It’s pretty obvious that nobody in officialdom is interested in stopping animal mutilations but no fear, animals are no longer the main concern, we are!

I can’t keep up with all the bodies being found in rivers and canals…





What looks like a despicable act by another set of invisible predators, The Manchester Bombing:

Twenty-two dead on the twenty-second of May 2017. Many missing:

“The mother of Jayden Parkinson said she was unhappy her daughter’s image had been posted alongside images of other people alleged to be missing.”


<alpine anomalous> isn’t it amazing how fast the police reacted in the Manchester bombing and how they stagnate when it comes to missing animals (and humans)?


Their collage of missing persons may be based on an Australian example:

Australia, it seems has 35’000 people go missing every year! Where do they all go (and how many have been found) ?



Decapitated body of 2-month-old found in Thokozaé (Johannesburg, South Africa) – 26-May-2017


Decapitated cats found in Reigate and Oxted (UK) – 26-May-2017


Body found floating in Long Beach harbor was 16-year-old boy (Los Angeles, USA) – 24-May-2017


Woman’s Body Found On Hillside In Garfield, Death Ruled Suspicious (Pittsburgh, USA) – 24-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) when humans are targeted instead of animals, the deaths are ruled suspicious. A good sign that may lead to a change in police behaviour (and more open-mindedness on the problem at hand).


In the post BLUE, I wrote of animals dumped dead in North Carolina (USA) and mystery meat found in Minnesota (USA). Now:

Bin full of decapitated animals found along DeBary road, deputies say (Orlando, Florida, USA) – 19-May-2017

“Deputies responded and found the blue recycling bin filled with beheaded animals, including a goat, turtle and several birds.”

“The incident possibly happened overnight but neighbors did not see or hear anything suspicious, deputies said.”


(alpine anomalous) what to make of this story? The kind of animals found in the recycling bin are often victims of mutilations themselves by our invisible predator friends, but to deposit their remains in the trash is not something that ET would do! Are we dealing with secret human predators or is it something more mundane? Those commenting on the article are seeing Haitian immigrants playing with Voodoo magic. Everyone has an answer to everything. There are many false events being played out on society (with the Manchester bombing being a possibility). What if the dumping of decapitated animals is a means to divert attention from the real predators, i.e. the aliens?!



Headless body of woman found in Rabale (Mumbai, India) – 6-May-2017

“The headless body of a woman was found at the spot where a woman’s corpse was found two years ago, sending the police into a tizzy.”


Headless body found in Ste Madeleine (Trinidad) – 05-May-2017,243209.html


Body in tent at Glenbrook campsite (N.S.W. Australia) – 23-May-2017

The police are not treating this woman’s death as suspicious. I wonder?


Missing Manhattan student’s body found in Harlem River (New York, USA) – 23-May-2017


Like with the two men found dead in Lake Mead (close to Las Vegas), this man was also 22 (see the post BLUE for the links). A coincidence?


‘Headless’ body spotted floating in water in Kent (UK) seaside town – 29-May-2017

“The death is not currently being treated as suspicious and inquiries to confirm the man’s identity are ongoing.”


Cops launch probe after body found floating in water (Edinburgh, Scotland) – 29-May-2017


Residents puzzled as over ten donkeys killed, genitals cut off (Kenya, East Africa) – 14-April-2017

“Caroline Mumbi, whose donkey was stolen recently – and later found dead – says she is shocked by the rising wave of such killings, urging the County Government of Kitui to look for, and take action against perpetrators of the crime.”


Pet python found decapitated in Vaucluse park (Sydney, Australia) – 30-May-2017

another endangered species, the carpet python.



Iscuandé, Colombia (South America) – 31-May-2017

A 7-year-old girl, who has been missing since Saturday, was found dead Tuesday morning in the rural area of ​​Santa Barbara de Iscuandé, on the Pacific Coast of Nariño. “The girl has no signs of violence, there is still no official version of what happened to her, everything is under investigation,” said the official.


(alpine anomalous) I don’t believe this is Cartel related but more in line with the continuing “sampling” of humans.



Scientists tried to discover who was responsible for cattle mutilations at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah (USA) but the visitors were smarter! Watch this short video to understand just how difficult it is:



Outrage as wild cat kills 100 sheep in Keiyo South (Kenya, East Africa) – 24-May-2017


(alpine anomalous) I’m surprised that lightning wasn’t blamed on the deaths.


Rustlers nab 50 sheep from Devon farm – 31-May-2017


100 sheep stolen from Yorkshire moor – 23-May-2017


Let’s not hope that humans are next?!!


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