I started this blog to try and understand who or what was mutilating animals. It was, I’m afraid, a pointless operation. This is my last digest (until there is something NEW to report on the issue at hand).


A timeline of anomalous events these past 50 years:

In the 1970’s, mass cattle deaths in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA caused outrage. Cows were routinely discovered with their jaws stripped, their udders missing and large holes in their posteriors (i.e. rectal core). Nobody found out who did these atrocities (that numbered well into the hundreds).

In the 1980’s the mutilations continued, but on a smaller scale. The ‘hunting ground’ moved to Europe with many cases of sheep, goats, donkeys and horses being found with strange cuts.

Switzerland, 2005:


“A cow has been found with its erected and mutilated udders with sorts of catheters coming out of the breasts. Her vagina had been lacerated with a scalpel. A calf was found dead, with guts in the air. He apparently also had been sexually abused. Sheep, cats, and horses had the same fate.”


More recently in Belgium (2017):

Horse dead without an ear and no eyes. Satanic group is blamed.



Investigations launched after mutilated calf remains found in ditch (Vancouver, Canada) – 29-May-2017



On the trail of the dumped meat

Dumping of ‘animal meat’ sparks row (Nagpur, India) – 16-May-2017


Nagbhid RFO RM Talande denied that the meat was of wild animals. “We had sent our men at the spot and found that the meat was basically intestines of some domestic animal,” said Talande.

Sources said panic gripped villagers when a section of them found six sacks filled with meat dumped in bushes on the roadside nullah.


Maybe all these dumpings of animals has something to do with this:

A Ban on Human/Animal Hybrids Has Been Lifted


A big Maybe that at least gives us an alternative to the evil space-alien theory.



This month, more missing people ended up in rivers and canals:


Fifth body found around city’s waterways in just five months after cops denied ‘Bristol pusher’ serial killer was on loose (Bristol, England) – 04-June-2017



Body of 19-year-old found in Chatham County lake (North Carolina, USA) – 5-June-2017



When the cats started to disappear, the perpetrator was called “the Croydon Cat Killer” (who they still have not found). Now we have “the Bristol Pusher”, a serial killer who pushes his unsuspecting victims into the waterways.


(alpine anomalous) I ask you, do any of these “job descriptions” make any sense when there are no clues?


Cougar illegally killed, later decapitated in Davis County (Utah, USA) – 1-June-2017



Sur la piste des chats disparus (on the trail of the missing cats) :


Switzerland (Berlincourt, JU) – 4-June-2017

In just over 2 months, 14 cats vanished into thin air. Local association wants answers!



France (Saint-Pierre-la-mer) – 2-June-2017

More than fifty stray cats were found dead, probably poisoned. Local association wants answers!



Since February, more than 15 cats have disappeared (Adissan, southern France) – 29-May-2017. Local association wants answers!




Another tiger found dead in Bhadra reserve; 15 in 5 months (Karnataka, India) – 3-June-2017



Two rescue lions in South Africa dead in apparent witchcraft killing (northern South Africa) – 3-June-2017



Costa Rica. Dead crocodile found near Island of Tortuga – 25-May-2017 http://www.ecoticias.com/eco-america/136588/Costa-Rica-Hallan-cocodrilo-muerto-cerca-de-Isla-Tortuga

(alpine anomalous) the croc left the river for a swim in the sea.


See you all in the Future …





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