I don’t know about you, but some mighty strange things are happening that get systematically swept under the carpet by governments and mainstream media.

Ask yourselves where all those missing children in Washington D.C. went? Surely not to human traffickers who supposedly work in the same manner as animal mutilators: they are invisible. What a great advantage for the criminal elements of society!


Maybe there’s still hope as more ‘influential’ people take a stand:


People go missing all the time but never in such large numbers: over 500 since the beginning of the year!


Other exciting news:


over 10 hippo’s (hippopotamuses) were killed in Zimbabwe; their deaths attributed to pesticides by a conservation group.


“The area where the hippos died was close to a river where villagers were spraying their crops against worms.”


(alpine anomalous) how come no other animals were killed? Was this “pesticide” hippo-specific?


“Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has told state media this is the first time hippo poisonings have been reported and the Environmental Management Agency will have to make villagers more aware of the dangers of using pesticides.”


There is a first time for everything.



In Greece, a brown bear (protected species) was found poisoned (11-Apr-17)


“The group said that poisoned bait appears to be the most likely culprit in the bear’s death, as its body was found in a pond, where it was probably trying to quench the thirst caused by poisoning.”


In both cases, the culprit is most likely pesticides. I wonder what the least-likely offender is?!

On a continual basis, cats are being found mutilated:


…and they continue to suspect a Human predator, the M25 cat ripper. Sure.


Anomalous animal and human births have taken place around the world. In 2015 a baby was born in India with 8 limbs:


Worshippers gathered to celebrate the arrival of the baby, who they believed to be a reincarnation of the Hindu God Ganesha.



and now we have another:

8-limbed baby undergoes successful 3-stage surgery in India (15-Apr-2017)




Understanding the popular culture of India is beyond me but to worship a multi-limbed deity with an elephant’s head clearly hints at something highly anomalous. Was Ganesha an Extra-Terrestrial?! Ganesha appeared between the 4th and 5th centuries (anno domini).

I know, I know, it’s complete lunacy to imagine space travelers turning up on this blue planet and being revered as gods, but there might be something to it?



We are seeing worldwide mutilations, decapitations, missing children, missing pets, bodies found in rivers and canals, ever-increasing disappearances from National parks (US), specific targeting of endangered species, etc. but nothing seems to perturb everyday life. Quite strange, n’est-ce pas?

On the other side of the coin, eight-limbed humans being born, two-headed pigs, calves, turtles; four-footed chickens, a girl born with three legs. The list goes on. It has to be pesticides or genetically-modified corn. No other explanation necessary.


Are you worried yet?!




<poetry corner>


The alien’s ways are subtle

Its choice of prey follows a pattern


Mammals are targeted

And that includes us

From small to large

Extremely rare creatures


Such as the duck-billed platypus!


Hidden away in a botanical garden

Showcase of the animal kingdom

Free from worries and dangerous pests

They were whisked away

Something cut off their heads!


Wildlife personnel see a solitary punter

Brazenly dressed-up week-end hunter

Who breached security like a charm

No humans came to any harm!


Alien trackers must be state-of-the-art

If they’re not in the wild

Creatures at risk are now in a park

Is there a Galactic road-map to “treasure”?

Captain Flint and his gang:

Alien pirates that take no measure!


If any of you have the slightest clue

This information needs a wider view

Maybe an Einstein is present among you

Who could solve this riddle


Will anyone take the bait?

There’s nothing to gain, no pieces of eight

We need to fill a chest full of random ideas

Do you want to end up on some alien’s far-off dinner plate!

That can’t be our collective fate?!

I don’t believe it’s too late

To solve this enigma

Only one word: participate

Find out who, how and why

They’ve turned up


That seems to be a lot to ask

Conspiracy theorist alpine anomalous

Puts everyone to the task!









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