The wool is being pulled over our eyes

Aren’t you fed up with government lies?


Heads are cleaved with surgical skill

A master cut and n’er the blood to spill;

That’s been taken aboard their ship


Siphoned out

Made ready for Space

Something is messing with the human race


Missing children

All over the news

The local news

Not the national news!



Missing Persons Day,Virginia (USA) – 19-Apr-2017


(alpine anomalous) The Americans have a remembrance day for everything! Let’s remember the missing, not find them.



Missing children Alberta (Canada) – 26-Mar-2017


Missing children, Houston, Texas (USA) – 28-Mar-2017


Missing children, Washington D.C. (USA) – 19-Apr-2017


34 children reported missing in Central Virginia (USA) – 7-Apr-2017


Children are disappearing all over:


Four girls missing from Children’s Home (Kingston, Jamaica) – 22-Apr-2017


“Reports from the Hunts Bay police are that the girls were last seen at the children’s home about 9:30 am yesterday.”


(alpine anomalous) Are you not reminded of endangered species being “removed” from game parks and zoo’s?


Quite the cull






In Colorado, a family’s two pit bull terriers disappeared. One minute they were there,

then they were gone.



The dogs were both found two miles away near a railroad track. Both had been decapitated.


A typical response from Law Enforcement:


  • – The case has been inactivated because there are no suspects and no leads, but that would change if more information surfaced in the case, according to Megan Terlecky, spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – There is no evidence that the dogs were intentionally killed, but “there’s definitely a strong possibility this is animal abuse,” she said, adding that there is no “direct evidence” that the dogs were tied down.
  • – Terlecky said the case is “very difficult for us without the public’s help.”


No evidence

No leads

No clues

The police need to listen

To alternative views!



There’s more.


In the small east African country of Malawi, a man was found hanging in a tree. He was headless. Some say he was killed elsewhere, some say he committed suicide. Nobody says how he got into the tree minus his head.


Decapitated man found hanging from tree in Bunda forest (Malawi) 22-Apr-2017



Now for something totally outrageous. Someone or something is decapitating statues. It’s as if the –villains of your choice– are not seeing the difference between real mammals and artistic renditions. Come on, it has to be ROBOTS piloting the ships. No understanding of our reality.


Watch the video on the page as the forensic team checks out the “dead” statue (and note the sophisticated cuts in the metal):


a Taiwan Independence Group has admitted to the crime:


“There may be some connection to other incidents involving statues in Taiwan. There have been a number of cases of vandalism in which statues of Chiang Kai-shek, who ruled Taiwan after the end of World War II, have been beheaded or splattered with paint.”


(alpine anomalous) If independent activists decapitated the statue, what did they do with the head? The news reporting is very lacking and could be part of a general cover-up:


Same location: Taiwan, but different in execution.


Here, a small hammer was found near the statue (to give investigators a hand?). You don’t remove bronze heads from statues without making a tremendous noise and using heavy-duty equipment. Penknives don’t cut it.


An example from 2015. It just doesn’t get any funnier:


Back to the real world. Decapitated Angel Statues, London (UK) – 2014



“After looking at CCTV footage from cameras at Margravine Cemetery they believe the vandal is a lone male.”


(alpine anomalous) does this mean the CCTV image was not very clear? No arrests, of course.



Who could do such despicable acts?

It can’t be humans

Let’s face the facts!




The month of April was similar to preceeding months:




One small St. Louis County town is missing dozens of teens


here, the children are seen taken by sex-maddened fiends … I wonder?


Men haven’t been seen since Sunday, when they went hunting on Alberta’s Rocher River (Canada)

experienced hunters leave their boat and never come back. Weapons left behind. I wonder where they went?







The Loch Ness Monster is missing


(alpine anomalous) has it disappeared like the other “endangered species”?






Juvenile white rhino dies from injury at South Australian zoo. 26-Apr-2017


From the veterinarian’s findings, this “protected species” appears to have been mutilated and when the cause of death is suspicious, they write things like this:


“Zoo keepers believe Tundu experienced a “significant internal blood loss” injury possibly caused by an incident involving other rhinos yesterday.”




4-meter Crocodile found decapitated (Queensland, Australia) – 24-Apr-17


Python found decapitated (India) 25-Apr-2017


That’s all, Folks!












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