This is the final post on cat disappearances.

What if the cats were being disappeared by humans? What if a psychological operation is being played on humanity getting us to blame aliens and to fear and hate them? What if there really exists an organization like “Spectre” of James Bond fame?

A man named Dr. Steven Greer
is asserting loud and clear
that all abductions and animal mutilations
are being done by people on Earth.
D’ya hear?!

He says we’re being conditioned to believe aliens exist and that they are the enemy. All the negative things happening with animals are done in a shock-and-awe manner to prepare us for a coming alien encounter (to be met by force).

His site is

Given the staggering amount of animal mutilations going on (and not just cats), it’s hard to believe humans are the only ones involved. If you looked at the picture in the post “Seal of Approval”, large claw-like prints were found in the sand next to the mutilated seal. I don’t see human operatives putting on fake footwear to make their point! (nb: the claw-like prints did not correspond to any local animal).

Since my last post, another cat was found in North Yorkshire (UK) and was missing an ear and its tail. The puzzling aspect was that the cat disappeared 10 months prior. Where did it go? If the animal was “taken” i.e. abducted, one can be sure it was kept alive somewhere for a purpose. What could that be? It was returned dead and mutilated as if experimented on. Could there be animal pens somewhere where the cats are being herded awaiting consultation?

(ed. in this eventuality, an underground/underwater alien base with the required atmosphere would seem more likely than a craft in outer space):

Twenty-five miles south of Timaru (New Zealand) where over 50 cats disappeared (see post “Here, Pussy”), another locality is having the same problem; some animals are seemingly ‘snatched’ inside their respective homes. This is reminiscent of alien abduction stories where the victim is “floated” through the walls.

"Inside" cats and "homebodies" disappearing?
 I don't follow the logic.  If they are inside cats,
does she seriously think someone is burgling homes for their cats? 
  No wonder the police require more evidence.


40 cats found mutilated in Sao Paulo, Brazil (3-July-2016):

“A macabre scene was repeated last month in a cemetery in the city of Ribeirão Preto in São Paulo. More than 40 cats were found mutilated, all without head and heart. Some animals were found without the front paws and lungs. The felines were found by public cemetery officials at three different locations.”

This is so tragic and an urgent wake-up call that something is not right. When will people take off the blinkers and see that those responsible for the cat disappearances, mutilations and deaths are not of this Earth. We are being invaded and the enemy is hiding behind a veil of invisibility. There is nothing stopping them. In fact, they have opted to take to mess with man’s best friend, the dog.

200 missing dogs (British Columbia, Canada – 25-February-2016)

Humane society reports seven dogs missing (Wisconsin, USA – 3-November 2016)

Dog disappears from animal shelter (Michigan, USA – 19-September-2016):


Food for thought:

(Video) October 8, 2009 Cow taken by UFO in Argentina

This stuff is fur real.

(Video) UFO Connection – Australia Abduction (2011)






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