More people seem attracted to the made-for-tv show on the life of Ronald Lump than in the sudden deaths of their precious baby alligators and pet squirrels. This blog is seen by almost all as a work of fiction, science-fiction. I digress in my original thoughts for writing it and will no doubt be moving back to my gardening hobby. Too bad for the decapitated seals. Phouque it. Don’t bother sharing or liking this blog entry, you are assured to be wasting your time.

After giving the Animal Mutilations a great deal of thought, I estimate that 9/10ths are being done by Extra Terrestrials and the rest by miscellaneous pharmaceutical labs aligned with black-budget paramilitary groups.

This month in Germany, a penguin from a zoo was found outside the compound minus its head. How did the perpetrators get inside a locked and secure area? Who would help the bird to escape? Like usual, many questions and no answers.

“Investigators are now hunting for the perpetrators, having found no evidence the penguin could have escaped its enclosure alone or been attacked by a wild animal.”

In a manner similar to the so-called alien abductions, the penguin may have been “beamed” into a hovering spacecraft where it was experimented on. Perhaps a one-way beaming device for the capture and a standard trap-door for the return? These aliens are mighty smart.

More questions that assume a human villain:

“Mannheim prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation against unknown persons,” a spokesperson said, launching a police appeal for witnesses.

If a crime, the police can open an investigation. No crime, no police. Missing animals do not rank the same attention as missing persons and who would be looking out for an animal? Where are the real investigators when you need them?! Perhaps the noted APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit, UK) is a forerunner to the Animal Police Field Unit? Never in a million years would anybody sponsor such a foolish endeavour.


In Nigeria, a woman was found with her head almost cut off:

“…her remains, which has since been deposited at the Otu Jeremi General Hospital, was discovered in a pool of blood a few metres from her farm with her throat slit.”

“It was observed that her assailants were about removing some vital parts from her body, but probably because others were approaching, they quickly abandoned it and took to their heels. We suspect a case of ritual killing.”

Here we have human predators as BLOOD is present. Mutilations, whether human or animal that show no traces of blood are more than suspicious and require critical thinking before jumping to preconceived conclusions.


Authorities worldwide refuse the possibility that ET (evil space aliens) are doing the mutilations and nothing will make them change their minds. As a side-note, dog attacks have increased substantially in the past few years. In Scotland, their number has risen by 50%: 17-October-2016

After half a century of trying to find out who is responsible for animal mutilations, authorities have finally found the answer : DOGS. Simple logic: one plus one equals two. No doubt there.

This is clearly preposterous but it seems to be the only conclusion that will pacify farmers, their insurance agents and the general public when animals are found mutilated and killed.

On 14 February, it was offically stated that a DOG had attacked livestock in Scotland. (one has to wonder how they came to that conclusion?):


Five tips to reduce risk of dog attacks on livestock

  1. Check stock regularly in case any have been attacked
  2. Put up signs warning dog owners to keep their pets under control on your land
  3. Maintain fences, walls and hedges to make it more difficult for dogs to get into grazing fields
  4. Report any attacks to the police immediately
  5. Ask neighbours to alert you if they see loose dogs near your livestock

(Source: NFU Mutual)

On 13 February, the same thing in Sussex: the meme « dogs responsible » made the rounds:

If your dog is large (and potentially dangerous), the British Canine Inquisition won’t be long in the making.

Here’s a photo of a mutilated sheep whose ear-tags had been removed:


probably due to Poachers (rustlers), i.e. predators of the human kind.


Here’s a photo of a decapitated lamb (a huge-dog bite, right?!)


23-November-2016    AUSTRALIA

October 2016 – Dangerous Dogs, ENGLAND


What’s wrong with these newspaper headlines:

Lamb with ears and tail cut off may have been mutilated by secret cult, say police

Monster great white shark feared to be prowling Brit waters after mutilated corpses found washed up on shore. (decapitated and mutilated seals and porpoises)

Young penguin is stolen from a zoo and DECAPITATED by thugs


Quote of the day:

We are the Government. Trust us. (unknown)




One thought on “SCI-FACT

  1. Recently, a young woman was found in the Jura region of France. She had been mutilated and killed and was left naked under a pile of leaves. These continual attacks on animals and now humans are not being addressed and remedied. As in the case of television crime-drama series : End of Season 1.


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