A meta morph

While reporting is fun

Nothing is getting the job done

The word is staying in

I’ll pry open some of my verse

It may be terse

It’s all that I have left





I just had an epiphany on the living-room carpet

Someone in Ohio was in the same human-disappearances market!

He tracks the missing from national parks in the usa and other parts

He’s just as stumped as I

I wonder why?`


A neat interview from our man Tyler

The secureteam-ten youtube ufo compiler

With Dave Paulides, a disappearance sleuth

Local news gets the big-time

That’s the truth!


It could be that parks are a natural feeding ground

For hungry aliens living underground

Maybe youth is taken to a base on the Moon?

The invisible predator won’t be telling us any time soon

It’s way too hot and it’s only June!


I can’t get a handle on what’s really going down

People are disappearing all over town

Many are messed with and end up dead

But many never come back so it is said


If it’s the same predator over and over again

Who has mutilated animals; mutilated men

Trying to do something for reasons beyond our ken

Shouldn’t this make us worried?

But we’ve all got enough on our plates

With our domestic squabbles and domestic fates


If we are to take the ufo as a feasible foe

Something not recognized by our military

Only for people with the right to know

Why are answers not forthcoming?

Is the ufo just for show?



The predator is operating world-wide

It can’t be seen, it can’t be heard

The predator is lurking on the other side

A “stealth” invasion might be the word?!





A short digest on recent anomalous events:


More animal remains dumped. This time in Co. Durham (NE England) – 12-June-2017


Killed and mutilated deer discovered in Weardale


(alpine anomalous) in the past 3-4 weeks, animal remains have been found dumped in both India and the USA. Now, England. Is there a UFO connection or is it just plain old flying vehicles manned by creeps?



Police investigate body found in tree (Roswell, New Mexico/USA) – 9-June-2017



According to deputies, the body was 15 feet above the ground on a farm near Roswell.

Roswell police say they believe the body is 30-year-old Sergio Alexander Salas, who was reported missing May 25th.


BP agents find body hanging from tree on Tohono O’odham land (Santa Cruz AZ, USA) – 8-June-2015

(Tohono O’odham are a Native American people of the Sonoran Desert, residing primarily in the U.S. state of Arizona and the Mexican …)



Another 22 year-old has been found dead:

Body found hanging from tree, JPD says it was suicide (Jackson, Mississippi – USA) – 29-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) the man was found hanging from a magnolia tree. He was 22, a common age for dead adolescent males these days. I wonder how the predator ascertains the age of its victims?


Woman mutilated in alleged ritual murder (Limpopo, South Africa) – 10-June-2017 https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/news/woman-mutilated-alleged-ritual-murder/


Mutilated Bunnies (Lincoln Square, Chicago, USA) – 16-June-2017


LINCOLN SQUARE — Conservation police with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are investigating multiple reports of mutilated wild rabbits in Lincoln Square.

The bunnies’ ears have been pierced and left with dangling objects, including key fobs and what one person said appeared to be an old CTA pass.

(alpine anomalous) what if the predator had previously abducted humans wearing body jewellery (earrings, etc.) and had assumed said trinkets to be (an integral) part of the person? Any attempt to re-create “life” may take these factors into consideration.







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