I won’t bore you with heaps of links on the numerous animal (and human) mutilation events I’ve found these past few weeks but will try and elucidate why authorities worldwide remain mute.

Almost 6 years ago, the Fukushima nuclear plant disintegrated in Japan and radioactive material started to spill into the Pacific ocean. Instead of initiating a thorough clean-up, the Japanese government remained stoïc. (“nothing to see here, move along now”). Why would anyone brush off a potential catastrophe? Why would one put the whole planet at risk by poisoning the habitat of millions of fish and subsequently sickening those who ate this human “food” ?

2011 Tōhoku earthquake · ‎Fukushima Prefecture · ‎Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Read all about the problems linked to (extremely toxic) nuclear fallout at Energy News 

This is Cover-up #1



Animal mutilations have been happening for at least half a century. Initially targeting cattle (over ten thousand in the USA and in Argentina), the ‘invisible’ predators stopped bulk operations and started to target individuals. On a side note, I learned from the APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit UK) about a farmer in England whose sheep were ‘transferred’ from one field to another! He never saw or heard a thing. It’s almost as if the predators were playing chess with his animals.

The APFU, when possible, travels to mutilation sites and examines the animals and terrain. They are totally independent. Now one must ask why universities are not tackling the problem of animal mutilations? I suppose it is a subject not ‘on the books’ i.e. not a recognized science?! Maybe there’s another reason? We are not being told about UFOs and ET’s for National Security reasons and from the lack of concern with all these mutilated and killed animals at our doorstep, we can assume the same measures are in place. Nobody is going to find your missing cat or pet bunny rabbit. Get over it.

If anybody reading this blog has doubts we are being misled and abused by Government, please watch this video:

The Animal Mutilation Government Cover-up

This is Cover-up #2



The third and last subject I’ll cover here is the dawning of the Grand Solar Minimum in our skies. Our Sun is getting quieter and will continue to lower its output for many years to come. Solar winds are becoming weaker and cosmic rays are increasing. Now why is this information absent from our news media? Another cover-up? Of course, what did you expect?

This is Cover-up #3



The following is bound to happen:

  • more people will die of cancer due to radiation poisoning
  • animal mutilations will continue
  • more people will be found minus their heads
  • severe flooding and cloud cover
  • food shortages

There’s nothing the man in the street can do about radiation. There’s nothing the man in the street can do about animal mutilations but there is one thing the man in the street can do about the Grand Solar Minimum : he can learn how to grow his own food indoors!

It’s February and where I live, most days are foggy. That’s new.

Marauding ETs are in my opinion doing the mutilations and decapitations. Their vehicles are cloaked or present in another dimension. Whatever method they use, we cannot see them, so how can we stop them? This is such a puzzle.


Quote of the day:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

(Lao Tzu)



2 thoughts on “MUTE

  1. This is Rik – I just got your reply. Just looked over your blog. I need to look over your link and get better informed about the Grand Solar Minimum before responding. However, I’ve heard from other sources that the ozone layer is becoming very depleted in the southern hemisphere; particularly over parts of So. America, Africa and the Indian Ocean. Since that layer filters out radiation, its depletion would cause biological havoc. I would also need to look into that possibility. Wish I had more time, or a “deep data” A.I., system to assist my inquiries. There’s so much data to comb through on the Internet. Also would need data quality filters of some kind. All for now. Follow your rules and keep thinking. R


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