I am a bit perplexed as to why people follow this blog yet do not read the posts. It must be the sliced-up and shredded-animal verses or the reports on missing children? I don’t understand (but then again, I’m not university-trained).

When I was younger (much younger than now), I spent many months traveling (alone) across the USA and Canada. Most of the time, by bus. All the way from New York City to Los Angeles, up into Oregon and Vancouver, from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Las Vegas. As much as I could take in on a limited budget. Just loved the Grand Canyon in Arizona with its silvery birch trees and crazy gophers!

For a couple of years, I lived in Canada. That too was memorable.

My overall impression was very good although the food (back in the day) lacked imagination. I saw zero policemen; zero violence. Today, a three-hundred-and-sixty degree turn: policemen everywhere; violence everywhere. Something major happened. The American Dream became the American Scream.

I find it normal that information on animal mutilations comes across as ‘tabloid sensationalism’ and is deemed unimportant, although fear-of-the-unknown does play a large role in how people react.

Nobody, it seems, is allowed to ask questions. Hundreds of cats and dogs have vanished. Nobody, it seems, is interested. An ever-increasing amount of bodies turning up in rivers and canals. Nobody, it seems, sees anything out of the ordinary. People around the world are being found headless. Nobody, it seems, finds that strange. Decapitated goats floating in rivers. Nobody, it seems, wants to know why?


America is at the point of total mental breakdown and all the other countries are following suit. The real terrorists are in spaceships but nobody will admit to that truth!


The next blog post will cover the latest happenings. Poetic verse will be sporadic.


A man in Tucson, Arizona (USA) saw himself as an activist. He wanted an end to something called chemtrails and made too much noise. Somebody didn’t want him poking his nose and he was dealt with. Do you think enquiries into animal mutilations could have the same consequences? What we are allowed to know and what we are not! Watch this video (and weep):



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