Given the number of humans that we kill around the globe each day in wars and conflicts, animal mutilations are of lesser importance, or so it would seem to creatures from elsewhere (if that be the case?). Although there have been a few mutilated humans this past year, animals in general continue to be the preferred target of the visitors, but sea-mammal deaths and mutilations are on the rise. In the beginning, cattle were the only prey but now every single living thing is at risk (including us!)

I looked down South Africa way recently and found not only a decapitated man but decapitated lions, tigers and crocodiles (see image). Once again, these news stories stay local (as they only relate to local affairs) but the problem is global. In 2016, there was a wave of cat disappearances, cat mutilations and cat killings in both Europe and the US. At the same time, mutilated sea mammals were turning up on beaches everywhere: seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, whales, sea turtles and now large schools of small fish are mysteriously being found dead.


In recent months, dogs have increased their attacks on humans especially small children. Elephants are trampling their riders, lions are attacking tourists; shark attacks are increasing. Could all these events be related? In the aftermath, animals are turning against their ‘masters’ as if a cultural revolution is taking place.

(alpine anomalous) If we accept that animals are living, thinking and feeling creatures, what must they be experiencing as a whole when members of their kind suddendly disappear or die? Who would be the obvious choice of predator? Us, of course. Q. what would we do if we knew who or what is committing these crimes? A. we would more than likely go into “attack mode” in the same manner as the animals are doing now. What has changed in the animals’ psyche?

I’ll repeat the general warning of this blog: someone or something is messing around with mammals on this planet. They have been doing so continuously for 50 years or more and have never been caught. Governments and administrations deny anything anomalous about these happenings and blame humans time after time for being the perpetrators. If it’s not humans, all their arguments fall flat, but what if it is humans?

There are seemingly quite a few alien races doing things on the planet at this present time; some are benevolent and some are malevolent. The malevolent ones might be responsible for some animal mutilations, but in my opinion there are multiple suspects.

In the Endangered Species blog, I mentioned that underground bases exist where aliens and humans work together. Could these be used for nefarious purposes? Nobody knows what is being done in these bases as it’s always very hush-hush. So very secretive, so very uninviting….

I discovered Richard Sauder, PhD and his research into underground bases and tunnels (it’s all so very interesting!). According to Dr. Sauder, thousands of children went missing in Ecuador where he lives and once again, events reported locally stay local (and do not get wider exposure). How everything is inter-connected! His blog is worth checking out: in particular his December 11 post “Deep Dark Thoughts …”



Quote of the day:

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story (Mark Twain)


A few anomalous events:

During January, beached whales were found all over the USA, in Indonesia and in Scotland; dolphin beachings happened in Cornwall (UK). Then there’s this highly suspicious case of Cats being poisoned with anti-freeze. The question on my mind is how the cats managed to acquire the anti-freeze in the first place? Third-party poisoning seems highly unlikely but remains a possibility. How about “mad alien scientists” while we’re at it?

Cats dead from anti-freeze poisoning, Boston, Lincolnshire (UK) (2-Jan-2017)


Humpback whale found in Nova Scotia, Canada (29-Dec-2016)


Dead Blackbirds in New Jersey (USA) (28-Dec-2016)


Killer whale washes up dead on small island in Shetland (Scotland) (13-Jan-2017)















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