I was wondering if 2016 was the year of the disappearing cats but then found out these disappearances happened as early as 2014:

In Essonne (near Paris, France) over a two-year period, 500 cats disappeared! (10-June-2014):  http://www.parismatch.com/Actu/Faits-divers/Le-mystere-des-chats-disparus-de-l-Essonne-568814

… and still no explanations forthcoming.


Holy Smoke, Batman!


But all is not lost as the Missing Cats Anglia and Orwell Veterinary Group in East Anglia (UK) have issued a warning on the dangers of anti-freeze for cats (30-Nov-2016):


“Vets and campaigners in Ipswich have urged motorists to use anti-freeze with bitter agents in them this winter, in a bid to stop pets being poisoned.”


I liked the image but not what was done:



cat found painted fluorescent yellow – Gamaches, northern France – (9-Nov-16)


And then there’s the wacky scientific approach:


There was twice the normal number of missing cats and dogs in Christchurch in the week before the quake. “The day before the quake it was even higher,” he said.


Other happenings

From the numerous online-articles I’ve read, when an animal is found dead and mutilated, the remains are taken to a lab where pathologists try and determine cause of death. Findings are often made public. This is normal procedure. In ALL of the mutilation cases, no lab (in any country) has come forward and explained how the animals died. They have no idea. I don’t believe “normal” is what we’re up against here; we’re dealing with the Paranormal.

While the cat enigma lingers, other oddities have been occuring. Although commonplace in countries like Colombia and Mexico where drug lords are chopping off heads by the dozen, finding them in France or the US is quite unusual!

A man of about 60 years was found dead in Santiago del Estero (Colombia). Surrounded by his dogs, the body was severely wounded and decapitated. (27-Nov-2016)


The main hypothesis is that pets killed their owner.


The Civil Guard investigates the finding of a beheaded deer http://www.laopiniond6zamora.es/benavente/2016/11/25/guardia-civil-investiga-hallazgo-ciervo/967713.html

“The corpse of the deer that was discovered last week by the game reserve nursery, is more than likely killed by poachers on earlier dates, as birds and carnivores had already made a dent in him.”   Zamora, Spain – (26-Nov-2016)

Question: if poachers, why leave the animal behind (and why cut off its head?)


(translation) An obvious state of saponification and horrific mutilation: it was found the body of a man on Ploetto beach in Cagliari, not far from the former Marine Hospital. Still unknown identity, it is a man beheaded.


The advanced state of saponification and the beheading of the body do not help the investigations. Yet unknown identity and man’s nationality. According to preliminary statements of the investigators, the head would be separated for long stay in water causes (about two months, according to initial analyzes conducted on the corpse), the fact remains that the lack of forearms and legs could be a clear sign of a death violent. Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy – (26-Nov-2016)

Question: what kind of violent death? If killed at sea, what sort of creature could afflict such injuries?  Surely not a boat’s propellers?!


8-Nov-2016 4-year old girl found decapitated in India



I’ll stop here, but first I’d like to talk about a recent discovery. As a musician (in a parallel reality), I just put together a track on the theme of satanic ritual abuse. My storyline covers the fear that exists in people’s minds when confronted with things they don’t wish to face; they push them away. This total rejection of the unknown lines up with the idea that ET is behind animal mutilations, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s part of the text when the interviewer asks the psychologist about abuse:

“Do you get frustrated with people who just won’t accept these things do happen? Yes, because I’ve worked with murderers in prisons for years. Not that long ago, a boy was found in a forest in southern England without a head. We have no doubts that men can do that and yet when we start talking about men within satanism who actually believe in evil, and it’s the right to express evil, we suddenly have a doubt.”

The psychologist attributes the headless body in the forest as being something done by men and sort of points the finger at satanists. His thinking is linear (the satanists would dissolve the body and not leave it lying around for all to see). Anything out of the ordinary is not taken into consideration with left-brain thinking, whether that be satanists killing babies or alien hordes mutilating cats. The same mindset that blames humans for everything is leading everyone up the garden path. Time for a re-think. There are creatures out there …

At this the end of 2016, I wish all readers of this blog full awareness and joy over the holidays.

Alpine Anomalous










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