The very first blog entry (The Invisible Man, and its follow-up The Invisible Man, part 2) told the story of a goat mutilation that happened in Switzerland close to where I live. Everything pointed to an invisible predator. The police were stumped. Thousands of Swiss Francs were spent on private investigators; multiple infra-red-capable cameras were set up. Nothing. Whoever they were, they didn’t come back.


We know they’re out there

They just can’t be seen

Watch this YouTube video

To see what I mean:




secureteam10 : ufo’s in the ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum.

(1st five minutes) ; bizarre clouds in the Philippines.


But how to stop them before they strike?

Before your pet or loved-one is taken at night?

It’s all in the When these critters will come

If we’re not prepared, we’re certainly done!


Real-time horror

At our front door

We are barbequed chickens

Nothing more

What’s in store?!


Yadda, yadda

Send in the army

Yadda, yadda

You’re talking balmy


I’m into metal hats these days

Some with stones in various arrays

It can’t be that hard to fend off the alien

Frequency booster

Kid-Protection Days?


Yet all are in denial

They’ll pray to God

I haven’t heard THAT in a while!

And which one will rise to the call?

Heads are poppin’

Will they be taking us all?!



There are a number of things going down that must be inter-connected. In my view, before the Age of Aquarius comes into play, the Age of Pisces must go away. The transitional period (this is it) is in full swing: volcanoes are blowing. sunlight’s not showing, wind plenty blowing, land overflowing with rain in the plain and to add to the pain, snow is falling. What will we do when no crops remain? Will we react (finally?) or go totally insane?!


This part is already in your face. You can’t deny that the Seasons have lost their place. No word from anyone on the fate of the Human Race! Nothing has changed to slow down the pace. Robots assuming our jobs seems to be the case.


The weakened magnetosphere is bringing clouds very near. It’s raining cats and dogs; the fields are flooded so I hear.


Another hilarious topic : The Schuman Resonance

This neat exposé explains the cosmic slop; all of it!


As to the “aliens” or “unseen predator-types”, the Earth may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and out of luck. They really should not have probed outer space for intelligent life and expect the cavalry to show up! All this information to sieve. Are we looking at sinister beings or perhaps just machines that don’t live?!


That’s just my point of view. Perhaps our “visitors” do have our welfare at heart?

There are many of them out there



Yadda, yadda

I’m talking dribble

Let’s get on with the blog

And its endless scribble:



These past couple of weeks, an increase in *decapitation alley with many cases attributed to turf wars and fighting armies. It’s back to feudal times. Maybe dump the guns and pick up swords and axes?


Mutilated leopard, mutilated porpoise, decapitated goats, mutilated hippos and a mutilated puma. It never stops.


Female leopard found dead in Uttara Kannada district (India) – 1-May-2017

“This is a hilly terrain and the animal when crossing the road would not have seen the sudden oncoming vehicle which hit her at high speed and killed her on the spot,”


(alpine anomalous) the above statement is saying the leopard was DEAF.



El Salvador zoo: Prosecutors investigate ‘suspicious deaths’ – 29-Apr-2017


“Police later questioned employees of the zoo to try to establish who could have entered the premises to carry out such an attack.

But investigators later concluded that the animal had died as a result of poor care*.”


(alpine anomalous) *a quick fix.


Decapitated goats found in Lehigh Acres canal (Florida, USA)   2-May-2017

if you watch the FOX news video, nobody seems capable of handling an unexpected event. The last “authority” removes the animals from the canal. Case closed.


Isn’t it a bit strange to find headless goats floating in a canal? I suppose they are seen as dead animals, nothing more.



Lighting kills 32 cows, Missouri (USA) – 2-May-2017

(alpine anomalous) cause of death is up in the air for me. It could be lightning now that weather conditions are deteiorating. It could be the visitors. It could be?

(alpine anomalous) Although we’ve seen cows and reindeer killed in large numbers, never once has the lightning strayed off and killed humans!

something to ponder:




Man found dead in irrigation canal (Mesa County, Colorado, USA) 2-May-2017

possible suicide.

nb : the same area as the two decapitated pit bulls (see Creepy Tales).


Body found in canal by cops hunting missing dad-of-two, 33, who vanished on Bristol night out (UK) – 4-May-2017


What seems to be the work of a human sociopath:

Animals dumped dead in northern Cabarrus (North Carolina, USA) – 4-May-2017

“Thrift said she believed the animals were killed elsewhere and dumped on her property, just a few feet off the road.”I

“Both animals had their throats cut and the pony’s head was covered with plastic, Thrift said.”


(alpine anomalous) I don’t think aliens go heavy on the plastic!


Later, quite the distance away in Mankato (Minnesota, USA) – 7-May-2017

Mystery meat

“I have been picking up plastic bags of meat that have been dropped alongside the Judson Bottom Road within North Mankato city limits.”

“Realistically, though, it won’t be easy to catch the person doing the littering/poisoning/disposing-of-inedible-meatloaf.”


(alpine anomalous) So who (or what) is disposing of dead animals in plastic bags; how come authorities were unable to determine which kind of meat was found?

Is there another player in the animal-mutilation game? Aliens don’t do plastic wrappers!



Quirks of the Day:


Man, 22, missing at Lake Mead Marina (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) – 7-May-2017

with all their search-and-rescue gear, the man is nowhere to be found.


Then a man’s body is discovered drowned in the same area:

(alpine anomalous) note that both men are aged 22.



Fisherman missing in Copano Bay (Texas, USA) – 6-May-2017

this one just stepped out of his boat …

“The missing man’s cellphone, fishing gear and other items were found on the 18-foot boat, he said.”


Mentor dog missing from Castro Valley home found dead (California, USA) – 6-May-2017

“Our front yard is such that he can’t get out unless someone opened the gate for him, and he would never go out on his own. There’s no reason for it. It’s not possible,” Jacobson said on Tuesday. “He was likely driven away. It’s not likely someone walked by our house, as we are out on a country road.”


So how did the dog escape its enclosure?




The body of a man was found beheaded early Monday afternoon in the Itoupavazinha neighborhood in Blumenau (southern Brasil) 1-May-2017


Mutilated body found in Mahape (Mumbai, India) – 8-May-2017$


The Mayan calendar seemingly ended on 21 December 2012, but somebody got the year wrong: it’s 2017. Have a Nice Day!!!





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