The last three posts have covered mutilated animals in Switzerland, England and Norway. Any innocent creature whether large or small should never be harmed let alone mutilated and killed. This is unacceptable.

A visitor to the site of an independent investigator in the UK (Richard D. Hall – has communicated that during the course of a week, seals were found mutilated in Canada. The location is Garry Point Park, Richmond, B.C. (south of Vancouver).

Prior to describing the incident at hand, all readers to this blog should be aware that cooperation in this field of investigation is of the utmost importance. The mutilation scenarios are being played out all over the place but few are being brought to public attention. Stories are often just published in local newspapers; they are poorly reported and have little to no photographic evidence, complicating the investigation further. Here we have a perfect example of how a suspected mutilation should be covered:

On September 3, 2016, a seal was found on a beach in Canada. Its head was missing. A man walking his dog stumbled on the scene and was able to record it on camera. The information landed on the desk of David Cayton, co-director of the Animal Pathology Field Unit (UK) who put forward a hypothesis. His findings are revealing: “Remarkable feature is the neat cut line of skin and then under that is a layer of exposed blubber extending for 50-60 mm forward to another point where the main severance of the head is, with that strange sloping angled cut to the vertebrae.” (In layman terms, the head was neatly severed from the body). After autopsies were performed on a group of seals found mutilated in England back in 2009/10, it was shown that “skins of seals are extremely tough, designed to withstand the abrasions of sand, stones, rock surfaces etc. Therefore the skin is difficult to cut neatly even with a very sharp scalpel.” (In laymant terms, what sort of sophisticated surgical tools were used to perform this operation?).

“I would agree that there is also a rectal core and the perfectly 60-70mm circular shallow cut with neat edge, on the flipper, to me, is typical Modus Operandi of the hi tech capabilities of the ET’s!” (In layman terms, cutting up seals with a pocket knife is impossible, so who did it?)

The cherry on top of the cake are the strange claw-like prints in the sand (see photo) and the claw-like marks left on the seal itself. There are quite a few (human) shoe and boot prints around the carcass, but this is from something walking barefoot … and it doesn’t look like it’s from here! The autopsy results are awaited.

If you have the stomach for it, watch the mutilated-seal video by Mr. President: Mutilated Headless Seal Discovered on Vancouver Beach!

Thanks to Richard D. Hall of RichPlanet TV, David Cayton and Mr. President for their input.










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