies’ ears have been pierced and left with dangling objects, including key fobs and what one person said appeared to be an old CTA pass.

(alpine anomalous) what if the predator had previously abducted humans wearing body jewellery (earrings, etc.) and had assumed said trinkets to be (an integral) part of the person? Any attempt to re-create “life” may take these factors into consideration.






Old News


I started this blog to try and understand who or what was mutilating animals. It was, I’m afraid, a pointless operation. This is my last digest (until there is something NEW to report on the issue at hand).


A timeline of anomalous events these past 50 years:

In the 1970’s, mass cattle deaths in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA caused outrage. Cows were routinely discovered with their jaws stripped, their udders missing and large holes in their posteriors (i.e. rectal core). Nobody found out who did these atrocities (that numbered well into the hundreds).

In the 1980’s the mutilations continued, but on a smaller scale. The ‘hunting ground’ moved to Europe with many cases of sheep, goats, donkeys and horses being found with strange cuts.

Switzerland, 2005:

“A cow has been found with its erected and mutilated udders with sorts of catheters coming out of the breasts. Her vagina had been lacerated with a scalpel. A calf was found dead, with guts in the air. He apparently also had been sexually abused. Sheep, cats, and horses had the same fate.”


More recently in Belgium (2017):

Horse dead without an ear and no eyes. Satanic group is blamed.


Investigations launched after mutilated calf remains found in ditch (Vancouver, Canada) – 29-May-2017


On the trail of the dumped meat

Dumping of ‘animal meat’ sparks row (Nagpur, India) – 16-May-2017

Nagbhid RFO RM Talande denied that the meat was of wild animals. “We had sent our men at the spot and found that the meat was basically intestines of some domestic animal,” said Talande.

Sources said panic gripped villagers when a section of them found six sacks filled with meat dumped in bushes on the roadside nullah.


Maybe all these dumpings of animals has something to do with this:

A Ban on Human/Animal Hybrids Has Been Lifted

A big Maybe that at least gives us an alternative to the evil space-alien theory.



This month, more missing people ended up in rivers and canals:


Fifth body found around city’s waterways in just five months after cops denied ‘Bristol pusher’ serial killer was on loose (Bristol, England) – 04-June-2017


Body of 19-year-old found in Chatham County lake (North Carolina, USA) – 5-June-2017


When the cats started to disappear, the perpetrator was called “the Croydon Cat Killer” (who they still have not found). Now we have “the Bristol Pusher”, a serial killer who pushes his unsuspecting victims into the waterways.


(alpine anomalous) I ask you, do any of these “job descriptions” make any sense when there are no clues?


Cougar illegally killed, later decapitated in Davis County (Utah, USA) – 1-June-2017


Sur la piste des chats disparus (on the trail of the missing cats) :


Switzerland (Berlincourt, JU) – 4-June-2017

In just over 2 months, 14 cats vanished into thin air. Local association wants answers!


France (Saint-Pierre-la-mer) – 2-June-2017

More than fifty stray cats were found dead, probably poisoned. Local association wants answers!,3021233.php


Since February, more than 15 cats have disappeared (Adissan, southern France) – 29-May-2017. Local association wants answers!,1513035.php



Another tiger found dead in Bhadra reserve; 15 in 5 months (Karnataka, India) – 3-June-2017


Two rescue lions in South Africa dead in apparent witchcraft killing (northern South Africa) – 3-June-2017


Costa Rica. Dead crocodile found near Island of Tortuga – 25-May-2017

(alpine anomalous) the croc left the river for a swim in the sea.


See you all in the Future …






It’s pretty obvious that nobody in officialdom is interested in stopping animal mutilations but no fear, animals are no longer the main concern, we are!

I can’t keep up with all the bodies being found in rivers and canals…





What looks like a despicable act by another set of invisible predators, The Manchester Bombing:

Twenty-two dead on the twenty-second of May 2017. Many missing:

“The mother of Jayden Parkinson said she was unhappy her daughter’s image had been posted alongside images of other people alleged to be missing.”


<alpine anomalous> isn’t it amazing how fast the police reacted in the Manchester bombing and how they stagnate when it comes to missing animals (and humans)?


Their collage of missing persons may be based on an Australian example:

Australia, it seems has 35’000 people go missing every year! Where do they all go (and how many have been found) ?



Decapitated body of 2-month-old found in Thokozaé (Johannesburg, South Africa) – 26-May-2017


Decapitated cats found in Reigate and Oxted (UK) – 26-May-2017


Body found floating in Long Beach harbor was 16-year-old boy (Los Angeles, USA) – 24-May-2017


Woman’s Body Found On Hillside In Garfield, Death Ruled Suspicious (Pittsburgh, USA) – 24-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) when humans are targeted instead of animals, the deaths are ruled suspicious. A good sign that may lead to a change in police behaviour (and more open-mindedness on the problem at hand).


In the post BLUE, I wrote of animals dumped dead in North Carolina (USA) and mystery meat found in Minnesota (USA). Now:

Bin full of decapitated animals found along DeBary road, deputies say (Orlando, Florida, USA) – 19-May-2017

“Deputies responded and found the blue recycling bin filled with beheaded animals, including a goat, turtle and several birds.”

“The incident possibly happened overnight but neighbors did not see or hear anything suspicious, deputies said.”


(alpine anomalous) what to make of this story? The kind of animals found in the recycling bin are often victims of mutilations themselves by our invisible predator friends, but to deposit their remains in the trash is not something that ET would do! Are we dealing with secret human predators or is it something more mundane? Those commenting on the article are seeing Haitian immigrants playing with Voodoo magic. Everyone has an answer to everything. There are many false events being played out on society (with the Manchester bombing being a possibility). What if the dumping of decapitated animals is a means to divert attention from the real predators, i.e. the aliens?!



Headless body of woman found in Rabale (Mumbai, India) – 6-May-2017

“The headless body of a woman was found at the spot where a woman’s corpse was found two years ago, sending the police into a tizzy.”


Headless body found in Ste Madeleine (Trinidad) – 05-May-2017,243209.html


Body in tent at Glenbrook campsite (N.S.W. Australia) – 23-May-2017

The police are not treating this woman’s death as suspicious. I wonder?


Missing Manhattan student’s body found in Harlem River (New York, USA) – 23-May-2017


Like with the two men found dead in Lake Mead (close to Las Vegas), this man was also 22 (see the post BLUE for the links). A coincidence?


‘Headless’ body spotted floating in water in Kent (UK) seaside town – 29-May-2017

“The death is not currently being treated as suspicious and inquiries to confirm the man’s identity are ongoing.”


Cops launch probe after body found floating in water (Edinburgh, Scotland) – 29-May-2017


Residents puzzled as over ten donkeys killed, genitals cut off (Kenya, East Africa) – 14-April-2017

“Caroline Mumbi, whose donkey was stolen recently – and later found dead – says she is shocked by the rising wave of such killings, urging the County Government of Kitui to look for, and take action against perpetrators of the crime.”


Pet python found decapitated in Vaucluse park (Sydney, Australia) – 30-May-2017

another endangered species, the carpet python.



Iscuandé, Colombia (South America) – 31-May-2017

A 7-year-old girl, who has been missing since Saturday, was found dead Tuesday morning in the rural area of ​​Santa Barbara de Iscuandé, on the Pacific Coast of Nariño. “The girl has no signs of violence, there is still no official version of what happened to her, everything is under investigation,” said the official.


(alpine anomalous) I don’t believe this is Cartel related but more in line with the continuing “sampling” of humans.



Scientists tried to discover who was responsible for cattle mutilations at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah (USA) but the visitors were smarter! Watch this short video to understand just how difficult it is:



Outrage as wild cat kills 100 sheep in Keiyo South (Kenya, East Africa) – 24-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) I’m surprised that lightning wasn’t blamed on the deaths.


Rustlers nab 50 sheep from Devon farm – 31-May-2017


100 sheep stolen from Yorkshire moor – 23-May-2017


Let’s not hope that humans are next?!!



I’ve been writing this blog for just under a year

On a subject for me that is very dear

A friend’s goat was found without an ear!


The police were called and they said no fear

We’ll catch the perp; we’re very near

They lied through their teeth

That’s pretty clear


Law enforcement turns the other cheek

They pretend strength but are very weak

It has nothing to do with solving a crime

Just ‘politically incorrect’ so to speak


May sixteenth California way

A goat was found in complete disarray

Minus head, feet and organs

What can I say?!

Police saw no evidence of human foul-play

Case closed, have a nice day!


The hotspots are in Canada, England and the USA

Where policemen undoubtedly look the other way

When anomalous events come into play


This is a new paradigm


“We definitely have a concern that there’s a serial animal killer out here,” Orr said.


(alpine anomalous) Wrong. It’s ET you dummies! (sorry for my French!).




This month a one-eyed goat was born in India. It looks like a cyclops

watch the video:


We’re informed that this is due to a condition called “Cyclopia”


Another example, but human:



Cyclopia: A congenital abnormality (birth defect) in which there is only one eye. That eye is centrally placed in the area normally occupied by the root of the nose. There is a missing nose or a nose in the form of a proboscis (a tubular appendage) located above the eye. (


It occurs during development in the womb when the two hemispheres of the brain do not separate. It has also been reported in other animals too, including horses, pigs, cows, cats and even dusky sharks.


(alpine anomalous) all these mammals have been found mutilated at one point.

perhaps our invisible animal mutilators are into Genetic Engineering?! Maybe there IS a serial animal killer but it doesn’t come from here! I find it quite strange that the medical profession already has a term for one-eyed creatures and are convinced this is something natural! I wonder if they have a term for earless baby goats?!


Today’s ruling classes are being ultra arrogant and their present actions are sure to be their downfall. The runtime population-control software has been hacked.


  • animal mutilations all over the planet yet no real concern by those in charge (of keeping us safe). This is frightening news and nobody likes to be frightened, so we don’t talk about it.
  • an increase in the number of UFO sightings that can’t be denied yet all witnesses are considered crazy.
  • day-by-day disastrous weather events; the precursors of a mini ice-age. The weather people continue with their global-warming bullshit and disregard the facts that are right in front of their eyes.


On the other hand, we continue to be brainwashed in every possible, imaginable way to maintain the Status Quo:


  • prezident Lump is a) doing a great job, b) not doing a great job. I couldn’t give a dried Kalifornia prune about prezident Lump yet he’s all we hear about!
  • corporations are calling the shots, not governments
  • television shows like the X Files receive awards for their ingenuity
  • the French “Open” starts tomorrow in the most-closed European nation. 😉



An analogy of sorts:





Earlier this month, numerous teens went missing with many found dead weeks later floating in rivers. There has been an increase in the number of bodies found hanging in trees.


Missing 2 May 2017 (Mons, South of France). Found 4 May 2017


Man found hanging in tree

At the time of his disappearance, he was driving a black Renault Clio; he had his identity papers, his telephone and his means of payment. Two days later, he was found hanging from a tree in the woods. He was 19. Working as a waiter and living with his parents, the suicide angle looks improbable:



Missing 8-May-2017 (Mumbai, India) Found 10-May-2017


Three-year-old’s entire rib cage and vertebrae are missing; police believe a leopard’s to blame

“The recovery of severed body parts of a three-year-old girl from a forest in Aarey last week has driven a wedge between the police and locals. The police have nearly made up their mind that she was a victim of a leopard attack, but her family and locals insist that the Aarey unit has not seen a man-animal conflict in the last 10 years.”


Mysterious reptile deaths at Zoo, Knoxville (Tennessee, USA) – 12-May-2017


Police are investigating the death of a man found naked in a town south of Oklahoma City (USA) – 15-May-2017


“…the death is being ruled as suspicious because the body had holes.”














BLUE, part II

I am a bit perplexed as to why people follow this blog yet do not read the posts. It must be the sliced-up and shredded-animal verses or the reports on missing children? I don’t understand (but then again, I’m not university-trained).

When I was younger (much younger than now), I spent many months traveling (alone) across the USA and Canada. Most of the time, by bus. All the way from New York City to Los Angeles, up into Oregon and Vancouver, from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Las Vegas. As much as I could take in on a limited budget. Just loved the Grand Canyon in Arizona with its silvery birch trees and crazy gophers!

For a couple of years, I lived in Canada. That too was memorable.

My overall impression was very good although the food (back in the day) lacked imagination. I saw zero policemen; zero violence. Today, a three-hundred-and-sixty degree turn: policemen everywhere; violence everywhere. Something major happened. The American Dream became the American Scream.

I find it normal that information on animal mutilations comes across as ‘tabloid sensationalism’ and is deemed unimportant, although fear-of-the-unknown does play a large role in how people react.

Nobody, it seems, is allowed to ask questions. Hundreds of cats and dogs have vanished. Nobody, it seems, is interested. An ever-increasing amount of bodies turning up in rivers and canals. Nobody, it seems, sees anything out of the ordinary. People around the world are being found headless. Nobody, it seems, finds that strange. Decapitated goats floating in rivers. Nobody, it seems, wants to know why?


America is at the point of total mental breakdown and all the other countries are following suit. The real terrorists are in spaceships but nobody will admit to that truth!


The next blog post will cover the latest happenings. Poetic verse will be sporadic.


A man in Tucson, Arizona (USA) saw himself as an activist. He wanted an end to something called chemtrails and made too much noise. Somebody didn’t want him poking his nose and he was dealt with. Do you think enquiries into animal mutilations could have the same consequences? What we are allowed to know and what we are not! Watch this video (and weep):




The very first blog entry (The Invisible Man, and its follow-up The Invisible Man, part 2) told the story of a goat mutilation that happened in Switzerland close to where I live. Everything pointed to an invisible predator. The police were stumped. Thousands of Swiss Francs were spent on private investigators; multiple infra-red-capable cameras were set up. Nothing. Whoever they were, they didn’t come back.


We know they’re out there

They just can’t be seen

Watch this YouTube video

To see what I mean:




secureteam10 : ufo’s in the ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum.

(1st five minutes) ; bizarre clouds in the Philippines.


But how to stop them before they strike?

Before your pet or loved-one is taken at night?

It’s all in the When these critters will come

If we’re not prepared, we’re certainly done!


Real-time horror

At our front door

We are barbequed chickens

Nothing more

What’s in store?!


Yadda, yadda

Send in the army

Yadda, yadda

You’re talking balmy


I’m into metal hats these days

Some with stones in various arrays

It can’t be that hard to fend off the alien

Frequency booster

Kid-Protection Days?


Yet all are in denial

They’ll pray to God

I haven’t heard THAT in a while!

And which one will rise to the call?

Heads are poppin’

Will they be taking us all?!



There are a number of things going down that must be inter-connected. In my view, before the Age of Aquarius comes into play, the Age of Pisces must go away. The transitional period (this is it) is in full swing: volcanoes are blowing. sunlight’s not showing, wind plenty blowing, land overflowing with rain in the plain and to add to the pain, snow is falling. What will we do when no crops remain? Will we react (finally?) or go totally insane?!


This part is already in your face. You can’t deny that the Seasons have lost their place. No word from anyone on the fate of the Human Race! Nothing has changed to slow down the pace. Robots assuming our jobs seems to be the case.


The weakened magnetosphere is bringing clouds very near. It’s raining cats and dogs; the fields are flooded so I hear.


Another hilarious topic : The Schuman Resonance

This neat exposé explains the cosmic slop; all of it!


As to the “aliens” or “unseen predator-types”, the Earth may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and out of luck. They really should not have probed outer space for intelligent life and expect the cavalry to show up! All this information to sieve. Are we looking at sinister beings or perhaps just machines that don’t live?!


That’s just my point of view. Perhaps our “visitors” do have our welfare at heart?

There are many of them out there



Yadda, yadda

I’m talking dribble

Let’s get on with the blog

And its endless scribble:



These past couple of weeks, an increase in *decapitation alley with many cases attributed to turf wars and fighting armies. It’s back to feudal times. Maybe dump the guns and pick up swords and axes?


Mutilated leopard, mutilated porpoise, decapitated goats, mutilated hippos and a mutilated puma. It never stops.


Female leopard found dead in Uttara Kannada district (India) – 1-May-2017

“This is a hilly terrain and the animal when crossing the road would not have seen the sudden oncoming vehicle which hit her at high speed and killed her on the spot,”


(alpine anomalous) the above statement is saying the leopard was DEAF.



El Salvador zoo: Prosecutors investigate ‘suspicious deaths’ – 29-Apr-2017


“Police later questioned employees of the zoo to try to establish who could have entered the premises to carry out such an attack.

But investigators later concluded that the animal had died as a result of poor care*.”


(alpine anomalous) *a quick fix.


Decapitated goats found in Lehigh Acres canal (Florida, USA)   2-May-2017

if you watch the FOX news video, nobody seems capable of handling an unexpected event. The last “authority” removes the animals from the canal. Case closed.


Isn’t it a bit strange to find headless goats floating in a canal? I suppose they are seen as dead animals, nothing more.



Lighting kills 32 cows, Missouri (USA) – 2-May-2017

(alpine anomalous) cause of death is up in the air for me. It could be lightning now that weather conditions are deteiorating. It could be the visitors. It could be?

(alpine anomalous) Although we’ve seen cows and reindeer killed in large numbers, never once has the lightning strayed off and killed humans!

something to ponder:




Man found dead in irrigation canal (Mesa County, Colorado, USA) 2-May-2017

possible suicide.

nb : the same area as the two decapitated pit bulls (see Creepy Tales).


Body found in canal by cops hunting missing dad-of-two, 33, who vanished on Bristol night out (UK) – 4-May-2017


What seems to be the work of a human sociopath:

Animals dumped dead in northern Cabarrus (North Carolina, USA) – 4-May-2017

“Thrift said she believed the animals were killed elsewhere and dumped on her property, just a few feet off the road.”I

“Both animals had their throats cut and the pony’s head was covered with plastic, Thrift said.”


(alpine anomalous) I don’t think aliens go heavy on the plastic!


Later, quite the distance away in Mankato (Minnesota, USA) – 7-May-2017

Mystery meat

“I have been picking up plastic bags of meat that have been dropped alongside the Judson Bottom Road within North Mankato city limits.”

“Realistically, though, it won’t be easy to catch the person doing the littering/poisoning/disposing-of-inedible-meatloaf.”


(alpine anomalous) So who (or what) is disposing of dead animals in plastic bags; how come authorities were unable to determine which kind of meat was found?

Is there another player in the animal-mutilation game? Aliens don’t do plastic wrappers!



Quirks of the Day:


Man, 22, missing at Lake Mead Marina (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) – 7-May-2017

with all their search-and-rescue gear, the man is nowhere to be found.


Then a man’s body is discovered drowned in the same area:

(alpine anomalous) note that both men are aged 22.



Fisherman missing in Copano Bay (Texas, USA) – 6-May-2017

this one just stepped out of his boat …

“The missing man’s cellphone, fishing gear and other items were found on the 18-foot boat, he said.”


Mentor dog missing from Castro Valley home found dead (California, USA) – 6-May-2017

“Our front yard is such that he can’t get out unless someone opened the gate for him, and he would never go out on his own. There’s no reason for it. It’s not possible,” Jacobson said on Tuesday. “He was likely driven away. It’s not likely someone walked by our house, as we are out on a country road.”


So how did the dog escape its enclosure?




The body of a man was found beheaded early Monday afternoon in the Itoupavazinha neighborhood in Blumenau (southern Brasil) 1-May-2017


Mutilated body found in Mahape (Mumbai, India) – 8-May-2017$


The Mayan calendar seemingly ended on 21 December 2012, but somebody got the year wrong: it’s 2017. Have a Nice Day!!!




Creepy Tales

The wool is being pulled over our eyes

Aren’t you fed up with government lies?


Heads are cleaved with surgical skill

A master cut and n’er the blood to spill;

That’s been taken aboard their ship


Siphoned out

Made ready for Space

Something is messing with the human race


Missing children

All over the news

The local news

Not the national news!



Missing Persons Day,Virginia (USA) – 19-Apr-2017


(alpine anomalous) The Americans have a remembrance day for everything! Let’s remember the missing, not find them.



Missing children Alberta (Canada) – 26-Mar-2017


Missing children, Houston, Texas (USA) – 28-Mar-2017


Missing children, Washington D.C. (USA) – 19-Apr-2017


34 children reported missing in Central Virginia (USA) – 7-Apr-2017


Children are disappearing all over:


Four girls missing from Children’s Home (Kingston, Jamaica) – 22-Apr-2017


“Reports from the Hunts Bay police are that the girls were last seen at the children’s home about 9:30 am yesterday.”


(alpine anomalous) Are you not reminded of endangered species being “removed” from game parks and zoo’s?


Quite the cull






In Colorado, a family’s two pit bull terriers disappeared. One minute they were there,

then they were gone.



The dogs were both found two miles away near a railroad track. Both had been decapitated.


A typical response from Law Enforcement:


  • – The case has been inactivated because there are no suspects and no leads, but that would change if more information surfaced in the case, according to Megan Terlecky, spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – There is no evidence that the dogs were intentionally killed, but “there’s definitely a strong possibility this is animal abuse,” she said, adding that there is no “direct evidence” that the dogs were tied down.
  • – Terlecky said the case is “very difficult for us without the public’s help.”


No evidence

No leads

No clues

The police need to listen

To alternative views!



There’s more.


In the small east African country of Malawi, a man was found hanging in a tree. He was headless. Some say he was killed elsewhere, some say he committed suicide. Nobody says how he got into the tree minus his head.


Decapitated man found hanging from tree in Bunda forest (Malawi) 22-Apr-2017



Now for something totally outrageous. Someone or something is decapitating statues. It’s as if the –villains of your choice– are not seeing the difference between real mammals and artistic renditions. Come on, it has to be ROBOTS piloting the ships. No understanding of our reality.


Watch the video on the page as the forensic team checks out the “dead” statue (and note the sophisticated cuts in the metal):


a Taiwan Independence Group has admitted to the crime:


“There may be some connection to other incidents involving statues in Taiwan. There have been a number of cases of vandalism in which statues of Chiang Kai-shek, who ruled Taiwan after the end of World War II, have been beheaded or splattered with paint.”


(alpine anomalous) If independent activists decapitated the statue, what did they do with the head? The news reporting is very lacking and could be part of a general cover-up:


Same location: Taiwan, but different in execution.


Here, a small hammer was found near the statue (to give investigators a hand?). You don’t remove bronze heads from statues without making a tremendous noise and using heavy-duty equipment. Penknives don’t cut it.


An example from 2015. It just doesn’t get any funnier:


Back to the real world. Decapitated Angel Statues, London (UK) – 2014



“After looking at CCTV footage from cameras at Margravine Cemetery they believe the vandal is a lone male.”


(alpine anomalous) does this mean the CCTV image was not very clear? No arrests, of course.



Who could do such despicable acts?

It can’t be humans

Let’s face the facts!




The month of April was similar to preceeding months:




One small St. Louis County town is missing dozens of teens


here, the children are seen taken by sex-maddened fiends … I wonder?


Men haven’t been seen since Sunday, when they went hunting on Alberta’s Rocher River (Canada)

experienced hunters leave their boat and never come back. Weapons left behind. I wonder where they went?







The Loch Ness Monster is missing


(alpine anomalous) has it disappeared like the other “endangered species”?






Juvenile white rhino dies from injury at South Australian zoo. 26-Apr-2017


From the veterinarian’s findings, this “protected species” appears to have been mutilated and when the cause of death is suspicious, they write things like this:


“Zoo keepers believe Tundu experienced a “significant internal blood loss” injury possibly caused by an incident involving other rhinos yesterday.”




4-meter Crocodile found decapitated (Queensland, Australia) – 24-Apr-17


Python found decapitated (India) 25-Apr-2017


That’s all, Folks!