« Lack of Evidence » is the usual excuse given by lawmakers when investigating animal mutilations. There have been countless thousands all over the planet and not one arrest. It’s happening as we speak. In early August 2016, a young horse was found dead in its paddock. It had been mutilated. This time the scientific police found traces of a large animal and automatically assumed a dog or a wild cat had attacked the foal. (If it was that simple, the culprit would have shown its face by now).

“Police said a pack of dogs may have killed the animal but large footprints found at the scene show a wild cat could be responsible.” (express.co.uk)

“A foal was found dead after suffering horrific injuries, in what could be further evidence that a big cat is on the loose.” (metro.co.uk)

The incident happened in August 2016 in Cornwall, England. The foal was three-month’s old and named Cinders

Whatever crime has happened here, mainstream media covers it up by diverting the reader’s attention. A lion (!) was seen in the area where the mutilation took place; the only predator in the neighbourhood ergo the one we’ve been looking for!

The horse is in its paddock in a field. A predator manages to enter and do surgical operations which include stripping the whole jaw structure, removing the eyes plus neck and body cut-out’s without anybody hearing anything or any alarms going off. If it were a big cat, the attack would be very audible.

I read a number of online articles about this to try and find out a bit more, for example if the foal was *drained of blood, a tell-tale sign of animal mutilation but the news stories themselves were drained of information. No details were forthcoming. *Other sources have confirmed this was indeed the case.

As in my first post, I believe there is an invisible predator. Whether human with stealth abilities or alien is where I would be making my enquiries, not escaped lions or feral dogs!


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