A regular customer at the local Farmers’ Market,  I went to pick up some goat cheese and had a conversation with the goat herder. We’d been friends for years and what he proceeded to tell me blew my socks off!  He went up to the pasture where twenty goats were grazing and found four of them dead with their ears cut off. There was no blood. Everything electric had been put out of action; both the electric fence and the infra-red camera he had placed in a tree. There were no footprints. The police were called in and a police camera was set up in case the predator returned. The goat herder hired a security firm that did rounds and also added a camera. Two weeks later,  two more goats were found dead in the field; both on their backs with one still alive, foaming at the mouth (and which later died at the vet’s). None of the surveillance cameras worked.

Prior to the second mutilation,  the goat herder did a bit of detective work on his own in the early hours at around 4 a.m.  He came across a white van that let two men with rifles descend who moved on into the forest. He tried to follow the van but failed and went back to the pasture [nb: it was the wrong time of year for hunters]. Shortly after returning, (very) bright lights were shining in his direction easily cutting through the morning fog. He went to investigate but was fired upon (warning shots).

The mutilations happened in October 2015 in a rural area of central Switzerland. In November, the goat herder helped deliver a baby goat in a wooden shelter situated in the pasture. Returning the next day to check on the mother and kid, the baby had disappeared. All the cameras failed once again.

Whoever did these atrocities needs to be stopped but how is that possible when the perpetrator is operating in an invisible fashion?

I really would like to help my friend get payback for his animals. Today, six months later, the goats which were present in the field are still showing extreme fear and huddling together. If only they could tell us what happened?!

Here’s a song I wrote on animal mutilations: Messing

If it’s not humans, it has to be something else. What if it is humans trying to masquerade as something else?  The Invisible Man. There are many questions that need to be answered. Any suggestions or insights would be most welcome.





2 thoughts on “The Invisible Man

  1. Joe, Good blog and raising pertinent questions re the mutilation culprits! I, along with some APFU colleagues, have been investigating these unusual but high tech surgical type procedures upon a wide variety of animals, birds etc, for 20 years now. We have now evidence of a consistent modus operandi and the goats fit into this very clearly. I have no doubt now that these incorrectly named ‘mutilations’, are being carried out by several alien species who have a similar but perhaps different need to continue these attacks upon wild life and domestic animals world wide! Despite all the theories offered as to why, I guess we will never know the true reasons? David Cayton, Co-Director of Animal Pathology Field Unit (Uk).


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