Deaths of animals are on the rise. On 26 August 2016, a herd of 323 reindeer were killed in Norway. It is suspected, like with all anomalous events, that “the closest possible explanation” will do; in this case, a bolt of lightning.

From the video presented by the online-news agency RT (, one can see the dead animals grouped together and in strange positions; some even minus their antlers. My first impression was that they were “dropped”.

Sharing my thoughts with two British investigators, David Cayton and Robert Hulse, my suspicion was validated:

David Cayton

I am now getting a distinct impression that the animals have been dumped down from a height. Some on their backs with legs up in the air; one seems to be wedged between some rocks. Willing to bet post-mortem or x-ray would show broken limbs and ribs, etc. Could also explain why the antlers are snapped off and lying in strange positions on the carcasses. Again this would explain why many are partly lain across the bodies of others! So, for what it’s worth, my take is a previous mass abduction then a later disposal back to the ground from a large diameter craft??

Robert Hulse

The antlers were still in the growth stage with plentiful blood supply and much of the velvet still intact. This means that they should have been extremely tough to detach.  I’m not an expert on reindeer and could be wrong about this, but it seems likely that this should be the case. After all, these male reindeer are going to have to use these antlers when fully grown to defend their mating rights.

If you look carefully at the film, there is a close up of several does. One of these does has its front legs on top of another’s neck. Even more difficult to explain is another doe which has its hind legs across the body of another doe. If they were struck by lightning as is suggested, surely they would just fall to the ground and would not be positioned in this way?

[alpine anomalous] I was thinking a fireball or non-conductive ball of energy hitting the herd and subsequently throwing them all up in the air? Doubtful, a fireball but who knows in these strange times how the animals ended up dead. The popular ufo video channel “secureteam10” also pegged the story and had serious doubts on the lightning theory. In the comments section a number of readers even suggest that some of the reindeer were missing their heads!

It does sound very fortean. What do you think? Are the reindeer killings a work of nature or were the reindeer abducted and discarded by aliens? I tend to go with David Cayton’s take and that a large-diameter craft dropped them (after a mass abduction/mutilation).


secureteam10 : 300 Reindeer KILLED By Lightning?


UPDATE (20-Sept-2016):

Many, many videos appeared on YouTube covering this case; never in modern history has such a large number (of animals) been killed at the same time. As we are approaching the Grand Solar Minimum, it could well be for this reason the reindeers were lost. Solar minimums happen when there is decreased solar activity with few or no sunspots. Earth’s magnetosphere becomes weakened and large amounts of cosmic rays get through. (The magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding Earth where the dominant magnetic field is the magnetic field of Earth, rather than the magnetic field of interplanetary space.)


Lightning strikes have increased and there is now something called “Thread Lightning” whereby a lightning bolt is split into many threads that cover a large surface. I am now convinced this is what happened in Norway. Please watch this video:


SECOND UPDATE (17-Oct-2016):

Could something from space have wiped out the herd of Reindeer in Norway?




3 thoughts on “Death from Above

  1. I sent a note to SecureTeam10 about this, referring to this blog entry. It is hoped others will let you know what they think. I’m not an expert but the Lightning story doesn’t track with me either.


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