If any reader would like to help in my quest to understand animal (and now human) mutilations, please feel free to leave a message in the comments. This is such an important part of Earth’s present, not giving it a second thought for many would be a sign of deeply-programmed individuals caring foremost about themselves (and seeing stories of this nature as fast-food wacky journalism). The Authorities have been exhibiting this character trait since forever and have to date not taken any action. Wouldn’t you like to find out what happened to your missing cat; why your goats’ ears have been sliced off; why someone in your town was found hanging from a tree; why your school buddy was found decapitated?



Twenty years ago

The APFU came into being

Investigating cattle mutilations

That farmers were seeing:


Jaws stripped; udders removed

Impossible cuts so I’ve heard

The Animal Pathology Field Unit

Wanted to spread the word


Contacting police and news outlets from the area

They were totally ignored;

There was no hysteria

Prevention of cruelty to animals

Was less important than let’s say

A case of malaria


The mutilations continued

Twenty, thirty, fifty years of denial

Nobody was caught

Nobody stood trial


Not just in England but around the world

News of this sort did not unfurl

To a wider set of caring folk

Believe me, this is not a joke!


So what can I do says the woman in the street?

Times have changed, why not make a tweet?

Tell as many people as you can

Make them aware

This is not a scam!


I have not been slacking

I wrote to foreign lands

And asked them to get cracking

One was Argentina

Just look at the articles in the news


Serious investigators need to share their views

If tomorrow’s headlines

Are to report the Real News

On cattle mutilations

And how to get some clues!


“This is the end, my beautiful friend”

That was Jim, a poet of kind

Nobody gets out alive

when the doors of perception

open wide!


Why is this not viral?

Oh yeah, it’s the silly stuff

The clownish acts

That people love so much

They’re funny, drole

Make you smile

Cattle mutilations

Are really not in style!



Irish & Wigan Talk's Animal Mutilations 004



Amateurs of this crude digest

Tell your friends about this horror fest

Look at the image below; it’s one of the best

And this is not a test, not a test


Read this stuff

It’s not too tough

Twenty-seven posts are really quite enough

Animal deaths and other stuff


More rage, more rage, more rages!

If we want to end this business of ages!





Recent anomalous events:


Mutilated dog found dumped in bag in Devon UK – 15-June-2017



Farmer finds one of his cows mutilated and tongue cut out (Charmy Down, Somerset UK) – 15-June-2017



Parts of the animal’s face and the tongue had been removed with a ‘significant degree of precision’, police say.


Decapitated rabbit found on car roof in Darlington (Co. Durham, UK) – 19-June-2017



A DECAPITATED rabbit has been found on a car roof in Darlington, its head impaled on the aerial.


Young housewife found hanging from tree (Reasi, Jammu/Kashmir, India) – 17-June-2017



Neighbors furious after 2 headless goats left on sidewalk (Jacksonville, Florida USA) – 18-June-2017



15-June-2017 (Sierra grande, Argentina) Bovine found mutilated.


“Local journalist Jorge García was at the scene and described what he saw as “the animal lacked the tongue, had perfect scalpel cuts around the eye and also cauterized.” He added that at first glance there was extraction of the genital parts and the entire outline of the anus, as well as clean cuts in the ear. “

“This week a dead cow with mysterious mutilations appeared in the southeast rionegrino.”



27-April-2017 (Cordoba, Argentina) Horse mutilated.


“Again, the appearance of this mutilated animal surprised the population of southern Cordoba. It happened in the area of ​​San Bartolomé, near Alpa Corral, in a field where other similar cases had been registered for years.”






A dead Condor in Balcozna (Argentina) – 20-June-2017


The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is one of the largest flying birds on the planet.



In a past life, I may have been a gladiator

However in today’s world, I’m more of a janitor

Keeping things pristine

For those in another space and time

Where do you stand?



26-June 2017 (Kenya, East Africa) – 5 mutilated bodies found



“They expressed their disappointment over the laxity of security officers saying crime has escalated during this campaign period.


(alpine anomalous) How many more lame excuses before authorities admit defeat?



27-June-2017 (Brooklyn, New York, USA) – Body found floating in water off Red Hook

The American censored version:


“When officers arrived at 11:20 a.m., they discovered a female in the water. They transported her to Pier 44, where she was pronounced dead, police said.”


(alpine anomalous) If we are to believe the English version of this story, the woman was found headless. I think she really was dead when they pulled her from the water.


The English uncensored version:



(alpine anomalous) as reported in previous blog posts, plastic bags have been found worldwide containing animal body parts (to my knowledge: USA, Canada and India but probably many more). This woman was “butchered” according to the reporter.


This is analogous to animal mutilations in general when the mutilated corpses suddenly appeared where they were orginally abducted from. Stuffing bags with body parts is new. It even points in some degree to human predators, possibly a group with military ties who are trying to put us eager bloodhounds off the scent of nasty aliens. There’s a lot of chat these days about aliens being our friends. Not the mutilating kind, that’s for sure!


There’s more coming up. Stay tuned!




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