I’m sort of reminded

Of Conan Doyle

Whose Banshee cries

In woodland ways

Scared the natives

For endless days


It was just a dog

A big one at that

Trained to retrieve

By scent alone


It knew its prey

And where to go

Victims ripped

To the very bone


Doyle’s detective

Sherlock Holmes

Resolved the case

(And this) by logic alone!


Present-day madness

Headless kiddies

Cows without teats

Canals overflowing


Missing cats

Big ones too

Disappearing hikers

Where is the killer?

Did he use poison?

Why can’t we see him?


Overflowing lies hit the streets

Fake news covers the beast’s

Already anti-septic feats

A smorgasbord of deceit lines

The alien’s hidden retreats

An alien dog revels

Such are alien treats

Such are alien treats




Everything you read these days has to be fake. Everything.

In 2003, thick white lines appeared in the skies where I live. Strange. I wondered if this was not a consequence of Switzerland joining the United Nations (system)? Today in 2017, the thick white lines are still being layered but something is being released from the puffy angel clouds (I believe) that is affecting my health. It may have been fleas (unlikely), it may have been mites (unlikely), it may have been mosquitoes (unlikely) it may have been eczema (unlikely), it may have been parasites (possibly), it may have been a random bug (possibly) or it may have been an airborne fungus (possibly) that had landed on my skull! Pimples (what seem to be pimples) turn up. Resorting to ‘dogtur-mode’, I douse them in essential oils; they dry up. The last one though spread out and quite a substantial scab turned up after I sent in the cruise missiles. A whisper of coconut oil (extra virgin), the strong essence of Oregano et voilà, I killed an invasion of alien critters?!


The other day in Spokane (Washington), the body of local man Gary Thompson was found in a river. His head was missing:




From what was left of his clothing (a pair of jeans), a set of car keys were in one of the pockets and this led authorities to his identity. The man had gone fishing in 2008 and had never been seen since.


Seriously, this means to say that poor old Gary Thompson, still wearing a pair of jeans dating from 2008 (nine years!) supposedly lost his head and recently surfaced. So where had he been all this time? Why was there still a body and not just a skeleton? Why was his head missing? Who dunnit?
(alpine anomalous) perhaps he had been put in deep storage (by?) then released. Assuming he had experienced an alien abduction?


The following events happened over a 3-week period. They are not true and are made up to get the public’s attention; that will be obvious once you’ve read the various accounts.

Mutilations to both humans and animals have been on-going for at least two hundred years; in the past fifty, their numbers have increased many-fold.



Mutilated goats + miniature horse (Winnipeg, Canada)


“Normal people don’t do these kind of things,” she added. “Somebody needs to pay and go to jail. This isn’t just animal abuse, it’s sick.”



Two joggers disappear (Auckland, New Zealand) 29-Mar-2017

Rachel added: “If they are falling into the ocean, why is nothing floating up, why is nothing showing up?”

Police probe disappearance of 21 cats in a day (India) 8-Apr-2017

She said we suspect that the alleged cat catchers could be from a specific tribe known for catching cats for their meat.



Mutilated calf found in ditch (Mission, B.C., Canada) 30-Mar-2017

Police in southwestern Manitoba are investigating similar cases where the remains of a goat, pony, three coyotes and a raccoon were recently found in ditches south of Brandon, and the goat’s ears had been removed.



Kitten found decapitated with its head missing in Gassiot Road, Tooting (UK) believed to be work of M25 Cat Killer

They believe the attacks to be the work of one person, who has been dubbed the M25 Cat killer.



Endangered Species:
Decapitated wallaby found (Australia) 9-Apr-2017

Police believe the gruesome injury was the result of a deliberate act, and said it was likely the incident had either occurred nearby or the animal had been dumped at the spot.

Family’s small dog dismembered by coyote (Cincinnati, USA) 5-Apr-2017

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources told WLWT it’s pretty rare for coyotes to attack animals in urban areas like Avondale.



Last year in England, there was a spate of cat poisonings that were attributed to anti-freeze. Now WHY a cat (or multiple cats) would drink anti-freeze is never asked but the cats were poisoned with an anti-freeze-like substance.


It is not yet clear if the poisonings, thought to involve ethylene glycol antifreeze, are deliberate or accidental.




(alpine anomalous) Were the cats experimented on (in that elusive craft) then returned back to Earth? Some died, some pulled through.



Endangered Species:

3 platypuses found dead in Albury, 2 with heads cut off (Australia) 10-Apr.2017



Quote of the day:

  To go boldly where no man has gone before (Star Trek)



Ladies and Gentlemen, the above news reports are 100% fake. It’s News that nobody believes and which is quickly forgotten Thanks for keeping an open mind.












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