It will soon be the first anniversary of the Goat Mutilations that happened here, in central Switzerland. When the animals were found dead, it was immediately seen that both the electric fence and the infra-red camera(s) had been disabled. No prints were found and the deceased animals were drained of blood; all in all,  what I’ve learned to accept, a classic animal mutilation case. At one point in the investigation, a white van was seen close to the pasture with two armed men descending. This was found suspicious, but it was indeed the hunting season (01 Sept – 15 Feb) and they had every right to be there.

Who or what is attacking animals and for what purpose? The same questions continue to be asked year in, year out and never once answered in a satisfactory manner. News outlets are censored and “unholy” subjects, like aliens, are banned from publication. Somebody doesn’t want us to know that we are being visited. Now who could that be?

I checked out the web and found countless videos of cattle mutilations dating from the 1970’s; I read on-line news reports in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish all describing similar events world-wide; I read (that) a man had been found mutilated in France and a cat and some geese were found mutilated in England. It doesn’t stop. It goes on and on.

In the September 27 video from secureteam10 (youtube channel),, a helicopter flying over Bristol in Wales (UK) was able to see a hidden (invisible) ufo while filming with an infra-red camera. So here we have the “infra-red” thing again. The “aliens” can be seen and if they are the ones doing the animal mutilations, they can be stopped!

So the farmer has infra-red cameras CLOSE to his herd and these are incapacitated by an overhead vehicle (or …). Now what if cameras were at a distance and using tele-photo lenses to monitor the animals? At what range does the alien “electricity-stopper” fail? (maybe somebody with a scientific background could assist here?) As we are seemingly at war with an unseen predator, bringing back searchlights that can “shine” in the infra-red might be something that could be looked into?

  • Infrared (IR) is an invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers (frequency 430 THz) to 1000000 nm (300 GHz) (although people can see infrared up to at least 1050 nm in experiments).       (Wikipedia)

I’ve been helped since my first blog, “The Invisible Man” by a group of retired veterinarian-pathologists in England; their expert analyses of the cases presented showed me that they were far more knowledgeable than the officials trying to pacify the public on these terrible happenings:

  • The Invisible Man =       goats found mutilated and killed in Switzerland
  • Lack of Evidence =          horse found mutilated and killed in England
  • Death from Above* =    hundreds of reindeer found killed in Norway
  • Seal of Approval =          seal(s) found dead and mutilated in Canada
  • Lord of the Ring =          bison found dead and mutilated in Spain

David Cayton offered the following comment on the Invisible Man blog three months ago and I am now 100% in agreement with him:

“… I, along with some APFU colleagues, have been investigating these unusual but high tech surgical type procedures upon a wide variety of animals, birds etc, for 20 years now. We have now evidence of a consistent modus operandi and the goats fit into this very clearly. I have no doubt now that these incorrectly named ‘mutilations’, are being carried out by several alien species who have a similar but perhaps different need to continue these attacks upon wild life and domestic animals world wide! Despite all the theories offered as to why, I guess we will never know the true reasons? David Cayton, Co-Director of Animal Pathology Field Unit (Uk).”

*in Death from Above, lightning was said to be the cause of the animal deaths in Norway and we had a sort of controversy going on. With the increase of lightning strikes in 2016, I opted for this explanation whereas the “group” proffered visual evidence that a mutilation had taken place. For the present, I’ll digress from spouting theories and will sum up this blog in music and prose. The poem is on subject; the music, a song I wrote on lightning strikes and cattle mutilations. Enjoy! (if that’s the word?!)


the police and the military are under oath

never to say a word

or go to jail, be killed, or both!

the world must never be told

that creatures from another place

are here, and want to take hold

in fact, they already have

seen from afar, humans kill with zest

shooting, bombing and all the rest

state-of-the-art destruction at its best

conflict survivors starve

baby birds fall from the nest

the visitors, I hear, are on a sacred quest

some trickled words from a secret digest

talk of dying worlds and civilian unrest

their only hope : Planet Earth or bust!

she’ll be our new surrogate-mother’s breast

that’s what was said, but I doubt it

special alien forces left at their leader’s bequest

spectrum-light invisible travel, east to west

robot warriors programmed for the final test

mutilated animals are merely a jest

wait for the headless humans

now who would have guessed?!

It’s the Mammals they’re after

The red-bloods

Mixed with their non-human ancestry

Chimeras, hybrid creatures

Future dragons




“Struck by Lightning” (upbeat music track):



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