The BIG question for me is the why of the animal mutilations. Cows have been found minus their udders, an ear sliced off here and there; a missing tail. Animals with stripped jaws, no eyes or a rectal core; some minus their heads. The horror at our doorstep yet, as mentioned in the last post (“Headless Times”), public awareness and reaction is at its lowest. The real news is picked up in local newspapers and is particularly juicy in tabloids. The stories come across as fast-food sensationalism, never shocking enough to instigate worry, much like our daily doses of news from the battlefront. For me, hearing about fighting in foreign lands is enough to make me retch; all those babies shredded after mortar fire and the endless circuit of finding food and shelter for the survivors. It never stops and we, the pampered citizens of the West, just lap it up (like cats drinking milk).

There have been a number of mutilations this past month with an ever-increasing “headcount” in the decapitated-human sphere.

Come on, guys and gals, space invaders are to blame. Who could not doubt it and how many times will this repeat itself before the “tilt” button is activated?


In February 1999 in Washington State USA, an ELK was abducted in a field. According to the multiple witnesses present, a disc-sized object was to blame for the abduction.

[alpine anomalous] here we have a true tale that never made mainstream news. Why, one would ask was this not being publicized to the max? Workmen see a flying saucer lifting up a large animal and flying off with it. It’s what I would consider proof that something not human is interfering with life on Earth (unless the craft was made in USA and part of a covert operation? You decide):

if that’s not making you think, check out some of the ufo-related happenings from 1952 – 2008:


If the predators attacking our animals come from elsewhere, where could that be? It’s easy to say “outer space” or “from another planet” but maybe it’s more closer to home than we think? There are a few stories going around that link some of our Earth governments to extra-terrestrial visitors; it’s said that treaties were made with some. Treaties that invite cooperation.

 [alpine anomalous] I’ve read that over 50 alien races are visiting the Earth at this present time!

Dr. Steven Greer (see last post “Headless Times”) maintains that mutilations are done by the American government; he negates ET as being an offender. Maybe he’s not looking far enough or is trying to lead us astray? The alien-human treaties [once again, not in the mainstream news] led to joint human and alien underground bases. Read the article right to the end and if that doesn’t blow your mind, change your name to Dorothy and go live in Kansas. 😉  An important read:

A few pics on what these creatures look like:


Well that was fun!


Before we all have a whale of a time, this case continues to intrigue me:


The most recent cougar-related report received by Fish and Wildlife officers in the area was that of a dead cougar and domestic cat found beneath a power pole north of Priddis on Oct. 18. Officers were also informed of a cougar and cat found dead near a power pole Sept. 28 east of Priddis. Alberta (Canada)

[alpine anomalous] In this story, it’s that dangerous cat the cougar that is being blamed for livestock deaths in the area. Once again, doesn’t this sound suspicious; that a wild animal and a domestic cat be found dead lying together near a power pole? Were the two cats, friends?! (this event happened on two different occasions!). The reporting is way too biased without any proof the animal was guilty. Animal rights, anyone?


The predators have upped their Endangered Species take-over.

Since I wrote about the headless seal found in Vancouver BC, Canada, other marine animals have been found killed and mutilated; a growing number being Whales.

Without exception, after hundreds of thousands of animal mutilations all over the planet, nobody has identified the predator(s). Each case, instead of being researched by a global body of professionals, is only looked at locally. Information is never shared and everything is fenced off so to speak. This procedure has to change for a breakthrough to happen (and an end to the mutilations).


2nd beluga whale dies at Vancouver Aquarium in less than two weeks (Nov. 22, 2016)

Dead orca found off B.C.’s Sunshine Coast (Canada ) – (Dec. 21, 2016)

Dead humpback whale, Cape Town, South Africa—pics-7218911


Then, the craziest story of them all:

A whale is found in a field in Yorkshire, England.

Picked up by the American rag, World News Daily, the whale resurfaces in the State of Utah, USA! Both articles are dated Dec. 19, 2016 and both have the same photograph. Another brick in the wall of Fake News being dropped on the American public:

Distance from Utah to San Francisco (i.e. the ocean) is 1,001 kilometers; in Yorkshire, the sea is much closer but this does not reflect the absurdity of the situation.

EDIT : December 29, 2016 – Caveat Lector (let the reader beware!)

these two stories spiked the interest of the APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit) in England who were wondering whether the Original article was English or American. I re-checked the data in both and found that The Telegraph (a major online journal) had rehashed their edition (which had been published 5 years prior!). Although the Comments section was now  closed,  all of the original comments were still there, that is to say, 5 years ago!

This is not just an editorial error. This is Disinformation. Editors of both publications approved a lie. I can only surmise that someone, seeing the funny side of the article, wants the general public to see a whale in a field as a big joke, poo-pooing the reality of animal mutilations in general. Obviously, not a subject to be taken seriously.


Understanding animal mutilations always brings the following quote to mind by Sherlock Holmes:

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!

Read about this tale of woe and ask yourself if a single person could have been responsible:

“Authorities” state the following:

“All the animals were found with some form of mutilation, but there was
no blood at the scenes, Foster said, suggesting they were killed elsewhere.

A scalpel appears to have been used in each case, she said.

"The animals are incredibly clean," Foster said. "We believe that it 
would take a fair amount of time to do that."

It also looks like the pattern is escalating, she said. First it was wildlife
— coyotes and geese — and then domestic animals: a bunny, a cat and now a dog.

Foster said she doesn't know if it's the work of one person, a group or even

“Authorities” that are only good at giving parking tickets should not venture such meaningless wild guesses in my opinion. Seriously, Folks!
















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