Bingo : Alternative methods of play try to increase participation by creating excitement (Wikipedia). Sheep are in the lead and humans are not too far behind. Not a game for the faint of heart!



This month in England and the USA

Bodies of missing persons are found in rivers every day

“No foul play”

What else can authorities say?


There has been a drop-off in animal crimes

And it’s humans now; a sign of the times

Headless people, what a subject for a rhyme

Not-nice happenings for people in their prime


An Orca supposedly ate a Great White

Removed its liver and took its privates

(out of spite?)

Done with surgical precision

Said the veterinarian on site

The shark was thirteen feet long

It must have been in a major fight!


Check out the video linked below

About a farmer down in New Mexico

Whose farm was “visited”

By our invisible friend, or should I say “foe”?


Edmund Gomez: The Cattle Mutilation Enigma (2011)



After the cull, he checked the ground

And found aircraft chaff all around

Surely not from a cloaking craft

With unseen predators? Don’t be daft!


Close to a military installation

His land went far and wide

He even found an air vent

That someone was trying to hide


It was fairly square; not at all, round

Who could possibly be living underground?!

In the middle of nowhere

Not a building; not a sound!


He guessed people from our side

Were deeply involved

And eventually collaborating with species untold


This was way back in seventy-six

These “humans” are still up to their tricks

They are sleaker, more professional

Blaming aliens is an easy fix!


That’s just part of the story

Other unseen predators are also into the gory

Those who mutilate our “endangered species”


Robots in all their glory?!


This month, untold horror in every corner

The amount of dead bodies in rivers, and hardly a mourner!

If a person dies, “just like that” and is found in water

Who is murdering our populations; sending them to the slaughter?


Standard question

Sorry to have been loud

Check out the following links

Fascinating information

For an inquisitive crowd

This animal mutilation business stinks

Poachers are blamed; the Chinese medicine market;


Not too convincing, methinks!

Time for better statistics with far fewer kinks:





The Mexicans are looking for answers to mutilations


Mutilación: El caso perfecto (Mutilation: the perfect case) – 24-December-2016


<translated in part from the Spanish original):

They also removed the auditory pavilion, part of the tongue, an eye, as well as the reproductive system and the anus, which were extracted using advanced technology, which – according to researchers – would be cuts apparently performed with a “Laser scalpel” that is able to cut, burn, coagulate or destroy a fabric with precision, cleanliness and speed. … the presence of mysterious lights of different colors flying over the area. The cuatreros thought that things had already ended when they found the bodies of the mutilated animals, when one of them came face to face with two beings, one small and the other higher, the fright, fired their rifles without knowing if any of them Impacted on this entities.


The witnesses described that ‘these two beings had scales on their backs and their faces were gray and very ugly.’


Government officials who came to the area the next day found traces that were every 10 meters, as if this creature had jumped at that distance.

An important fact that exposes the transcendence that the three levels of government, scientists, as well as UFO researchers, must unite to reach conclusions in the smallest of times and give answers to dozens of farmers.


(alpine anomalous) Everyone needs to work together. This is a planetary problem.


The September 2016 post, Seal of Approval covered a seal mutilation in British Columbia, Canada. There, claw-like prints were found in the sand around the carcass. Could these be from the same creature seen in Mexico? (i.e. reptilian-like)?



Recent anomalous events around the world:



Mutilated body found in open veld (Johannisburg, South Africa) – 28-June-2017-06-29

“The victim appears to have been killed for muthi*, as his armpits, genitals, ears and right hand were completely severed and were missing.”

*muthi = muti

(Complementary Medicine) informal South African medicine, esp herbal medicine

[from Zulu umuthi tree, medicine]


(alpine anomalous) The good parts go in the soup!



Wallaby found decapitated at Chermside West (Brisbane, Western Australia) – 28-June-2017

“To harm one considering their defencelessness is disgraceful, to mutilate one is almost subhuman. Whoever did this is sick.”


Decomposed, headless body recovered from Polo Hills, Shillong (northeast India) – 25-June-2017


Body found floating in Lake Michigan (USA) – 4-July-2017


Body found at Cape Solander Lookout in Kurnell (Sydney, Australia) – 3-July-2017


Body found in hunt for boy, 5, who disappeared after Disney trip (Los Angeles, USA) – 01-July-2017


(alpine anomalous) The father is not guilty (in my opinion) as too reminiscent of a 411 missing-person case (see David Paulides)

“Prosecutors believe Andressian killed the boy after an outing to the theme park, possibly out of bitterness over a pending divorce.” “The same area had been searched several times previously.”



‘Serial Killer Whales’ Suspected After 4th Massive Shark Found Without Liver, Testes (South Africa) – 27-6-17


What will they think of next?! (i.e. whales with surgical implements)


“Killer whales may have slaughtered at least four sharks in South Africa over the last couple of months, cutting out their livers as if they had the training of a surgeon. The Great White sharks have washed up after the killer whales feasted on their organs.”

“The latest victim was about 13.5 feet long, local shark cage diving company Marine Dynamics reported in a post on Facebook.”


Sheep mutilated in ‘brutal’ incident in Co Down field (Ireland) – 6-July-2017


Sick sheep attacker strikes again as more animals mutilated and killed (Ireland) – 8-July-2017


Death of sheep creates panic in Ganjam region (Odisha, India) – 10-July-2017


“The other sheep had injury marks on their necks, which was suspected to be caused by sharp claws and teeth.”


Pregnant sheep found slaughtered and mutilated on golf course (New Zealand) – 10-July-2017


3 Lions poisoned and decapitated on Limpopo farm (South Africa) – 4-July-2017


3 Bodies Found and Recovered in Olympic National Park (Washington State, USA) – 5-July-2017


Poachers kill six rhinos in one night at South African game reserve – 5-July-2017


Teen found dead, Limpopo police investigate ‘ritual murder’ (South Africa) – 7-July-2017


Body with no head or limbs found on roadside in Kozhikode .(Southen India) – 6-July-2017


The headless corpse of a teenager was found floating on the Guaire River (Venezuela) – 2-July-2017






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