Animal mutilations have seemingly stopped

Human disappearances however …

That’s another story

Not related to this blog


I’m feeling the weight of age

A lot of bottled rage and crazy talk

It’s time for me to fade away

Go for that long walk

In the woods


My goat herder friend

Has not lost any more goats

To the Invisable Man

Who I wrote about in my first posts


There’s no raison d’être anymore

The animals are safe

The Croydon cat killer

Is now folklore

A new generation of cats

Evened out the score


No doubt in my mind

The predator is smart

The predator is alien


No doubt he’ll ever be caught

But he’s catching humans

Especially those with problems

Psychologically distraught

They all come back dead

Nobody gives them a second thought!


It may be a while before I post again


Thanks for reading!





2-year-old dies after found floating in New Port Richey pool

(07-Mar-20’18) Tampa Bay, Florida. USA


A death investigation is underway after a 2-year-old was found in a New Port Richey pool.

Officers responded Tuesday just before 6 p.m. to a home at 5538 Senate Lane with regards to a missing 2-year-old.

A search was conducted of the home and surrounding areas.

The child was found by officers floating in a neighboring pool.





Airport employee with autism ID’d as body found in Yellow River–law/new-airport-employee-with-autism-body-found-yellow-river/UEUEpVeX9NikJ3Lj3Z3XNM/

(09-Mar-2018) Atlanta, Georgia, USA


A Forest Park womaut_girl2an with autism who was reported missing last month was identified as the body recently found in the Yellow River in Newton County.


Newton County Coroner Tommy Davis confirmed that Shanequa Quanee Sullivan, 23, was found by a fisherman late Saturday. Sheriff’s deputies returned Sunday and removed the body from the river.

Sullivan, who worked at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, was reported missing Feb. 4 by her family. She had worked at the airport for almost a year.





Missing man with autism found deceased in Washtenaw County

(11-Mar-2018) Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA


A 26-year-old man who was missing in Washtenaw County has been found deceased, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say two people were walking in the botanical gardens off of Dixboro Road in Ann Arbor Township Saturday, when they noticed what appeared to be a body partially submerged in a waterway.

The fire department responded and was able to confirm that the deceased subject found was 26-year-old Matthew Urban, who had previously been missing.





Missing Juárez boy found dead in field

(21-Feb-2018) Juarez, Mexico


Seven-year-old was in an area that had been previously searched.

The autistic seven year-old boy who went missing on January 21 in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, was found dead yesterday in a cotton field, a few paces from his last known whereabouts.

The body of James Martín Camacho Padilla, in the same clothes he had on the day he disappeared, was found in an advanced stage of decomposition. Authorities said bruises on the body indicated that the boy had suffered violence.

The cotton field were the body was found is located a few meters from the Rio Grande levee in the Riberas del Bravo neighborhood, just a few blocks from the boy’s grandmother’s home.

One fact that is puzzling investigators is that several searches were conducted in the same field, the most recent last Friday. The farm workers who found the body had also been working in the same area on Monday, but nothing was sighted at the time.

Over 100 volunteers and government officials from both sides of the border joined the search efforts in the days following the boy’s disappearance, and a local group of businesspeople raised the funds for a 200,000-peso (about US $10,000) reward that was posted some days later.

James Camacho was a United States citizen who had moved to Ciudad Juárez with his family just four days before he disappeared.





Decapitated animals found on side of road in Hawaiian Acres sparks outcry online

(28-Feb-2018) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


A video showing what’s believed to be (4) Mouflon Sheep left headless on the side of the road in Hawaiian Acres on the Hilo side of the Big Island caused an outcry on social media.

The reason the video is so controversial is that the animals clearly weren’t used for their meat.

A majority of their bodies were left mainly intact but all were left without their heads.





Headless human body dumped in Luweero town

(05-Mar-2018) Luweero, Uganda, Africa


Police on Monday recovered a headless human body dumped at Kalongo Miti Cell, Kizito Zone in Luweero Town Council.

According to the Savana Region Police Commander, Mr Edward Kyaligonza, the headless body of a male person of about 27 years was first seen by an elderly woman who had taken her cow for grazing at about 10am.

“The suspects could have used a motorcycle because the police sniffer dogs failed to track the movement of the suspects. We are now asking the public to volunteer information so as to ease the investigation process,” a police officer from the CIID who preferred anonymity claimed.





Headless Body of Baby Girl Found in Kalavakunta Reservoir Near Tirupati

(07-Mar-2018) Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India


 A highly decomposed headless body of a baby girl was found in a reservoir near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. The headless body of a baby was found in the Kalavakunta reservoir which is nearly 60 kilometres from Tirupati, police said. Police suspect that the baby might have been one-year-old.

The police also suspect that she might have been beheaded somewhere else while her body was dumped in the reservoir. Locals spotted the body on Monday and alerted the police.





Body found in Genesee River believed to be missing teen Trevyan Rowe

(11-Mar-2018) Rochester, N.Y., USA



Authorities say that a body pulled from the Genesee River shortly before dark on Sunday matches the description of Trevyan Rowe, the teenager hundreds of people had been searching for since Thursday night.

About 5:30 p.m. Sunday, members of the Rochester Police Department and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office scuba teams used side-scan sonar equipment to find a body in the river, according to Ciminelli.

Deane-Williams said that an independent investigation will be conducted relating to Trevyan’s disappearance. The 14-year-old with autism was gone up to 10 hours before his family found out that he was missing, and the school did not notify the boy’s mother, Carrie Houston, as they should have, Rochester City School District officials said Sunday.

Public and private schools with autistic students with a known tendency to walk off are required to have plans to prevent them straying from school grounds and to search for them if they do. Questions regarding whether or not the school followed protocol remain unanswered.

Trevyan’s family said his decision to turn away from the school door and walk off was not like him.

“Autism is a communicative and social disorder so it really adds a layer of complexity. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.”







Water at the back of the house

Each time a child gets drowned


Is the presence of water

The added support required


No loose ends


Perhaps the alien

Likes to make amends

Returning creatures to the Source


Inside-job takes a bath

a swimming pool

Sometimes a water tank

A septic tank

Keep the body cool


It’s usually men

Who are found floating


In rivers, canals, lakes, dams,

aquaducts, creeks, streams,

retention ponds, reservoirs, drains;

the occasional well

suspicious stuff

as far as I can tell


A one-year old child drowned in standing water

Just enough liquid


Only a few animals perished this week

A sheep here, a cat there

Twenty-odd dogs died in Spain last month

Tied to railway tracks

With ropes …





Mutilated remains of ’20 dogs’ found tied to train tracks in Spain

(26-Feb-2018) Four localities around Sevilla, Spain


spanish original:

Hallados 20 perros muertos atados a las vías del tren en varios pueblos de Sevilla


(alpine anomalous) If indeed tied with ropes, the ET theory falls flat. Aliens don’t need artifacts. Errare humanum est!





Missing Krakow man found dead in Vistula River

(06-Mar-2018) Krakow, Poland


Piotr Kijanka mysteriously went missing on his walk home after a night out in Kazimierz with his wife and friends.

The corpse was spotted floating yesterday morning by employees of the Dąbie Barrage. They alerted authorities, who pulled it from the river and suspected that it may be Kijanka due to similar clothes. Thereafter the man’s credit cards, ID, and wedding ring were also found, and today the man’s family confirmed the identification.

District prosecutor Janusz Hnatko announced that the cause of death appears initially to be drowning. Further research and genetic testing may reveal more information in the coming days.





Student drowns in abandoned pool

(05-Mar-2018) Bhopal, India


A 17-year-old speech and hearing impaired student drowned in an abandoned swimming pool here.

Sohanlal Chadar, hailing from Tikamgarh district, on Saturday drowned in the Sanjay Tarun Pushkar Swimming Pool, an abandoned facility in Pari Bazar area, Shahjahanabad police station inspector Upendra Chhari said on Sunday.

Mr. Chadar scaled the 10-12-foot-high boundary wall of the pool premises, he said. He said that Mr. Chadar was studying in Class VII of a government school for the speech and hearing impaired at Idgah Hills.


(alpine anomalous) the boy couldn’t speak or hear that well but he sure could climb!




Missing student found dead

(06-Mar-2018) Kasaragold, Kerala, India


A Class 10 student of the Chattamchal Higher Secondary School in Kasaragod who had been reported missing since March 1 was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Monday. The decomposed body of the student was recovered from a drainage close to the railway track at Kalnad, near Uduma.

Four acquaintances of the boy, including three juveniles, were interrogated by the police on Monday. The police said the youngsters confessed to consuming drugs on a regular basis.

The police said preliminary investigations pointed out that the boy had been killed after being run over by a train while walking along the track under the influence of drugs. The police suspect that the student was a ganja addict.


(alpine anomalous) No sympathy for the dead boy just the fact that he smoked marijuana. How did he supposedly get from the tracks into the drain once the train hit him?





Two three-year-old’s drown in Cape Town school’s pool

(02-Mar-2018) Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town – Two toddlers are confirmed to have drowned in the pool of a Hout Bay school, Western Cape police have confirmed.

Police divers on Friday did a thorough search of the pool after the bodies of two three-year-old’s were found, spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said.

“Children that passed the pool noticed the two bodies floating on the water and called a resident of Imizamo Yethu. He then managed to retrieve the two bodies and they were taken to the fire station in Hout Bay,” he said.

The toddlers were taken to Victoria and Red Cross hospitals, where they were later declared dead.

“The pool was full of water due to the water running from the mountain area. The gate of the school and of the pool was open due to ongoing construction on the premises,” Van Wyk said. Inquest dockets have been opened.




Boy drowns in pool that had been closed for months

(02-Mar-2018) Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Police say a 5-year-old boy drowned in a Florida apartment building’s swimming pool that had been closed for months.

In a Florida Times-Union report , Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mark Musser said police and firefighters were called to the pool Thursday afternoon after maintenance workers tried to help two children in the pool.

The 5-year-old was found unresponsive at the side of the pool and was pronounced dead at a hospital. Musser said the second child was hospitalized but expected to survive.

Musser said the pool had not been open to the building’s residents for several months. He said the pool area was gated and locked.

A resident heard noises from the pool and screamed for help. Musser said maintenance workers jumped the pool’s fence and tried to revive the 5-year-old.


(alpine anomalous) The pool area was gated and locked, so how did the children get in?




Body found in hunt for missing teen last seen at Manchester bar

(03-Mar-2018) Manchester, England


Charlie Pope, 19, from West Disbury, went missing just before 5am on Thursday after leaving the Zombie Shack on New Wakefield Street at around 2.30am.

A statement by Greater Manchester Police said: ‘As part of enquiries being carried out to find 19-year-old Charlie, an underwater search was carried out in the canal just off Whitworth Street West yesterday (Friday 2 March 2018).

‘There are believed to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and a file will be passed to the coroner.’




Missing 14-year-old Quebec girl’s body found behind school

(02-Mar-2018) Laval, Quebec, Canada


LAVAL, Que. — The body of a 14-year-old Laval, Que., girl missing since Monday has been found in a stream behind her school.

Athena Gervais left Ecole Poly-Jeunesse at lunchtime on Monday but didn’t attend classes in the afternoon and did not return home.

Laval police spokeswoman Genevieve Major says the body was found around 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police believe the death was accidental.



4-year-old drowns in Slidell swimming pool

(06-Mar-2018) Slidell, Louisiana, USA


The Slidell Police Department is investigating the death of 4-year-old Timothy Brooks, who was found unresponsive in a swimming pool Monday evening.

Authorities believe the drowning to be accidental, and no charges have been filed at this time; however, the incident is still under investigation.




See what you make of this one. Alien hunters again? Another endangered species?


Mystery teddy bears found floating in North Queensland

(06-Mar-2018) Queensland, Australia


A cuddly, and a little creepy, mystery has gripped the Whitsundays, after a harbour master fished three teddy bears from the sea in three days, sparking a call for clues.

Shute Harbour harbour master Brad Teys said his heart leapt when he spotted the first floating stuffed bear.

“When I first saw it from a window here, I thought it was a baby,” he said.









All for Science

Science for All

If it’s not human

we should not play ball!


Many kinds of alien

Out there

Four majors, thousands of minors

A myriad of shapes

And forms


They are a modern society

By their standards …




What I’m noticing the most lately are children of young age being found unresponsive in swimming pools. This is puzzling.


Tragic accidents or something more sinister?





Toddler pulled from pool near Hartselle in critical condition

(26-Feb-2018) Hartselle, Alabama, USA


Investigator Jeff Reynolds of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said the child was with his mother and other family members at a home on Garrison Road. When it was discovered the child was missing, the adults searched the home, then outside, Reynolds said.

A family member found the boy in an above-ground pool in the back yard of the home, pulled him from the pool and started CPR, Reynolds said.




Montreal teen dies about a week after being found at bottom of swimming pool

(21-Feb-2018) Montreal, Quebec, Canada


A Montreal teenager (14) has died about a week after being found at the bottom of a swimming pool following his high school gym class.

No one noticed the Grade 8 student’s absence when his class left the pool deck and it was the next group that found him.

Police previously said there was no criminal investigation.





Vermillion Girl Drowns Saturday In Brookings Swimming Pool

(26-Feb-2018) Brookings, South Dakota, USA


A 7-year-old Vermillion girl died Saturday after being pulled from the swimming pool at the Days Inn in Brookings.

Brooklyn Williams, the daughter of Heather Anglin of Vermillion, had gone swimming at the pool with other family members and was found at the bottom of the pool Saturday night.

The girl reportedly wasn’t breathing after an adult jumped in and pulled her from the pool. According to Derrick Powers, assistant chief of the Brookings Police Department, CPR was started on the girl immediately.


(alpine anomalous) There’s always the Water aspect with the predator. People are abducted, some are kept but many are thrown back and more than often land in water. They are found face-down (as if dropped). When there is no water, victims end up in wooded areas; sometimes buried under leaves. Many of these swimming pool drownings may well be the work of the predator. The predator has invisibility qualities.

In the February post, “Vested”, I focussed on Toddler Deaths. Well these haven’t stopped and seem to be increasing. Autistic children of all ages continue to be taken.




Missing 13-year-old Ohio boy found dead

(23-Feb-2018) Ada, Ohio, USA


A 13-year-old autistic boy who was reported missing Friday in Hardin County has been found dead.

Samuel Rowold was last seen at his home near Ada, Ohio around 3:30pm Friday. The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office said he left home with no shoes.

According to the Sheriff’s office, his body was recovered from a pond a short distance from his home.





Missing teen found dead in woods

(23-Feb-2018) Glen Falls, New York, USA

The body was determined Friday to be that of 15-year-old Trevor Ellsworth, who had been missing from his Oak Street home since Feb. 15.


(alpine anomalous) everything points to a suicide, but is it?






Severed foot in running shoe found in Canada belonged to missing Washington man

(23-Feb-2018) British Columbia, Canada


Authorities say a severed foot in a running shoe found on a Vancouver Island beach belonged to a Washington man.

The Seattle Times reports 79-year-old Stanley Okumoto had been missing since Sept. 19. His partial remains were found in November along a beach near Neah Bay, about a mile from where his car was found by authorities.

It was the 13th severed foot to mysteriously wash up in British Columbia since 2007, according to the New York Times.

A tibia and fibula attached to a left human foot with a white ankle sock in a black running shoe was found in December on a Vancouver Island beach in the hamlet of Jordan River.

The Sooke Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent the leg to the coroners’ service. DNA testing confirmed that the foot and leg belonged to Okumoto, according to CTV News.

The rest of Okumoto’s body was found two months later, intact apart from the missing limb. The medical examiner didn’t release further details in the case.



(alpine anomalous) severed-foot fetish? Why are severed feet found in British Columbia and nowhere else? If aliens are responsible, is there a base nearby?!





 Headless body found floating in Loire river


(20-Feb-2018) Nantes, western France


<translated from the French original>


One person made a macabre discovery Monday 19 walking Quai Emile Cormerais Saint-Herblain near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). It was the beginning of the afternoon when this person saw on the surface of the Loire, near the Cheviré bridge, a floating body. He then warned the firefighters who quickly intervened on site with a team of divers.

When the corpse came out of the water, the rescuers realized that he had neither head nor legs. According to Ouest-France, an autopsy is to be performed on Tuesday 20 to determine the exact causes of the death of this victim, apparently a man, but has not yet been identified.

(The man was in a depressive state and had been missing for a month).






South Africa: A pastor drowns trying to baptize his followers!

Afrique du Sud: Un pasteur se noie en essayant de baptiser ses fidèles !

(09-Feb-2018) Seshego, South Africa


A tragedy has just fallen on Seshego in South Africa. In fact, a pastor allegedly drowned by baptizing members of his church in the Blood River Village River. The faithful who were to be baptized are in shock.

Although the pastor’s body was found, several sources maintain that this is not the first time a pastor drowns in a river during baptisms in South Africa.

IPSS Medical Rescue spokesperson Paul Herbst said he was rushed to the scene with a team of police divers, where a search was conducted to find the body of the deceased. 36 year old man.

“A search operation was conducted and the body of the victim was located at a depth of 4m under water. The body was found and handed over to the Bhekithemba investigators at the scene, “he said.

A young boy also drowned, but was saved. But according to Paul, the exact circumstances that led to drowning remain unknown. He explains that worshipers discovered the young, breathing boy who was floating in the water and brought him to the shore.


(alpine anomalous) who or what killed the priest? He didn’t float to the surface but was found suspended in the water at 12 feet. The boy (he was eventually baptizing) came up alive.

This is not the first time that priests have been targeted at baptisms so there must be a common thread. We’ve seen this past month a number of mammals that may have attracted the predator due to strong emotions being emitted prior to their abductions. Negative emotions. The priest at the ceremony emitted positive emotions, but strong emotions nevertheless.






Baby Found With Bleeding Nose Dies at Hospital: NYPD

(23-Feb-2018) Harlem, New York, USA


Police are investigating how an infant girl died after being found bleeding from the nose and unresponsive in her East Harlem home Friday morning, police sources say.

Five-month-old Tamiyah Davis’s mother called 911 after returning home shortly after 11 a.m. to find the baby unresponsive and bleeding, the sources say. The child’s father and two siblings were also home at the time.

The baby was taken by EMS to Harlem Hosptial, where she was declared dead.






Outrage over another mutilated dog in Córdoba

Indignación por otro perro muerto por mutilaciones en Córdoba

(22-Feb-2018) Cordoba, Argentina


<translated from the Spanish original>


The animal was skinned and tortured in 90% of its body.

“He arrived in a state of shock with hypothermia, dehydrated and in pain, he had about 80% or 90% of the skin completely detached, very neatly so the most probable thing is that it was a human act,” the doctor told Crónica.

For his part, Lopez said: “Yes or yes they have cut it, there is no way that this was an accident, a car can not do this. It’s crazy It was intentional, the cut is very precise. ”

The veterinarians did what they could, but the wounds were very deep and “Bombón” could not resist. He died on Thursday, at 13. The identity of the author of the act is unknown, therefore he is a fugitive.





Warning in Cipolletti for the massive poisoning of animals

Alerta en Cipolletti por el envenenamiento masivo de animales

(24-Feb-2018) Rio Negro, Argentina


The surprise death of many pets in Cipolletti caught the alert among the citizens. After the death of five dogs on Thursday, February 15, in the neighborhood of September 12, more cases were added in the Del Trabajo neighborhood and they assure that it also happened in San Lorenzo. At least six dogs and a cat died unexpectedly in the neighborhood September 12 and the neighbors are convinced that it was a massive poisoning.

Valeria Arreguy is a veterinarian and also head of the Zoonoses department of the municipality, ruled out that it is some possible fumigation by the municipality. She also revealed that one of the cases she treated was found to be organo-phosphate. To determine more accurately they should perform laboratory analysis. The animals that suffered the poisoning had several symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, high temperature and tremors.






A decapitated young man was found Thursday by his relatives in a wooded area of ​​the Las Torres de Charallave sector, Miranda state.

Un joven decapitado fue hallado este jueves por sus parientes en una zona boscosa del sector Las Torres de Charallave, estado Miranda.

(22-Feb-2018) Miranda, Venezuela


The victim responded to the name of Natkin Rubén Díaz Rangel, and was 16 years old. Because the teenager did not arrive at his house, his family worried and went looking for him in the area.






Sridevi forensic report says she drowned in hotel bathtub after losing consciousness

(27-Fev-2018) Dubai, U.A.E.


(alpine anomalous) big-time Indian superstar on tour in Dubai loses consciousness and drowns in bath. If this was our predator at work, what kind of emotion could have attracted it? Big if but in line with all the other cases of (mainly) children being found unresponsive (in water) lately. Adults don’t usually drown in bathtubs (but children do!).





1 dead after drowning in Madison County

(27-Feb-2018) Madison County, Alabama, USA


A woman drowned at a home on Bridle Ridge Drive in east Madison County on Tuesday morning.

A family member found the woman in a bathtub.

The victim was 40-years-old. Foul play is not being considered at this time.





West Michigan toddler drowns in standing water in her backyard

(21-Feb-2018) Sheridan, Michigan, USA


A 1-year-old girl’s drowning death is being investigated by Michigan State Police.

According to a release from MSP, the little girl walked away from her house and found her way into standing water in her backyard in Fairplain Township, in Montalm County. The water was from heavy rain and melting snow run off, police say.

Troopers were dispatched to the home just before 10:15 a.m. Wednesday on reports of a 2 ½-year-old child — the little girl’s sibling — who was found walking near the roadway. When trooper’s responded to that report, they found the 1-year-old in the water. Police did say the parents were home when police arrived. The 1-year-old was taken to Sheridan Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.The 2 ½-year-old child is safe and with family, according to police.










In the last blog, I reported on the case of a Canadian man who went missing in upstate New York. He had been skiing with a group on Whiteface Mountain and decided to go out alone one final time. He never came back. Six days later he was found on a road in Sacramento, California still dressed in his ski gear. He had no memory and was confused.


Like with most missing-person cases, they looked everywhere for the skier; brought in tracker dogs and helicopters. Volunteers spent over 7000 hours combing the mountain. Nothing. At one point, even Homeland Security were called in.


Once he had regained his senses, the man spoke of being transported in what he believed was a large truck (18-wheeler).


On YouTube, I watched a couple of videos on the subject by SecureTeam10, a UFO channel. Four hundred thousand views with over five thousand comments and still no expansion on the flying-saucer hypothesis.


It seems that the man phoned his wife from Sacramento using a brand-new iphone; he also had had a haircut. Here, the amateur sleuths on the channel went wild: where did the telephone come from? How come he had a haircut? [Nobody was asking where his skis and batons were; he was found still wearing the (ski) helmet and goggles!].


So who (or what) took the man? Your guess is as good as mine.


“A press conference was scheduled for Wednesday. More information about the case was expected to be released then.”


More information was expected


“Police say that since no crime was committed, Filippidis was not detained. He has since returned to Toronto.”–474851573.html


End of story. No crime was committed. Aliens are not criminals. Flying saucers are not real. Get a life.


The response from Law Enforcement is pitiful:


No crime = No need to get further involved.


The (bully) crime-stoppers, i.e. the Police, need in this case to be superseded by an investigative force solely responsible for aliens (and their misdeeds). There are so many anomalous events happening world-wide that are mistakenly dealt with by local law enforcement, nothing ever gets resolved.


That’s not true in the case of the decapitated orangutan found in Borneo. The act appeared similar to (assumed) ET mutilations, but proved to be farmers eliminating the orangutan pest which was decimating its pineapple crop.


Can you possibly imagine skiing on a mountain (where it’s cold), taking a wrong turn and ending up 3000 miles away (where it’s hot), still wearing the same clothes? This is science-fiction.


Can you possibly imagine an 18-wheeler truck (with its low hum; something heard before) on a ski trail high in the mountains?


Can you possibly imagine that the man was  “frozen in time” for 6 days? He may have needed a haircut and a phone call to his wife, but what about having something to eat?!


Animal mutilations are now quite sporadic. Human  disappearances however are on the increase with larger groups of people continuing to be targeted (see below).






Family of missing diver to view body found floating near Cedros

(18-Feb-2018) Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies)


Relatives of Chevonne Bartholemew are expected to view the body of a man which was fished out of the waters of the Gulf of Paria yesterday, to determine if the body is indeed that of the missing diver.


The body was fished out of the waters at about 2:00 pm on Wednesday in the waters off Cedros. It was clad in a black wetsuit and a diver’s weight belt was tied to it. However, there was no oxygen tank attached to the body.

The 37-year-old man of Flamboyant Crescent, Valencia, went missing on January 29.



(alpine anomalous) who stole the diver’s oxygen tank?






‘Very low’: Outrage after 15 mutilated sharks discovered on rocks

(20-Feb-2018) Adelaide, south Australia


Fifteen dead sharks have been found mutilated and lined up along a rock wall at Fingal Head on the NSW Far North Coast.

An investigation has been launched after the grisly display was found by a local resident walking by the river on Friday.




Ms Gardener said it was the smell that led her to the gruesome discovery.

“It smelt so bad and I can only guess they were caught and killed very early that morning or very late last night,” she said.

“When will people realise how important sharks are to our eco system? The ocean needs sharks we need the ocean. Stop screwing up the planet,” another person commented.







A Tale of 4 dogs

three dogs starved to death while the fourth was found decapitated.

As I’ve been seeing ‘strong emotions’ as the precursor to some human disappearances, perhaps in this case it was ANGUISH (on behalf of the dogs) that attracted the predator?


Whatever the mammal, if in a state of distress, an invisible signal seems to be perceived by our ET predator.


“Jackson was arrested after Butler County dog wardens found four dead dogs in her backyard last week. Jackson told WCPO she stopped feeding the dogs because she barely had enough money to feed her kids.”


(alpine anomalous) sidenote : not everybody is rich in America.






Coyote found decapitated in Southeast Michigan intersection

(20-Feb-2018) Wayne, Michigan, USA


WAYNE, MI – Police in Wayne are trying to figure out how a decapitated coyote ended up in an intersection earlier this month – and what happened to its missing head.


The body was frozen. It was missing fur on its tail and stomach, and had open sores on its body, the publication reported.





Drowned dog found floating in Blackburn canal



(20-Feb-2018) Blackburn, Lancashire, England




Pregnant Minnesota woman who went missing for more than two weeks found dead in national park






“They” continue to abduct larger and larger groups of humans and animals!






Bodies of 5 ‘woodcutters’ found floating

(19-Feb-2018) Kurnool/Chennai, India


The bodies of five unidentified persons, suspected to be labourers of Tamil Nadu, were found floating in a tank near Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh early on Sunday.

Nearly 30 woodcutters of Tamil Nadu came in a lorry to Vontimitta two days ago and some of them could have jumped into the water in a bid to escape from being caught during vehicle checking, they said.



Seven bodies found floating in Andhra lake

(18-Feb-2018) Andhra Pradesh, India


Hyderabad: A suspected case of mass suicide by seven people has rocked Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

The local people spotted the bodies floating in a lake at Ontimitta on Kadapa-Renigunta road this morning and alerted the police.

Kadapa district superintendent of police Nagi Reddy said, “The bodies don’t have any external injuries. The cause of their deaths could be ascertained only after the post-mortem examination.”



(alpine anomalous) in both of the above cases, the police are claiming “suicide”. What else can they say?






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Back in the day, I read countless science-fiction novels that spoke of far-away galaxies filled with creatures that were unlike us.


UFO sightings in 2017 were at an all-time high. For example Florida USA with 490

but according to official sources, UFOs do not exist. They are not real.


A quasi science-fiction book I picked up in 1997 was “The Day after Roswell” by Col. Philip J. Corso (ret.). Here, a retired US army colonel swears that UFOs do exist and that they are real.


Who is telling the truth?


Animal mutilations started en masse in the mid-1970’s and in the beginning, hundreds of cattle were found mutilated in both North and South America. (Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA being the top four countries). Their numbers diminished over the years, but the scope of the mutilation operation became world-wide and all animals became concerned.


Any good UFO hunter suspects deep down that ET is behind the mutilations. Governments on the other hand will disavow anything to do with “flying saucers”.


Every single mammal on the planet is being targeted.


The case last year of a penguin that disappeared from its cage in a German zoo and was later found decapitated in the zoo’s car park shows unexplained phenomena. The penguin did not walk through the walls of its cage but was de-materialized. Not a human act.


Ask yourself why this highly-anomalous activity has been going on for such a long time and nothing has been put in place to stop it?


In Corso’s book, he talks of the Roswell cover-up:




“Was it a flying saucer? The last time a public announcement of a landing by extraterrestrials took place, even though it was entertainment*, panic ensued. In the afternath of the war, and the fears surrounding the Cold War, we didn’t want to risk another panic. So the military recommended and the White House agreed to clam up. Just like the secrecy surrounding the Manhattan Project**, no word gets out. And for the next fifty years that policy, once put into place, governed the behaviour of the U.S. government and the military about the existence of UFOs and the crash at Roswell.”


*Orson Welles (actor) reading The War of the Worlds (science-fiction novel) on public radio in 1938.

**Manhattan Project: building the atomic bomb



(alpine anomalous) Nothing has changed, we are still kept in the dark on “flying saucers”. Will they be coming soon to expand on their policies for humankind or will these “mutilations” be shown to be part of a global psychological operation (psy-op) our own governments are playing on us?! Someone should really come clean on all of this!


(alpine anomalous) In the mutilation field, I favour the evil-space-alien theory. There is certainly more than one malicious group out there!



Is it the Gov

Doing all these crimes

Or creatures from another star

Far from humankind?







Family wants answers after daughter drowns in hotel swimming pool

(09-Feb-2018) Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


The call came in around 8 p.m. Saturday night: a little girl was not breathing in the water of the indoor swimming pool at the SpringHill Suites Oceanfront Marriott.

5-year-old Skylar Alexander was at her cousin’s birthday pool party. Her mother Dashelle Speller has a lot of questions.

“When I bury my daughter, I would like to know everything that happened to her… like what led up to it happening to her, the reason for it,” Speller said. “How long was she there? What happened?”

Speller added that they’re waiting for autopsy results to come back. “It’s still a mystery to us of what happened to our baby,” she said.




Second body found in Trondheim river

(12-Feb-2018) Trondheim, Norway


Police in Trondheim are investigating the deaths of two men after the bodies of both of them were found separately but within 12 hours of each other during the weekend. Both bodies were found at approximately the same spot along the river, Nidelva, that runs through the central Norwegian city.

State broadcaster NRK first reported that the body of a 21-year-old student who’d been reported missing on Saturday was found at around 3:40am on Sunday near the Bakke Bridge that runs over the river in Trondheim. The cause of death was initially unknown and police said the body would be sent for autopsy on Monday.

On early Sunday afternoon police were called again after the body of another man was found floating in the river at approximately the same location, near the Bakke Bridge.

It was unclear how long the man had been lying in the water and also unclear how he’d landed there. “That will be the subject of further investigation,” police for the district of Trøndelag reported. They did not initially suspect criminal activity in the second death either.








Police directs investigation into alleged parental negligence

(07-Feb-.2018) Fiji (Oceania)


Investigation into parental negligence has been directed following the deaths of two children in less than a week.

The directive has been given after the body of a two-year-old boy of Lomanikaya Village in Vatulele was found floating in the sea on Sunday afternoon.

The victim had allegedly left his home unaccompanied and he was later discovered floating in the sea 15 meters away from his home.

Yesterday the body of another boy (4) was found floating near the shore at Naceva village in Beqa by his father.

The victim had gone with another relative to clean their boat when he was allegedly told to return home. He was found some time later floating near the shore and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.










‘They just left his head’: Lions maul ‘poacher’ to death in South Africa game reserve

(12-Feb-2018) Limpopo, South Africa


A suspected poacher has been mauled to death by a pack of lions in South Africa.

Local police said very little of the man’s body was left in the aftermath of the grisly attack. “It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions. They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains,” a spokesperson for Limpopo police told AFP.



(alpine anomalous) Limpopo in the northern part of South Africa is lion country and there, many lions have been found decapitated. Now do you really think a pack of lions attacked this man? If so, I wonder how many rounds the poacher got off before he was overcome?!







Bodies of Missing kids found floating in village tank

(13-Feb-2018) Kakinada, India


The bodies of two kids, brother and sister were found floating in the village tank in Tirumalayapalem village of Gokavaram Mandal, 50kms from here on Tuesday morning.

The children were reported missing since last evening.

Gokavaram police who registered a case identified the deceased as Shaik Satharbi (4) and her brother Shaik Abdullah (3).

Police believe that the siblings might have slipped accidentally into the tank and drowned while playing.









Missing Whiteface skier found alive in California

(13-Feb-2018) Whiteface Mountain, New York, USA


New York State Police said Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, of Toronto, was found 2,900 miles away Tuesday in Sacramento.

Filippidis was reported missing last Wednesday by friends who said he could not be found as the resort was closing.

His belongings were found at the lodge and his car was still in the parking lot.

Ramagano said Filippidis did not have a history of mental illness or substance abuse.

He said Filippidis was found wearing the same ski gear, including the helmet and goggles, he was last seen in when he was reported missing.

He said Filippidis was found confused and unable to answer questions as to how he got to California.


(alpine anomalous) maybe he took the wrong kind of ski-lift?






I had the following missing-person case tagged as suspicious (August 2017). Where did the girl go? It seems she was taken by a predator of the human kind!

A former soldier suspected of being a serial killer involved in the slaughter of a British family last night admitted “accidentally” killing a girl who vanished during a wedding in France.



(15-Feb-2018) eastern France





Vest, Vested, Vested interests


Secret societies

Secret groups

Secret handshakes

Secret goings-on


These secret people

Have been around

For centuries

So secret

Nobody knows they exist


One fine day down new mexico way, u.s.a.

A crashed flying disc was discovered

It went the secret way

Straight to the top

The whole craft

To the engineering shop

They had to know how it flew

And what goodies they could shop!


Alien tech

Technology from the Stars

Inside the ship

A cornucopia right out of Mars!

One gadget, a Canadian man* saw

A Vein Scanner; a medical tool

The deluxe model scanned

Muscle and bone

To make our human doctors drool!

We can reverse-engineer it

The scientists jumped for joy

The 6 million-dollar man

Is well within our ploy


Sounds like Ultrasound

Only Grey aliens need apply

We have everything on the planet

To heal:






“Of course, her doctors offered her chemotherapy which is standard medical treatment.”




Chimo therapy

Another done deal

It doesn’t work

Wrong anatomy

Wrong molecular structure

Is this also Alien Tech?

I wouldn’t put it past

Those at the beck and call

Of the world changers

To Invest


Vest, vested, vested interests.




*YouTube video: Alien Abductee Describes Alien Technology (Vein Recognition)







Last week, a sizeable amount of autistic children found dead in pools. This week, many 2-year olds. Many 2-year olds. Our predator-friend likes ‘em young.





Mutilated man suspected to have been killed for ritual purposes

(29-Jan-2018) Gaborone, Botswana (southern Africa)


A Molepolole man whose body was found mutilated and dumped in the bush at Mapape lands last week was laid to rest at the village cemetery on Friday.

Following the grisly discovery, 43-year-old Punaka Lesego’s decomposed body was hurriedly buried as his aggrieved relatives struggled to come to terms with his untimely death.

Without any date of death indicated on the grave, Lesego explained that Punaka had gone missing for eight days when his body was found dumped at the lands just 10km outside Molepolole. “We couldn’t indicate the date of his death because we don’t even have a clue,” he said as a matter of fact.

“We could not believe it. His body is said to have been found by passersby at Mapape lands, which is 10Km on the opposite direction from Molepolole. His body was dumped in the bush and it does not make sense to us what he was doing at that village. Things just do not add up,” said the distraught Lesego.





Two mutilated bodies found in Shimla

(02-Feb-2018) Shimla, northern India (Himalayan foothills)


Two youths were brutally murdered on the outskirts of this capital town as their mutilated bodies were recovered by police … After the crime both the bodies were thrown in deep gorges.

SP Shimla Oam Pati Jamwal said Naveen(32) and Chander Prakesh (19) both residents of Sirmaur district, were found murdered near Sheel village of Shoghi in the district this morning.



(alpine anomalous) No mention how they were murdered, but to be found in deep gorges hints at their being dropped (by an overhead ET craft). It may also be a murder with the police actively looking for missing clues.






Someone (or Something) has it in for Toddlers!



Glendale Police: 2-year-old girl dies after being pulled from pool

(03-Feb-2018) Glendale, Arizona, USA


A 2-year-old girl has reportedly died after she was pulled from a pool in Glendale Friday night.

Officials say a fence was around the pool but an investigation is ongoing at this time. It is still being determined if criminal charges will apply, police say




3-year-old drowns in Tolleson pool Sunday afternoon

(15-Jan-2018) Tolleson, Arizona, USA


Phoenix police say a young boy is dead after he was found in a backyard pool in Tolleson Sunday afternoon.

According to officials, a 3-year-old boy was found on the side of the pool and taken to the hospital in serious condition, but later died.

(alpine anomalous) distance from Tolleson to Glendale (Arizona) = 15 miles




2-Year-Old Child Dies After Drowning in Pool in Corona

(05-Feb-2018) Corona, California, USA


A 2-year-old was pronounced dead after drowning in a pool early Saturday evening in the city of Corona, authorities announced Monday.

When police arrived to the scene, they found family members performing CPR on the toddler after he or she was “found unresponsive in the pool,” officials said in a news release.






Indian River County 2-year-old dies after being found unconscious in pool

(29-Jan-2018) Florida, USA


A 2-year-old child in Indian River County was pronounced dead after being found unconscious in a pool Monday evening, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Because the death is still under an active investigation, no further details are immediately available,




2-year-old found frozen to death on porch

(05-Feb-2018) Akron, Ohio, USA


Police were called to the Willow Run Apartments in Ellet about 3:30 p.m. Friday after the mother discovered the girl, police said. Temperatures in Akron on Friday ranged between 12 and 19 degrees, according to Accu­Weather.

“I cried because I just don’t understand how a 2-year-old could be outside and you not know,” neighbor Crystal Lucas said.



(alpine anomalous) when you read the article, the mother lives in a violent environment. Lot of anger there that could (eventually) have attracted the predator … actively seeking out two-year old children in the USA. Alternative take: the child was snatched from her home by a psychopathic neighbour; the mother wasn’t paying attention.






Mutilated tiger sharks found washed up on Freo beach sparks fisheries investigation

(01-Feb-2018) North Fremantle, western Australia


“I’m also disturbed the offender discarded the remains on a beach close to a swimming area.

“The fishing activity appears to have been targeted to attract large sharks and therefore fishers should be mindful of the concerns and safety of other water users.

“I’m concerned that fishing for large sharks on popular beaches could be attracting sharks closer to swimming areas.”






Body found floating at Genazzano Beach, Westbrook

(07-Feb-2018) Westbrook. South Africa


A father’s grief over his son’s suicide is believed to be behind the discovery of a body found floating just off Genazzano Beach this morning.

“The man came down from Johannesburg for a family funeral when he found out that his son committed suicide in Johannesburg yesterday.”

“We suspect that he walked into the ocean. We started searching for him, but it was too dark.

Sadack said they found the man’s car parked at Casuarina Beach – left open with the keys and all his belongings inside.



(alpine anomalous) another strong emotion, grief. Did this (shout-out) attract the predator through the ethers? Far too melodramatic for the father to have killed himself.




Missing Christchurch man found dead

(09-Feb-2018) Christchurch, New Zealand


Missing Christchurch man Brendon Laughton has been found dead.

There were no suspicious circumstances and his death had been referred to the Coroner,

Crozier’s business partner, Sarcha Every, earlier said Crozier had concern for Brendon’s mental wellbeing, but his disappearance was “completely out of character”.


(alpine anomalous) this man was having mental problems pushing his stress levels to the extremes. What if he too fell prey to our strong-emotion-attracted predator?















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N.B. – Nota Bene – Noir-Blanc –

N.B. – Nota Bene – Noir-Blanc –

N.B. – Nota Bene – Noir-Blanc –

N.B. – Nota Bene – Noir-Blanc –

Never Before



Poetry, poem


The other day I was walking

Just going

To be confronted

By a street cleaner

Who I had triggered

For not obeying the Law

I earlier left a paper carrier bag

On the ground

The horror, the shame

It was his domain

I got screamed at

“it is forbidden!”

“it is forbidden!”

forbiden fruit tastes the best

it must have been my silly hat

this picture-perfect place

where I live

where I’m at

just pay your taxes

and do nothing

leave things to the professionals

they’ll chase the aliens

move along now

nothing to see here






Just the other day something written on Rudolf Steiner caught my eye:


“Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception.”



In the last post (“Count Down”), I focussed on the ever-increasing group deaths:


-5- young boys in India

-5- engineering students in India

-3- snorkelers in Hawaii

-4- dogs in the USA


We can’t blame humans for these killings; it has to be beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception: at a rough guess, our invisible predator-friends hiding in the infra-red (light) spectrum. We can’t see them but they can see us.


Since 1975, animals have been found mutilated. Not one predator has been caught, no evidence is found; it’s one big mystery.


A couple of months back, I wrote about a man in England who had a marital dispute and was sent to sleep on the living-room couch. The next day, he was found dead and decomposed. Wow!


Perhaps it was the anger felt by the man that attracted the predator? (these acts are not done by humans). In other dimensions, strong emotions may be “seen”? A shining light in a sea of dark? Maybe a ship is sent (or just appears); the victim checked and then discarded when the “emotion” is no longer present? NB: for future protection, should these alien “investigations” increase, it would be wise to keep one’s cool at all times and never get upset! In this way, nobody will be singled out. Once we know their tricks, “our friends” might go away and find someone else to bother?!


Emotions change our overall frequencies.


Each creature on the planet has a different frequency. As, over the years, the predator has sampled every single mammal, “we” are certainly catalogued in alien computers (for whatever their agenda is). Human beings must vary in emotions the most and from what is happening on a daily basis, “samples” of these emotions/specificities are now seemingly being sought after by the alien. “Alien” is not “Human”. Different strokes for different “folks”.


<just pure speculation on my part>, <poetry is fiction>, <science-fiction is poetry>



However, last week a number of small children were found dead in suspicious circumstaces: all were autistic.



Missing autistic child dies after being found floating in apartment complex pond

(28-Jan-2018) Daytona Beach, Florida, USA


DAYTONA BEACH — A 6-year-old boy reported missing at an apartment complex Sunday afternoon was found floating in a retention pond, police said. He did not survive.

Officers interviewed the child’s father and his grandmother and learned the boy was in the living room of the apartment with his father while the grandmother was in her bedroom. The father went to use the bathroom and when he returned London was gone, Longa said.

The father looked all over the apartment then asked the boy’s grandmother if she had seen him. The father went outside and saw the boy in a pond just east of the apartment and called police, Longa said.

Dispatchers summoning rescue workers to the scene said the child was autistic.

Daytona Beach Police Sgt. Mike Oteri, who was on scene, said the incident didn’t appear suspicious.



On July 26, 2017 another child was found drowned in the same area:

Deputies: 5-year-old drowning victim was autistic

The 5-year-old boy who drowned in a Deltona pool Tuesday was autistic and under the care of his father, who had fallen asleep when his son went missing,



(alpine anomalous) Is there just an abundance of autistic children in Florida or is autism the reason that the child was (eventually) targeted, abducted and killed? Do autistic children operate at a different frequency than other children? What are they projecting that attracts the predator?




Body of missing 4-year-old girl with autism found in pond

(04-Dec-2017) Port St. Lucie, Florida




The Dolphin Experience

An interesting observation made by Dr. Steve Jozsef of Living from the Heart, and David Cole of the Aquathought Foundation was that human brain waves shift from high-frequency beta to low-frequency alpha/theta waves after a dolphin encounter.

Beta waves are associated with increased concentration, alertness, and enhanced memory function. In contrast, theta waves are associated with enhanced creativity, sensory integration, and altered states of consciousness.

For the sake of reference, people exhibit theta waves in the fleeting moments when they drift from consciousness into sleep. It is a rare state that has been implicated in the “psychoneuroimmunology response’; the relationship between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Theta brainwaves are associated with insight, intuition and a feeling of connectedness to others.


Beta Brainwaves: 13-40 Hz

associated with worry, stress, paranoisa, fear, irritability, moodiness, anger

people spend most of their time in the beta states,


Alpha Brainwaves: 7-13 Hz

Meditation and relaxation

A harmonious, peaceful state


Theta Brainwaves: 3-7 Hz

Insight, intuition, inspiration

Feel more connected to others


Delta Brainwaves: 0-4 Hz

Rejuvenation. Deep, dreamless sleep

Best state for immune system function,

restoration and health.






Porpoise washes ashore in Oak Bay

(28-Jan-2018) Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada

“From the pictures, it looks like a full grown adult female harbour Porpoise, possibly pregnant, in excellent condition,” said Dr. Hall. “The cause of death is totally undetermined, we would have to conduct a necropsy or I would have to be there in person… but looks like the animal died at sea and came in on the tide.”





Cops hunt cruel thugs who shot and battered a four-month-old puppy to death and left it hanging from a tree

(27-Jan-2018) Sacramento, California, USA


A 4-month-old dog died after being brutally beaten, shot with a BB gun and hanged by her leash from a tree in Sacramento, and a $12,000 reward was offered on Wednesday find the puppy’s killer or killers.

The dog is believed to a Chihuahua-terrier mix. She weighed about 12 pounds.

“From nose to tail, there wasn’t any part of this puppy — about a 4-month-old puppy — that didn’t have fractures somewhere on her body,” Huggins said. “She had abdominal trauma that was so bad that the veterinarian described her liver to look like hamburger meat.”





***     fun corner     ***

see what you make of this news article. It’s as strange as it gets.


Smiling woman arrested after ‘dog walker bashed’

(02-Feb-2018) St. Albans, Victoria, Australia


the police arrest a woman (who keeps smiling at them) for the attempted murder of a 77-year old dog-walker.

The suspect shows no signs of guilt and there is no blood on her person however she does look a bit simple.





“I saw a lady lying down on the driveway with the two little dogs by her body,” neighbour Van Tran told 9NEWS.

“Blood was coming out from the nose.”

“She was so injured she couldn’t speak.

“She goes walking around every day with the two little dogs.”

The younger man says he heard “at least three or four screams” within just a few seconds


(alpine anomalous)  So who (or what) almost killed the senior citizen and how was it done?


     /fun corner



and finally:



Cops dispel rumours of mutilated bodies found with organs missing

(29-Jan-2018) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Sabah police commissioner Datuk Ramli Din said the a recent rumour circulating was that villagers in Kudat district had found two headless bodies of girls with their arms and legs cut off and their organs missing.

“This is not true and we are warning those spreading these rumours to stop or face criminal charges,” he said.

(alpine anomalous) there’s no smoke without fire.