On 5 October 2016, ten cats disappeared from a village in the north-western part of Switzerland (Bonfol). All went missing in a perimeter of 500 meters. A hundred miles to the southwest in Vallorbe, another town situated on the French-Swiss border, twenty more cats went missing.

This is strange. Why the interest in Cats? An animal-hater? A cheap restaurant? A fur-coat manufacturer? Perhaps Aliens? I looked for other occurences in the area and found a similar case in neighbouring France (Montescourt-Lizerolles) where half-a-dozen felines mysteriously vanished (17-Oct-16). In the northwestern part of Germany (near Bremen), a town called Boksberg reported five cats missing on 27 October. Journeying even further north, I arrived in the UK where at the beginning of October, ten more cats had disappeared (in the same street, in Staffordshire).

These reports are just the tip of the iceberg as we do not know which other countries were affected by multiple cat disappearances.

England, especially London, has been plagued with cat mutilations with the now-attributed “Cat Ripper” seen responsible for over 150 animal deaths these past nine months. Everyone is blaming an unseen (local) predator and absolutely nobody is thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas, however fancy. For example (from The Guardian newspaper):

“Separately, the RSPCA has 20 cases of its own that have been investigated by its vets. The society believes that in each case the cause of death was blunt force trauma, likely consistent with being hit by a moving vehicle.” (ed. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; RSPCA).

[alpine anomalous] : if the animals were dead when they were jettisoned from the UFO, impact with the earth below would lead to the same injuries they describe. If really a moving vehicle, how come none have showed up with relevant damage?

It said: “Examination of the bodies we have received showed that the heads and tails appear to have been removed by a human. A dedicated team is continuing to work closely with the police and looking into all evidence to see if there is deliberate cruelty involved.”

[alpine anomalous]: why automatically assume the culprit is human? How about a non-human? How about a robot? There is no evidence for the police to work with and the word “police” is a misnomer as they are bound by official secrecy laws not to speculate. Mutilated cats is deliberate cruelty. How far does one have to look?

It’s unbelievable how “authorities” speak in puerile ways; that we’re all lent to believe the police will ‘undoubtedly’ find the culprit in due course. This won’t happen until the general public, the police (and the military) work together.

To highlight the alien theory, a mutilated cat was found in Indianapolis (USA) on 16 September 2016. Its owner had this to say:

“Her head was laying separate from the rest…her head and part of her body was here. She was sliced in half like precisely cut. It was not torn up. There was no signs of a struggle whatsoever. Her legs were over here with the rest of her body and her tail was cut off.”

 “Because it was a straight line cut. Like if you would’ve taken an ax or something and just…but there was no blood. No blood anywhere to be found. No sign of a struggle,” she described. Two days earlier, the same thing happened in another part of the county.

I’m sure that these cat disappearances and cat mutilations are linked, yet as with all anomalous events, uncovering a predator of sorts continues to be a futile exercise.

And it’s not just domestic cats. In South Africa, lions and tigers are being found mutilated:

29 September, 2016 (summary)

13 animals, mostly lions, have been reported poisoned and/or killed since the beginning of September, says police. “In most of the cases, the heads and feet of the animals were removed after they were poisoned,” says provincial police spokesperson Col Ronel Otto. it was reported that a tiger and her cub were also poisoned in the Roedtan area. “security guards at the farm were put on high alert when electricity supply to the farm was disturbed that evening.

When the guards searched the grounds, they found four lions poisoned, two of which later died. One male and one female survived after they received medical treatment. None of the affected lions on the farm had body parts removed. Limpopo is South Africa’s northernmost province, lying within the great curve of the Limpopo River.

[alpine anomalous] like with the bison “Sauron” found decapitated in a Spanish wildlife refuge (see post “Lord of the Ring”), the lions and tigers here were also in a protected area. In both cases, there is talk of the animals being poisoned

As I’ve shown in previous posts, nothing ever happens to solve the countless animal mutilations worldwide. Newspapers (online and printed) never mention that other countries are experiencing the same problems. This is a planetary thing and we should all work together as a team to find the answers. Where is the outrage?! Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, on 31 March 2016 on the French Rivieira close to Nice, a small dog was found headless with its guts hanging out (i.e. eviscerated).















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