Nineteen-hundred and seventy

Cattle deaths were plenty



Cows were found minus their udders

Jaws were stripped, tails removed

And then there were the others

Nobody understood the cause


It carried on for over a decade

Other species were also laid bare; mutilated

All were domestic, animals of the farm

Sheep and donkeys, goats and horses

There was no public outcry

(each country had its share)

No-one was asking why?

Why? Why? Why?


Nothing has changed in fifty years

Instead of cows, there are mutilated

Creatures of all kinds, even bears

Crocodiles, lions, lizards, hares

Most are endangered

Protected in an isolated place

One day in Brazil

A man was found without a face

Genitals removed and a rectal core

He wasn’t the first; there are quite a few more!

Then the cats started to disappear

Followed by dogs, hedgehogs and mice

Lost your pet?

Something’s wrong

It’s all so clear and it’s not very nice!

A buddy found a seal on the beach

Minus its head

All are targeted

Mammals everywhere are being found dead!


What have I missed?

Oh yeah, the latest buzz

Youngsters are disappearing

In Washington, D.C.

Many are missing in Tennessee

Even in Houston, Texas

All over the country


Ten, fifteen at a go

Where could they be?

Probably in Heaven

(or) under someone’s Xmas tree?


Let’s not even think

Something’s really wrong

That would be against the rules

Laid down by Society


They’ll turn up eventually

(we’ll keep our fingers crossed)

So watch it doesn’t happen to you

Black and Latino sampling

Is already partially through !!!


Perhaps wearing a tin-foil hat

Will keep us all safe?

The proof of the pudding

Is in the eating:


Fantasy cake

Le repas des Rois

(the meal of kings)


what, not on the menu?!





Quote of the Day:  The Geek shall inherit the Earth (unknown)




Knock yourselves out. We’re living an excellent video game:


Bodies of 10 beheaded turtles found washed up on beach (Greece) 19-Mar-2017


Man found with tongue, private parts mutilated (India) 18-Mar-2017


Body found in canal near Spring Lane, Worcester (UK) 07-Mar-2017

Man’s body found in canal in Stoke-on-Trent (UK) 14-Mar-2017

Deaths of three men in Bristol sparks serial killer fears (UK) 19-Mar-2017

Body of elderly woman found in Llanymynech canal (Shropshire, UK) 9-Mar-2017


DC police address concerns over missing teens (USA) 15-Mar-2017


Missing children in Houston TX. (USA) 28-Mar-2017


Missing children Tennessee (USA) 29-Mar-2017

<translation from Spanish>

“It’s a horrible, very macabre case. Sex could not be determined, but it is a child between two and a half years and three years, and death dates from seven to ten days, “he told Radio Miter Mar del Plata, who said:” I have not seen in All my work such a horrible situation. This surpasses all that one can see. “


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