Getting back to the mass disappearances of cats, there was an article in RT news dated 7-June-2016 which talked about the US Navy being accused of stealing (feral) cats in Spain.

Was this act a precursor to the “attacks” on domestic animals?

If you read the post “Death from Above” which covered the 323 reindeer found dead in Norway, another mass killing just happened in Oregon USA: 41 elk fell through the ice on a reservoir; there were 4 survivors. The official statement talks of 4 cracks in the ice but does not explain how they got there? An elk may be a large animal but I’m sure its instincts would cause it to flee once danger was perceived. 41 elk? How does the Fish and Wildlife department know their exact number? Were they tracking them? From my perspective, this herd had been abducted en masse by a UFO, some were experimented on then returned to their point of origin; dropped from a high level. The total volume x speed aspect would have easily broken the ice and not given them time to escape.


Whale deaths have increased worldwide. In one week, three whales were found dead in New Zealand which leads to the question if once again an endangered species is being targeted? There’s always the possibility that sea plankton (the whale’s standard diet) has become irradiated with gamma particles from the Fukushima disaster or eventually the amount of mercury-poisoning present in the oceans. If we are suddently losing whales, I’d venture the UFO scenario again. Flying-saucer-type craft may be huge in diameter and by that, 500 feet (or more) would seem likely; at least big enough to accommodate large animals or sea mammals such as whales.

In the previous post “Endangered Species”, I left a link on human-alien underground bases. It would seem that certain government factions have acquired technology that rivals the way aliens abduct and mutilate animals. Are humans AND aliens doing the mutilations?

In February 2008, the Norwegian government created a global seed bank:

“The vault holds the seeds of many tens of thousands of varieties of essential food crops such as beans, wheat and rice. In total, the vault now holds seeds of more than 4000 plant species. These seed samples are duplicates of seed sample stores in national, regional and international gene banks.”

Could a similar thing be happening with animals and sea mammals? Is someone creating an animal bank to preserve samples of living creatures (assuming that a life-threatening extinction event might be on the horizon)? I would think it’s entirely possible to recreate animals (and humans) from the various tissues taken. We have the technology since the aliens no doubtedly gave it to us!!!

The absence of Sun-spots, coronal mass ejections and flares is having a major effect on the planet these days. Haven’t you noticed that it’s getting real cold? Are we entering a Solar Minimum that may lead to an Ice Age in the near future? It may even be a Grand Solar Minimum not seen on the planet for 400 years when everything freezes over in the higher latitudes and floods out in the lower latitudes, and we all enter survival mode……

[alpine anomalous] If you are as apprehensive as I am, start growing your own vegetables and fruits at home.

Not a peep nor a whisper of danger from our respective governments which continue to promote Global Warming when it’s the exact opposite that is happening!

Quote of the Day:

It’s dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong (Voltaire)

While money equates to riches and prosperity in today’s world, those who have tons of it want to save their hides at all costs. Over the years, underground cities have been constructed for these the fortunate ones, leaving us the plebs to fend for ourselves. So much for the future of all humanity!

So where did all those disappearing cats go? Perhaps to underground cities as pets for the Elite! Who knows?

I have no doubt that ET is behind many of the mutilations going on but there’s so much secrecy by those who control us, how can we know what is really happening without full disclosure on the UFO situation?


A few anomalous events:

Dead Sperm Whale (New Zealand) (good video) – 31-December-2016

Dead whale, Louisiana (USA) – 4-January-2017

More birds fall from the sky in Pennsylvania (USA) – 3-Jan-2017

Rare whale + dolphin found dead in New Jersey (USA) – 3-January-2017

On Friday, 30-December-2016, two small planes disappeared from the radar: one in the continental US (Ohio – Lake Erie) and the other in Hawaii. Both planes went missing over water.

More than 12 dead green sea turtles have washed up on Boca Chica Beach and Isla Blanca Beach in the past three to four days, according to Jeff George, curator of the nonprofit organization Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island.

Texas (USA) 30-12-2016













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