Following in the footsteps of the Headless Seal found on the beaches of British Columbia, Canada (blog post “Seal of Approval”), we now have Headless Bison being discovered in Spain. This is particularly disturbing as these animals are an endangered species and only recently arrived in the Valdeserrillas natural reserve (in the eastern region of Valencia).

Valdeserrillas, 29 April 2016 – 12 European bison have been released into Valdeserrillas nature reserve, Spain, this week in the largest bison reintroduction ever in Western Europe. True Nature Foundation collaborated with the European Bison breeding programme of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

The Bison originally came from The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK and may well have been chipped. What if this is the case and their movements tracked? (Pure supposition on my part but someone might be interested in locating “lost” animals)

On Friday, September 16, 2016 the biggest, baddest male Bison “Sauron” (1/2 ton) was found decapitated in the reserve; three other bison had disappeared and five suffered from diarrheoa. A week later, the missing three bison were found at 3 kilometers distance; two were alive but one had been decapitated. This time, the head was close by whereas in the case of “Sauron”, the head was missing.

The authorities were quick to blame two men with an axe for these atrocious killings. There was mention of a rubber ball found near the main feeder that had what appeared to be a toxic liquid inside, so it was clear to them some of the animals had been poisoned; for the headless (male) bisons, it was obviously a case of trophy hunting.

All these official statements have little to no credibility. Here are a few others that seem more plausible:

[DS] : if this animal’s head was hacked off with an axe, there would be chunks of flesh and blood spread not only around the area, but all over the carcass as well, neither of which I see here.

[DC] : I am a tad suspicious though about the axe claim? Even two people would have a hell of a job tackling such a powerful beast. Plus, 3 missing and 5 ill…..caused by what? Where is the evidence re type of poison administered and HOW this was done?

I was pondering the practicalities of effectively ‘swiftly’ poisoning such a huge animal? An expert would need to think carefully to administer the correct amount of some type of toxin to stop the heart beating before decapitation!!

Cutting through such a thick neck with all the hair would be impossible to do with just an axe in one, or even more blows…….in my opinion!  Also the vertebrae bone will be a strong thick one to support such a large and heavy head. Striking blind with a blade and being lucky enough to hit at a neck joint would have very low odds!

From what we can see, there is little or no blood and my guess is that the animals have been exsanguinated, as is common in the ET cases?

[DS] : I believe the sophistication of the crime is beyond the capabilities of our species. None of the evidence I’ve seen suggests either decapitated animal was transported away from or back to where it was found by terrestrial means. The second animal was found next to a tree in a wooded area (impossible for a conventional aircraft to fly there).

[DS, echoed by all] : From the one photo (above) I see, it definitely looks like a rectal core has been performed.

Another anomalous affair. In early September a number of horses, poneys and donkeys were found mutilated in Belgium and neighboring Luxemburg. The mutilations continue and we are still none the wiser who the predator is. At a guess, aliens, and aliens having bases on the Earth, but that’s just a guess.

Watch this video from Spanish TV (¿Quién mató al bisonte Sauron?) for details on the case:


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